October 2015 Authentic True Core Values


October is here – a new month filled with new possibilities and a fresh start! When you have goals lined up this can help motivate you to make the best use of your time. Choose goals that will inspire you, make you smile and warm your heart. You will find when you begin to integrate your authentic true core values into your life, achieving your goals energizes you, fulfills you and leads to living a more meaningful life.  Would you like to begin exploring with some self-discovery questions? Send me an email nancyhovde@gmail.com. I will help guide you with the right questions that will help you dig a bit deep within but will definitely help align you with your purpose. Want to discover even more empowering, inspirational progress in your life? Read more in my book Uber Empowerment

Wishing you Great Success in Prioritizing Your Authentic True Core Values

~ Nancy

Uber Empowerment gives you the tools you need to transform your life to operate at your peak performance.


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