Writing for Inner Awareness: Stay Focused on YOUR Path

I find that writing activities such as journaling help create more inner awareness, which allows for more peace and harmony. I keep a gratitude journal, and I write in it daily.

Writing for inner awareness can be done on a laptop, in a traditional journal, on a phone, whatever. I like a journal.

Choosing a comfortable location where I’m unlikely to be interrupted helps create a therapeutic experience. Nature or a beautiful location can provide inspiration for writing and thought processing. One of my favorite places is Veterans Park, overlooking the ocean.

I also write just before I go to sleep each night. I reflect on my day and think of a minimum of five things to be thankful for. I might also write about a pleasant surprise I may have had, such as unexpectedly running into an old friend.

Some days are more challenging and I may just feel like writing down the basics, simple things such as gratitude for my health and my family’s health or gratitude for the delicious dinner I enjoyed.

I have noticed that when I take time to give thanks and appreciation for all the good things in my life, I seem to experience more happiness and positive moments.

Another activity that can help clear your mind and keep you guided on your true path is to sit down and write in order to process the thoughts going through your head. This can be in the morning, in the middle of the day—anytime you are sensing too many things on your mind and feel you are missing out on the quality of your day.

I have actually, while driving, pulled over on a side street and grabbed my notebook and pen and begun to write.

Silly as it may sound, so many thoughts will go through my head, including, “I need to get my carpet cleaned,” or, “Did I remember to return my client’s call?’ or, “Should I call up my friend Sheila for dinner plans for tonight?”

When we are caught up in these thoughts, we are not experiencing life fully and in the moment. I call this scattered thoughts or scattered energy. Even though these thoughts are not negative, they are still pulling us away from enjoying ourselves.

When we are in the moment, we are enjoying life and more aware of everything around us.

Be in the moment more often. It is easy to get out of balance more than it is to stay balanced. But if you want it, it can be done. Do you want it?

With consistency, practice, patience, doing each thing with mindfulness, and having the ultimate will, you’ll find yourself enjoying each moment more often and knowing you are living a high quality of life.

Writing also works when you have to make a choice and are having a difficult time figuring out which choice is best. Once you start writing, let the words flow. Stream of consciousness.

Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. This is for your eyes only. If you are angry with someone, or hurt, write down whatever it is you feel and wish you could say.

Tear up the paper when you are done, if you like. You will feel better just having gotten things out of you and onto paper, which also provides clarity.

Writing can bring inner awareness to what your core needs and beliefs are and whether you are paying attention to those needs and making them a priority in your life. This will get you back on track, centered and balanced, and keep you on your true path.

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Share how writing in a journal has helped you in processing life’s challenges and experiences.


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