Therapeutic Remedies for a Healthier You!

How often do you make time to do something special for yourself? As I was walking out of Rescue Massage in Redondo Beach, I thought about the importance of self-care remedies and how they can have so many benefits for the mind, body and soul. Many of us view getting a massage or a manicure as a special treat and only allow time for such indulgences once or twice a year. But the benefits of self-care treatments help to create a healthier and happier you.

We all know that life keeps us busy and that chronic stress can be damaging to our health. Certainly eating a healthy diet and exercising is important in living a quality life and prioritizing time for self-care is also one way we can manage the day to day stress in our lives. The results you feel from therapeutic treatments will allow you to feel more relaxed physically and mentally and this is beneficial for your overall well-being.

Therapeutic treatments do not have to leave your wallet empty. Here are just a few of the self-care remedies I have shared with my clients:

  • Treat your self to a pedicure and manicure. A small but simple indulgence. I often visit either Coco Nail & Spa or Bay City Nail & Spa. Both of these nail salons are located in Redondo Beach.

  • Nurturing yourself with sleep is one of the most therapeutic remedies for your mind, body and soul. Quality sleep is good for your physical health and your mental health. Getting optimum sleep will help you feel your best, think your best and be your best.

  • Getting a massage regularly can be a great preventative nurturing remedy. Regular massage sessions keep you healthy mentally and physically while providing relaxation.

  • Sitting in a steam room can be wonderful for sore muscles and provide an overall relaxing spa experience. A warm bubble bath can have a similar effect.

  • You may find yoga stretches or Pilate movements help bring you back to alignment. Tracy Coe, owner of Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Manhattan Beach, CA has wonderful Pilates classes and team of instructors.

  • Going for a walk in the park and admiring the beauty of nature and just being outdoors does wonders for the body, mind and soul. Take in all the beauty, indulge the senses and breathe in the surrounding smells. Enjoy a night on your deck under the stars can bring a very nurturing peaceful feeling within.

  • Nurture yourself and the path you are on by writing down your goals and dreams and what steps you need to take to get there. You could choose a place in nature to ponder these thoughts. This alone time can help you slip into a quiet meditative state and focus on what is working in your life, what isn’t and what new changes you might consider.

 Many of the above stress relieving treatments above allow us to enjoy looking good on the outside which helps us feel better emotionally. Therapeutic treatments are a wonderful solution to feeling good inside and out. Listen to what your body needs – sleep? Food? Exercise? Give it that.

 Balance in life can be a challenge and something to continuously work at. Committing to making time for you and nurturing yourself regularly can bring more balance and fulfillment into your life. What are some of the simple self-care remedies that you have found to be most beneficial?

© 2011 Nancy Hovde. Read more Inspiration Uber Empowerment Books.


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