Holiday Traditions Bring Comfort & Joy!

Holiday rituals can strengthen the bonds of family and friendship and create a connection between past and present.

As we were walking out of Regal Cinemas in Palos Verdes, a friend and I were discussing the local traditional festivities. Perhaps you enjoy Christmas movies, the holiday stroll through Riviera Village, the annual lighting of the Christmas tree and menorah in Redondo Beach or the King Harbor Boat Parade.

Cherished customs allow us to delightfully create happy memories with our family and friends. Rituals keep us grounded and bring us reassurance, comfort and joy. Have you ever noticed when you hear an old carol, see a treasured tree ornament or smell gingerbread cookies baking, your mind instantly transports you to that time and place helping you to recall memories held in your heart?

Whether you are creating beloved festive traditions or repeating sacred ones, keeping family traditions is especially important during the holidays. Here are some of the benefits of holiday traditions, as well as a little advice about how to pass them on:

  • It doesn’t really matter what your tradition is—simply having holiday traditions helps create a strong, close family. Developing rituals creates a sense of belonging among family members and can help build a family history.
  • Holiday traditions generally reflect our deeper beliefs and values, such as the importance of spending quality time with family and friends. Christmas dinner isn’t just a get-together; it is a way of showing we treasure our time with those close to us. If you hold spiritual beliefs, attending church on Christmas Eve may be a deeply held tradition for you each year.
  • You may have many memories—whether tender or funny—of favorite traditions, like a beloved holiday recipe. You might enjoy holding a small gathering to trim and decorate the Christmas tree or getting together with family to light the menorah. These types of traditional rituals help create warm memories for years to come and strengthen the bonds with friends and family.
  • What’s your favorite holiday song? Maybe you have heard Bob Hope and Bing Crosby sing “Silver Bells” on a holiday special. Sharing a special holiday movie or song with your children allows the tradition to be passed on and kept in the family.
  • Traditions help connect family members who may be separated by distance or busy with jobs and school. Holiday rituals encourage us to remain close to friends and family creating a connection between our past and our future.

My family has a special Christmas Eve dinner each year. We still open stockings, and on Christmas morning, we have a special sausage dish that is to die for. That breakfast is followed by another exceptionally planned Christmas day dinner. Nevertheless, it is the company, laughter and memories we share that is cherished most.

This holiday season, reflect on how your family traditions have helped strengthen the ties that bind. Consider creating some new family traditions that help set the tone for your own unique celebration.

Warmest wishes to you this holiday season!

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