Power-Filled Words Build a Positive Attitude

Sometimes we long to try something new or a different approach than we’ve used in the past but we hesitate in taking action. We come up with a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t try a new approach or explore something new.

The most crippling failure disease is excuses. Instead of always making up excuses, focus on using the two most power-filled words “I Can”. The mind loves to hear empowerment words. Your self-esteem loves to hear “I Am” statements such as “I am successful”, “I am happy”.

It isn’t always easy to stop making excuses and courageously take action on something new. Here are a few tips I have shared with clients when they want to discover something new or explore a different approach:

  • Avoid thinking “I can’t” or “I won’t”. “I Am” statements manifest in your life faster than “I Wish” or “I Want” statements.
  • Remove the thought “I can’t do this because…” Instead, ask yourself “What if I COULD do this…..” Imagine yourself living your dram…NOW. Create all that you see in your mind.
  • If you are feeling despair, know that despair can rob us of all hope, when there is no hope, there is no light and the soul gives up. Choose to live without despair, we are what we think; allow your positive thoughts to override any despair.
  • There may be roadblocks along the way, allow them to provide feedback to you, observe, keep going and view the roadblocks as tools for your growth.
  • View any obstacles on your paths as personal growth opportunities and keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome, this can allow your faith to grow.
  • Difficulties and challenges allow us the opportunity to experience courage. You can find your courage within yourself, rely on your inner strength and guidance.
  • You want to use empowering words that help you feel strong, uplifted, positive, inspired and optimistic.

Using power-filled words over time can allow your attitude, actions and behavior to inspire and empower you in the pursuit of your dreams. Do you have favorite power-filled words? Feel free to share!

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