Experience Moments All in Good Time

Time is precious to me, and I am sure it is to you, too.

Did you know that although we usually think of time as chronos—like a clock or chronological—the most important and beloved events and occurrences in our world exist only in another sort of time? The Greeks have spoken of kairos, which might be roughly translated as “the right moment.” And though kairos cannot be planned or mapped, many times we wish it could be. Perhaps you may have tried desperately to force kairos into the chronos world.

Finding a balance of the two and feeling comfortable with both is key. Perhaps you have a favorite chronos time of day and live it in kairos. If you do, good for you! You’ve mastered what I like to refer to as living a successful, meaningful and fulfilling life. This often means getting to work, school and events on schedule and balancing enough time to experience being in the flow, when time seems to not be an issue.

Clocks are important to keep us on time for important events, but managing our kairos wisely can often mean living life with wisdom and fulfillment. Here are a few tips to consider in experiencing more kairos:

  • There are some points in life when we feel our way along and patiently wait until our soul provides the answers. Timely insights happen not a moment too soon and not a moment too late, but in opportune time—at the right time. If something were to be forced to happen a moment too soon, it could have a harmful effect or not the ideal outcome. This is trusting kairos.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you let go and embrace the situation, doors suddenly start to open? Something shifted, and you are back in the flow. Often, this is not about where your mind was, but the timing is important. This is kairos—it’s the timing we need to surrender to.
  • You may have heard phrases like take your time; you have all the time there is; time for a change; or it’s about time. Perhaps you have prepared or trained hard for some length of time. The training, experience and self-care all contribute. However, there is this other mysterious piece over which we have no control—kairos. When the universe is ready for us, our idea or work happens.
  • Kairos can be experienced in some of the most simple things in life, such as watching a sunset, feeling the comfort of a pet cuddling next to you, hearing music that resonates within you or reading words that seem to leap off the page and bring an enlightened moment.
  • Kairos can also be experienced through some of life’s significant events, like seeing a newborn baby, finishing a race or receiving a promotion.

When we can recognize these treasured moments to simply “be” or to see beyond the immediate moment, we become more aware of our true self and understanding what is important to us. Often, you will know when the right time has come, but you could never have predicted it. Kairos is the gift that allows us to seize that right moment.

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