Self-Discipline is Self-Care

Self-Discipline is Self-Care

Often when people hear the words “self-discipline,” their first thought is about the hard work it will take to do things they really don’t want to do.

But other definitions can come to mind.

For some, self-discipline associates with the “power within” to stick with their commitment. Self-discipline doesn’t have to be an enemy in your life. I like to refer to self-discipline as a “self-care action.” Creating a strong “why” by defining a true reason for a goal inspires me to make a personal commitment that requires me to take action. This will lead to positive results in fulfilling my commitment.

Replacing self-discipline with self-care offers a positive focus on your intentions, reminding yourself that you are worthy and capable to meet your goal. You deserve success!

Relax in knowing that self-discipline is a skill that no one is born with but anyone can develop. No matter how skilled someone may be at using self-discipline, there is always room for improvement. It can be achieved with daily, consistent practice.

It can be challenging to develop more self-discipline. Often, people will discover the biggest hurdle to overcome is falling for short-term gratification and the pain or pleasure that is immediately experienced. Focus instead on the bigger picture and the long-term benefits you will receive. Is there anything you are doing regularly that does not support your highest good? How could this be tweaked to better support your well-being?

I tell my clients that while we can only reflect on our actions in the past, we can choose our actions for the present. Here are some action steps you can begin now.

Eliminate any time wasters in your day. How do you tell if something is a time waster or bad habit? Simply ask yourself if this activity is giving you any prosperous results. Eliminating useless activities will focus more energy toward being productive and self-disciplined. You will find yourself finishing tasks more efficiently and in less time. I found this to be true with my endless stream of junk email. I planted myself at Coffee Cartel for a focused hour and unsubscribed to the useless email lists. Choosing a time and place where you won’t be interrupted helps you laser in and quickly manage and eliminate any time wasters.

Create a strong reason to remind yourself why you want to develop more self-discipline. Ask yourself, what do I want more of in life? Then ask yourself, what am I trying to avoid having in life? Reminding yourself what you don’t want can be a strong motivator in keeping you aligned to your commitment.

Fully immersing yourself in the task at hand will allow you to become more involved with the activity, and it becomes more interesting. Notice how the unpleasant feelings dissipate and the short-lived “pain” is worth the time and energy in return for the long-term benefits and pleasure you will gain.

Finishing an important task provides feelings of accomplishment and empowerment to take charge of your life. What we thought would be painful is now pleasurable. A little effort is a small price to pay for success and fulfillment. For example, choosing to overeat or watch TV instead of completing a task actually ends up causing pain instead of bringing pleasure. Allow your self-care actions to match your intentions.

Visualizing and using positive affirmations can inspire you and keep you motivated, especially during weak moments.

Rewarding yourself along the way can inspire you to do more and go that extra mile to achieve your main goal.

Persistent, self-disciplined actions allow you to achieve those things you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing. Clear intent and direct will can empower you to achieve your goals. So try to give attention, energy and focus to all that you truly want to create in your life. It can be challenging some days, but with consistency and commitment, you can do it.

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