Are You Too Cautious?

I had just finished my run in Palos Verdes and was standing at the intersection on Palos Verdes Boulevard and Catalina Avenue in Redondo Beach when that word popped up for what seemed like the third time this week. Cautious. I overheard a couple who had seen me cross in the cross walk and the car that drove in front of me when I was only half way through the cross walk. As a pedestrian, I had the right away. This couple shared their experience when they drove into this same cross walk while a pedestrian had just stepped off the curb and they were given a ticket. Ever since this experience, they are both more cautious. This type of caution makes sense, being a safe driver and following the road rules and laws is necessary.

However, being cautious in life happens in various ways. A friend of mine experienced being cautious after a fall during a trail run due to the uneven terrain. Now, she only runs on flat surfaces such as on the Strand. She admits her runs are always the same route now and no longer mixed with different scenic trails, but at least she feels safe.

There are many situations in life that will cause us to become more cautious. It could be from a financial struggle, relationship issues or some type of alarming experience. These are times that we can certainly learn from. But sometimes we can become too cautious in life and we begin to feel stuck or limited from moving forward into becoming our full potential in life. When we are presented with an opportunity, challenge, problem or obstacle it is important to not focus on the dark negative side of everything.

Perhaps you find yourself weighing out the consequences of every action, every decision and this leaves you hesitant, second guessing and so you procrastinate, put things off or maybe you simple don’t do anything. It is normal to feel nervous about making a change, taking a risk and moving out of your comfort zone. Feeling nervous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new. Sometimes it can help to focus on the facts at this time instead of your feelings about making a change. Taking time to carefully consider the facts will help you to better decide whether a course of action is right for you.

As a lifestyle empowerment coach, I have explained to my clients that the mind makes things so much scarier than they actually are. Often it is more of the anticipation of the unknown outcome that is keeping us stuck in our comfort zone than our desire to try something new.  It can be encouraging to start with one challenge, opportunity or obstacle at a time. Recognize that even just attempting to face a fear head on can help to move you out of your comfort zone. Become aware that even if your fear isn’t totally cured you can accept that no matter what the outcome -whether you win, loose or regardless …  You will develop more courage, faith and a stronger belief in yourself. Your personal growth does wonders for your self-confidence and will remind you that anything is possible when you embrace stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Yes, you may cautiously begin to say yes and do things that previously would leave you stuck in your safe world of monotony. It can help to go at your own pace. Just because you are deciding to make a change, take a risk or try something new doesn’t mean you have to go full force. Take one step at a time, wait and see the results and then take that second step. As you begin to feel more comfortable and confident, you will begin to take larger risks.

Begin to live life more fully that will allow your mind and heart to discover all the amazing possibilities out there.

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