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September 13, 2013

Be focused. Be empowered. True change happens when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values and let go of issues that hold us back.
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Creating Healthy Habits

September 8, 2013


You are probably aware of some improvements you would like to make in your life. Taking time to reflect on the self-improvements you would like to make will help you to create healthy habits that will shower you with an abundance of energy, confidence and good health. What do you think you could improve upon in your life to feel, think and be your best? What improvements could you make in your nutrition choices? Perhaps you would like to make improvements in physical activity or develop new therapeutic remedies for stress management? What are all the areas in your life you would like to change or improve in? You may have major improvements you would like to make or some minor improvements. Create a list of the self-improvements you would like to make.

Awareness of those areas you would like to improve is the first step toward creating a healthy new habit. Accept the current place you are in your life right now. You may find you want to just start with one improvement. Once you’ve made this list, read it over again. Go deep with in and ask yourself the following questions:

Ask yourself what is currently keeping you from staying in the same situation and the same patterns. Write these thoughts next to each self-improvement on your list.

Ask yourself how willing am I to make this change? Create a why within yourself. Have you arrived at a place in your life where you are absolutely fed up with the same old results you see no matter what you have tried? Is this change you want to make really something you yourself want to do or have you been attempting to make this change for someone else? What is the true reason you want to make this improvement? A true want is putting you in a state of willingness. This will create a true desire in you and will often be a motivational reason to refer to again and again to help keep you on track and to ultimately begin living this new healthy habit each day.

Once the desire is there it is time to create an action plan In order for a self-improvement to become a reality, it is necessary to arrange for success. Arranging for success is creating an action plan that has a solution you can commit to in order to fully implement the healthy habit into your life. What self-care action steps can you take each day, big or small, that will keep you moving toward seeing more of what you want in your life and not away from what you want to see more of in your life?

Once your plan is created you will need to monitor your actions. You will want to become much, much more in tune, with what you are doing right each day and what you are doing wrong each day, that is either assisting in moving you forward or is holding you back from creating new healthy habits. One way to monitor actions is with commitmentevery day. Start by keeping a journal log of your workouts for example and the progress you make. The results you begin to see in your self-improvements will motivate you to stick with your action plan.

Remember the self-improvements you want to create by reading your list and connect with the feeling of willingness and desire. Once you have connected with that emotional response that is leading you to a strong pull –a yes I want to see healthy habits in my life, stay on track by monitoring your actions. Self-care acts communicate self-love which create healthy habits. Your heart has a way of guiding you in choosing what is right for you. Something inspiring seems to happen when listening to the spirit and love within.

Nancy Hovde, Author and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach



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Embracing Freedom and Independence

July 5, 2012

Embracing Freedom and IndependenceImage

We live in a country that offers an abundance of freedom!  

We all have had those moments in life we experience for the first time that offer us a new found feeling of independence and empowerment. As early as childhood we experience independence.  Choosing a new adventure or activity that opens up  another part of us and who we are. We choose these new experiences on our own and when we are ready.

Like the first time we rode a bike without training wheels. Do you remember the feeling when you first dove off the high diving board?  Can you remember that first day at your first job? Those moments are more than just memories – they remind us of how we push pass the fear of intimidation. Something deep with in us, conscious or not, whispered to us that we were ready. And that our efforts had earned us this moment to embrace and appreciate.

Taking a leap of faith is an empowering feeling. Some leaps change your life forever. As we mature and grow, sometimes we begin to take for granted the freedom we have to try something new or make a change. It could be because we had some life experiences that left us confused, afraid or fearful. Maybe you felt too intimidated  to start a new business or try something different.

Every day we run into obstacles or challenges that allow doubt to creep in. When we remember that feeling doubtful and intimidated is just a state of mind we can move forward into a unfamiliar new event with courage and faith.

Easier said than done right? Here are a few tips that can help you to overcome feelings of intimidation and doubt:

  • It can help to recall those moments back in childhood when you felt brave and ready to take that leap of faith. Take some time to think back to one of those memories. How old were you? What were you feeling before the event? Nervous? Anxious? How did you feel after the event? Exhilarated? Excited? Brave? Confident? Write these thoughts down and refer back to them when you are feeling intimidated, nervous or apprehensive.
  • Stop the negative thoughts and inner chatter. Thoughts like “I’m not smart enough to start my own business” will increase your doubt and lower your confidence. Awareness is key. Once you are aware of these negative thoughts you can turn them around into a positive thought. Focus on “I know when I concentrate on a new endeavor my efforts will help me reach my goal.”
  • Surround yourself with those people who truly want to offer positive support and encouragement. You will know when you are in the presence of positive people because you will feel uplifted and inspired – Even for hours, days or months. You will also know when you are in the presence of someone who is a negative influence because you will feel emotionally and mentally drained. Your energy level will feel low when you are around them and even after your encounter.
  • Remember that doubt is just a state of mind. Recall those moments in life when you had complete confidence. Embrace your freedom to choose something new and different. Seek out that new adventure, push past the fear of intimidation today and go for it!
  • Which moments in your life stand out to you when you had the courage to take a leap of faith?  Share your memories of when you were brave and independent.

Most of all, celebrate the freedom you enjoy every day!  Read additional inspiration and empowerment in my Uber Empowermentbooks. Contact me for information on coaching sessions. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Hovde/114122028622994

Ray of Sunshine Offers Contentment

June 6, 2012


How often have you found yourself catching a glimpse of sunshine and felt ten times better? Do you work indoors, step out at noon and walk to a local cafe for lunch? Perhaps this restaurant has outdoor seating that allows you to soak up some sun. Basking in the sunshine for just 10 to 15 minutes a day can have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

Sunshine is a natural mood booster and tends to raise my energy level. The warm light feels good on my skin and I feel relaxed yet energized. Even when I have been feeling under the weather with a seasonal cold, I have found that some time in the sunlight has helped to strengthen my immune system by providing a germ-acidic effect to kill off bacteria.

I often find complete contentment just sitting in the sun. Contentment is the emotional state when we are not bored but also not highly interested in anything other than being in the situation or place that allows for the contented moment to continue. While goals are important, feeling content with your life, who you are and what you have is just as important. That isn’t to say, stop trying to improve, for that would mean that we have stopped growing. No matter how happy we are in life, we should continue to improve. But contentment is necessary as well.

Summer time can offer the perfect time to unwind and appreciate all you’ve worked for and achieved so far this year. Making sunshine a daily priority here in Redondo Beach isn’t too difficult on most days. Soaking up our natural mood booster can be a simple abundance of pleasure nearly every day. And just a few minutes is necessary for the highly beneficial effects.

To find some sun-induced contentment try the following:

  • Bathing in the sun on Redondo Beach and feeling the warm light on your skin, lounging with your eyes closed, is an activity that offers pure emotional contentment.
  • Watching the sunset and feeling the cool night ocean breeze is one of life’s most simple pleasures that offers rich contentment.
  • Taking a drive up the coast and listening to your favorite music or enjoying quality conversation with a companion.
  • Walking through the Farmers Market on a Sunday in Palos Verdes allows you to feel the warmth of the sun while enjoying the scent of fresh cut flowers, tasting fresh strawberries and looking at the colorful produce.
  • Writing in a park while enjoying the sunlight streaming through the trees can provide a peaceful state of mind. Write down all your blessings. Focusing on all the things that are going right in your life and not only on what is wrong, can help you feel content.
  • Enjoying a hobby outdoors whether it is gardening or home improvement projects, anything that allows you to be in the moment while in the sunlight can provide contentment.

While some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, too much can be dangerous. Be sun wise and take precaution if you plan to spend time in the sun longer than 10 or 15 minutes. How do you find contented moments in the sun?

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Creating a Healthier & Happier You IS Possible!

May 15, 2012

Above is a photo of my mom and I during one of her trips to visit me. During her busy life, she makes time to spend with me.I’ll cherish the memories of this trip forever.Time is precious. All too often moms tend to say they don’t have enough time for “me time” or no time to enjoy doing those things they long to do. Well, they are right. Moms may say they don’t have time to eat properly or exercise but this is an excuse; not a solution. Like many things in life, there is an option and that is to make the time. We must make the time for our passions, interests, health and relationships. This doesn’t mean it is easy, but it can be possible with a little time management and organization. I have a sister who has eight children and she has accomplished a happy family that includes time for things she likes to do for herself.

These are some of the tips I’ve picked up on from my sister:

She wakes up earlier if even just a half an hour earlier than her children. This is her time to enjoy her coffee and plan the day, answer e-mails and read. This is very important when prepping for your day and planning schedules.

She sets out breakfast items for her kids. The older siblings have learned to help with the younger siblings in dressing them, helping them make their own lunches and chores such as taking out the trash, loading/unloading the dishwasher and preparing dinner on nights when she is busy carpooling some of the kids to their activities. Giving responsibility to your children automatically teaches them independence.

Prioritize a quiet time. This can mean nap time for the younger children and a quiet time as they get a little older. During quiet time I swear I could hear a pin drop in her house. And a few of these times there really were eight kids in her house and a dog. A pure quiet indulgence from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon where my sister can nap or tend to some of her personal needs. It is important to respect the body’s need for rest. We need it to grow and be healthy. Even older kids will still have some ‘down time’ if they are home during those hours of quiet time. We all need it. Quiet time can include things such as reading, catching up on phone calls or focusing on whatever needs to get completed so you can feel at peace. Two hours of bliss! Hey…it CAN be done.

Relationships are a top priority as well. She schedules a Date Night regularly with her husband. Date nights are a must and so beneficial to your relationship. That is how it all started in the first place, right? She has a night with friends as well. She and her friends take turns and every other Friday morning they have a get together at one of their homes. This provides their kids to play together while they women get to visit.

My sister is great at enforcing a bedtime with her kids. Once her kids are in bed, she usually has an hour or so before she goes to bed. This gives her time to read, plan out the next day, visit with her husband or catch up on phone calls. If you give children an inch, they will take a mile. Bed times must be enforced. We feel much better the next day with proper sleep.

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you don’t need “me time”. You probably need more than anyone else! Prioritizing time for yourself and showing your children that you regularly take time to do things to nourish and value yourself while keeping a balance of meeting your own needs and everyone else’s needs is one of the most effective ways you can show this to your children. Why? Because children tend to learn best from our behavior not what we tell them.

Regardless of being a mom or not, we all must nurture ourselves. Some nurturing tips you may have recalled your own mother doing. Such as making you hot vegetable or chicken noodle soup when you were sick with a cold. You may have created your own authentic nurturing remedies as well. During times of stress or illness, these are all certainly a great time to rely on your authentic nurturing remedies but you don’t need to wait for a challenging situation to come up. Practicing regular daily nurturing remedies can keep your life in balance and when those challenging days do arrive you’ll handle them with better energy.

Some authentic nurturing remedies are listed below. You may already practice one of these or many of these. Some of the nurturing methods may be new to you and you may want to add to your own regime.

Are you a bubble bath girl? Try getting your favorite bubbles that you really love and have a few of your favorite scented candles. This is your time to unwind.

Do you love to read? Set aside from what you may need to read for for work or business and try to keep books on healing, empowerment and inspiration from various authors always on hand. Enjoy a hot cup of tea while you read and notice how this can help bring you back to your center.

Try making a good hot bowl of chicken soup when catching a cold, this can warm your body and soothe your soul.

Perhaps you prefer to pray or listen in silence for a higher power during difficult times, this can offer you inner peace and guidance.

You may find yoga stretches help bring you back to alignment.

Going for a walk in the park and admiring the beauty of nature and just being outdoors does wonders for the body, mind and soul. Take in all the beauty, indulge the senses and breathe in the surrounding smells. Enjoy a night on your deck under the stars can bring a very nurturing peaceful feeling within.

Watch some of the old fashioned romantic black and white movies such as Audrey Hepburn.

Visit museums, art exhibits, plays in the theater, musical shows, Opera and Broadway.

Nurturing yourself with sleep is one of the most therapeutic remedies for your mind, body and soul. Quality sleep is good for your physical health and your mental health. Getting optimum sleep will help you feel your best, think your best and be your best.

Getting a massage regularly can be a great preventative nurturing remedy. Regular massage sessions keep you healthy mentally and physically while providing relaxation.

Sitting in a steam room can be wonderful for sore muscles and provide an overall relaxing spa experience.

A little down time on the couch while watching the food network can offer some new and creative ideas for cooking, a new recipe to try and a nurturing new meal to enjoy. 

Nurture yourself and the path you are on by writing down your goals and dreams and what steps you need to take to get there. You could choose a place in nature to ponder these thoughts. Or choose something as extravagant as an exotic destination to go to for re-evaluating new goals.

Treat your self to a pedicure and manicure. A small but simple indulgence.

Dining by yourself at an outdoor cafe or a place you enjoy can be both nurturing and therapeutic.

Depending on how creative you are in the music area try diving into music, whether it be practicing guitar or writing a song. You may sense a release and feeling of empowerment of getting those words out of your head.

Spending time with family – especially with mom is a great way to receive and give comfort, love and nurturing.

One of the best indulgence moments – chocolate. In moderation, a little dark chocolate each day has been shown to be good for your heart. The flavonoids in the chocolate act as anti-oxidants which will protect your body from aging caused by free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage that leads to heart disease. Enjoying a piece of dark chocolate can be a tasty way to nurture your heart.

Listen to what your body needs – sleep? Food? Exercise? Give it that.

Balance in life can be a challenge and something to continuously work at. Commit to making time for you and nurturing yourself regularly can bring more balance and fulfillment into your life. 


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Trust Your Choices

May 1, 2012

Recently, I found myself reflecting on a conversation I had with my hairdresser at Lush Sculpting Lounge in Redondo Beach. As we spoke, a couple of questions came up.

How many times have you been thankful for that small voice that guides your life? Do you remember a time in your life when you made a choice, and you trusted yourself so much that you put all of your focus and energy behind your choice.

Listening to that inner voice and moving forward in spite of any fear takes courage. It can help to remind yourself that you do have a choice when asking, “Is this an act of faith or an act of fear I am taking?”

Too often, we tend to overthink things; your intuition can allow you to feel what is right for you. Faith can be empowering when we release the need to know the details of when, where and how.

Your inner wisdom is always with you; the biggest challenge can be to pause and listen to it, trust it and honor it. We already know so much of what we really need to do when considering which decisions to make in life. It can be very intuitive. We just need to listen! Intuition is your soul talking to you—that nudge you feel somewhere inside your body, the nagging thought in your head, that soft whisper of wisdom that is trying to get your attention to follow the right choice that is for your highest good.

How can you tap into your inner wisdom? Sometimes spending time in nature will do the trick. I find walking by the ocean or spending some time in silence helps me become more aware of the right answers I am seeking when trying to make a choice or solve a problem.

Here are some tips I’ve shared with clients when they’re pondering choices in life:

  • When faced with a problem, focus on how you would like to feel when the problem is solved or when you’ve reached your goal. This can help you discover clues, messages and signs pointing toward the right solution and correct path to take.
  • Sometimes a situation may seem to be going in a different direction than you thought it would. Allow this to inspire you to be open to possibilities, to embrace change and to trust your choice.

Even when we’ve listened to our intuition and have taken action, sometimes we will experience certain roadblocks along the way. Instead of becoming discouraged, allow the roadblocks to provide feedback—observe, keep going and view the stalls and bumps as tools for your growth. Viewing any obstacles on your path as personal growth opportunities and choosing to keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome will allow your faith in yourself to grow. Difficulties and challenges allow us the opportunity to experience courage. You can find your courage within yourself, by relying on your inner strength and guidance.

It can be enlightening and encouraging when you remember to focus on what is right about the choices you’ve made instead of what is wrong. It is easy to associate success with all the right choices we’ve made throughout life—and it’s just as easy to associate failure with the wrong choices. Nevertheless, never is there a “wrong choice” to be made; it’s just another valuable life lesson to reflect on. So, you made a choice and the situation did not turn out as you had hoped it would. Allow this to provide you with valuable feedback, showing you what you can learn from this experience and how you might use a new approach next time.

Always keep in mind that if a choice you’ve made for yourself isn’t producing results soon enough, it doesn’t mean you should give up. This is time to show yourself that the outcome will always be for your highest good. Trust that the right answers will be there as needed.

You have your own answers within you. The right answers are always there for you. Take time to go within and hear those answers. Have the courage to follow the right answers and imagine how empowered you will feel when you’ve reached your goal or solved your problem.

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Spring Renewal Offers Re-Discovery Within

April 28, 2012

Spring time offers the perfect time for renewal, replenish and rejuvenating. Cleansing out what isn’t working in your life, reflecting on your values and creating new goals. Are your choices in life in alignment with your values that allow you to move toward your goals? When is the last time you made time for self-reflection? When we take some time to ask those questions that allow us to explore and discover answers about where we are in our life and what things we would like to see changed in our life, this type of self-reflection can drive us to create an action plan that will help make our desires become a reality in our life.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. How do you see yourself today? Describe yourself in terms of how you see yourself right now in your life.
  2. Do you feel there are times in your life when you are in control of how you spend your time or do you feel that many times other people, your job and/or tedious tasks control you?
  3. Where in your life are you feeling overwhelmed and as if you are carrying all the responsibility?
  4. When you visualize your ideal life, how do you see yourself starting your day?
  5. Do you see your life filled with joy and fulfillment? When is the last time you experienced fulfillment in your life?
  6. What makes you feel alive, happy and energetic?
  7. Where in your life do you get most frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged?
  8. Is there an area in your life you find yourself extra careful with before making any changes?
  9. When do you find yourself wasting time and energy?
  10. Name three things you want to accomplish in the next 30 to 60 days. In three months?

These type of questions can help you take a look at your present life and offer some insight to a more desirable future. True changes happen when we spend time and resources toward developing our minds and spirits, examining our values and letting go of issues that may be holding us back from being our best authentic self in life.

Making time for reflection, re-discovering and reconnecting helps create energy toward fulfilling your desires, intentions and goals. Manifesting these new changes will bring great value to your life. Allow Springtime to reveal new options to try and look at new possibilities and discover if your current habitual patterns are benefiting you and moving you toward your goals or if they need realigning.

Perhaps you have had someone in your life at one time who greatly impacted your life by supporting you and encouraging you to reach for your dreams. This person may have been a mentor, a coach, a parent or a best friend who made you feel empowered to make your dreams your reality. Perhaps this person helped to forward your growth and learning. This person may still be in your life and you can still seek them out for support. Surround yourself with those who share your values.

Commit to your new changes, new goals and embrace new growth. It is time to discover what big opportunities are out there for your life, both personally or in your professional life, that you are not taking advantage of and begin to utilize them into your life. It is time to unveil any hidden strength or skill you have that you would like to use more of in your life!!


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Inner-Reflection Allows Love and Peace

April 22, 2012

Most of us want to enjoy living a balanced, happy life that allows for that peacefulness inside us to transcend and emanate through us.

Life can be amazing when we choose to work on and change our relationship with ourselves; often the relationships around us change in the most positive way. The key to love, peace, happiness and success is in our relationships. We can’t really have a good relationship with anyone unless we first have one with ourselves. When you are deeply connected to yourself, you can deeply connect with those important people in your life. This can benefit in personal and business relationships.

Sometimes there are things in our lives that need to be released in order to create more peace and love within us and in our lives. Going a little deeper, what areas can you think of that need to be cleared of old negative energy or “clutter”? Consider issues such as toxic relationships that drain you, cause you to have low self-esteem or don’t seem to hold your highest good in sight. Any lingering negative emotions that are tied to negative past experiences such as feelings of hate, anger or jealousy these all need to be released, let go of and made peace with, in order to allow room for your true and authentic self.

 Letting go of negative emotions and negative situations can be done by first, reflecting on what the lesson or gift is in the situation that was meant just for you, to learn from as part of your journey. It can help to remember that no choice you make in life is ever “wrong” but that you can reflect on what was right about the choices you made, hence, often is the lesson or gift that is needed to be revealed and embraced. Have gratitude for the lesson, forgive and release to create peace in your heart, mind and soul.

Become aware of any relationships, situations and lingering emotions that have been a negative experience for you in the past as well as recent. Write these down. All of them, as many as you can think of. Once you have written all of the negative experiences down that you feel you have not made peace with, ask yourself if you can accept that this is true and is still a reality in your life, even though you thought you had buried these lingering emotions, thoughts, feelings, you are aware of the fact that there is still not a peaceful feeling inside you.

 If you can accept what is currently real and you really would like to make an improvement in this area of your life, consider if you are willing to. If you answered yes, create a strong enough desire, a strong “why”:

  • What would the benefit be in your life if you were to find the lesson in these past experiences, give gratitude for the lesson, let the lingering negative emotions go and embrace the new experiences that can flow into your life?

  • How might this improvement impact other areas of your life?

  • How will you feel, if you choose to make this improvement? Write all this down.

 Once you’ve created that strong enough desire within you to really want to let go of the lingering negative emotions tied to past experiences, ask yourself if you are disciplined enough to recall upon these lessons you’ve learned when you encounter similar future situations. These future situations that may appear to show up repeatedly in your life, may seem like similar experiences and are often “tests” presented to us. Anytime, we’ve chosen to let go of previous negative emotions and experiences, life will still present us with more opportunities as “tests”. This is a gift to you that can allow you to stand in your power, recall on the past experience and choose to respond instead of react in a new positive way. If you find you are disciplined to embrace a new way of responding to life’s challenges, you are ready to commit and arrange for success that will help armor you against your old ways of reacting.

Create an action plan for each of the items you have listed as past negative experiences. Perhaps you need to fully put yourself back into that past situation and replay how you would have liked to respond. You may find, you first need to replay the situation as it happened. Pick up on the feelings, emotions that took place within you. Now, reflect on what this life challenge was trying to show you. What was the lesson to be learned from this? Find the lesson and release the lingering negative thoughts, feelings. Recall the benefits you will experience in your life by letting go of these lingering emotions. Does the cost of holding onto these emotions out weigh the benefit? By hanging onto these emotions will you continue to experience your energy being drained from you?

 Once we let go of old, past experiences of hurt and pain who knows what new experiences are waiting to be discovered? Imagine what secret wisdom can begin to flow through you. Amazing breakthroughs can come through when we choose to make major adjustments in our beliefs. Letting go of old pent up emotions allows you to feel more peaceful and loving from within which can improve your energy levels holistically – mind, body and soul. When we are feeling more peaceful and loving from within, we tend to deal with life’s challenges in a more positive way.

Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.

Coaching: nancyhovde@gmail.com  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Hovde/114122028622994

Coaching:  nancyhovde@gmail.com

 © 2011 Nancy Hovde Uber Empowerment® All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in the form of a phonographic recording; nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or otherwise be copied for public or private use-other than for “fair use” as brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews-without prior written permission of the publisher.

Therapeutic Remedies for a Healthier You!

April 15, 2012

How often do you make time to do something special for yourself? As I was walking out of Rescue Massage in Redondo Beach, I thought about the importance of self-care remedies and how they can have so many benefits for the mind, body and soul. Many of us view getting a massage or a manicure as a special treat and only allow time for such indulgences once or twice a year. But the benefits of self-care treatments help to create a healthier and happier you.

We all know that life keeps us busy and that chronic stress can be damaging to our health. Certainly eating a healthy diet and exercising is important in living a quality life and prioritizing time for self-care is also one way we can manage the day to day stress in our lives. The results you feel from therapeutic treatments will allow you to feel more relaxed physically and mentally and this is beneficial for your overall well-being.

Therapeutic treatments do not have to leave your wallet empty. Here are just a few of the self-care remedies I have shared with my clients:

  • Treat your self to a pedicure and manicure. A small but simple indulgence. I often visit either Coco Nail & Spa or Bay City Nail & Spa. Both of these nail salons are located in Redondo Beach.

  • Nurturing yourself with sleep is one of the most therapeutic remedies for your mind, body and soul. Quality sleep is good for your physical health and your mental health. Getting optimum sleep will help you feel your best, think your best and be your best.

  • Getting a massage regularly can be a great preventative nurturing remedy. Regular massage sessions keep you healthy mentally and physically while providing relaxation.

  • Sitting in a steam room can be wonderful for sore muscles and provide an overall relaxing spa experience. A warm bubble bath can have a similar effect.

  • You may find yoga stretches or Pilate movements help bring you back to alignment. Tracy Coe, owner of Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc.in Manhattan Beach, CA has wonderful Pilates classes and team of instructors.

  • Going for a walk in the park and admiring the beauty of nature and just being outdoors does wonders for the body, mind and soul. Take in all the beauty, indulge the senses and breathe in the surrounding smells. Enjoy a night on your deck under the stars can bring a very nurturing peaceful feeling within.

  • Nurture yourself and the path you are on by writing down your goals and dreams and what steps you need to take to get there. You could choose a place in nature to ponder these thoughts. This alone time can help you slip into a quiet meditative state and focus on what is working in your life, what isn’t and what new changes you might consider.

 Many of the above stress relieving treatments above allow us to enjoy looking good on the outside which helps us feel better emotionally. Therapeutic treatments are a wonderful solution to feeling good inside and out. Listen to what your body needs – sleep? Food? Exercise? Give it that.

 Balance in life can be a challenge and something to continuously work at. Committing to making time for you and nurturing yourself regularly can bring more balance and fulfillment into your life. What are some of the simple self-care remedies that you have found to be most beneficial?

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Simple Pleasures in Summer

April 11, 2012

Notice how everything seems more vibrant hopeful and liberating during Summer? When I think of Summer I often have images of bright golden sunshine, sinking my feet in the sand and indulging in a easy reading beach novel. I often remember those warm starlight nights sitting by the pool or strolling on the beach. Maybe you have enjoyed that perfect Summer day, you know that day I’m referring to – feeling the breeze blowing, hearing the birds singing and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Indulging in Summers simple pleasures can be healthy for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Allow yourself to fully sense Summer’s present and enjoy unhurried mornings, restful afternoons and leisurely evenings.

Summers simple pleasures can also be beneficial in strengthening the bond in your relationships with your friends and family.Create some wonderful times to be remembered. Cherished memories are important because they help connect the past with the present and the future. Memories help us know who we really are. Creating memories with your friends and family that will last forever is important, but so few people ever even consider it. Times spent with friends and familiy are some of the most precious moments and memories you will hang onto forever. Finding ways to spend quality time with those who mean the most to you is not only important, but vital to the stability and unity of your relationships.

What memories of Summer come to your mind?

Perhaps some of your memories go way back to childhood and you can recall the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers on the BBQ, sticky pop cycles on children faces and little hands, enjoying ice cream cones in the park.

The warm Summer evenings make it a perfect time to enjoy outdoor live music. Many cities have free outdoor concerts in the park or on the beach. I have had some wonderful times shared with family and friends listening to outdoor concerts on the beach.

Some of us may remember Summer time when we smell Hawaiian Tropic Dark Suntanning Oil. Or the scent of freshly mowed grass evaporating in the sun.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have had picnics with the extended family in the backyard of the house your Great Grandfather built and this house is still in your family. Perhaps in this same yard you remember playing, as kids, with all your cousins and running around the huge yard filled with every kind of fruit tree and picking what ever you wanted, then found yourself swinging all afternoon on the swing!!

Maybe you recall drinking from the well your Grand Father had in the backyard and it tasting like the best water on the face of the earth!!!

Were you one of those kids who got to enjoy bike rides to the small town swimming pool and finding joy in swimming and hanging out with friends all afternoon?

Precious summertime memories for some of us are when we remember hanging out at grandma’s in town and listening to her stories while falling asleep on the couch. Maybe your grandma allowed you to watch MTV or anything else you wanted at her house and have whatever you wanted from the grocery store.

Were you one of those kids who would get up early to pick corn in the fields with your cousins, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents on the family farm. You may have gotten up very early to beat the sun into the fields and would have it done before noon with everyone working together to shuck the corn, boil and can it for the winter. When family is all around it makes it fun and the day goes by fast.

Summer is here. Indulge yourself with some mind, body and soul therapeutic moments and allow yourself some leisurely time to read, walk on the beach. Relax with friends and family and create some cherished memories. 

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