March 2016 Responding Mindfully


“As we arise each morning, let us determine to respond with love and kindness to whatever may come our way.” ~ Thomas S. Monson

How many times have you said something without thinking? Reacted then regretted what you said or how you behaved? Empower yourself and become aware that you have a choice and can choose to react or respond. Seek to understand through listening instead of focusing on what you are going to say provides some time to create that space  between what has happened and how to respond. Time to collect your thoughts, take some deep breaths and consider some optional ways to respond.

We can practice becoming more mindful through meditation, prayer or quite time spent reflecting. Patience can play a big role in assisting you in responding vs. reacting. What is the difference in responding and reacting?

When we respond it comes from a place of love. It is love based. Responding is based out of a place of respect for all concerned. Responding helps us create boundaries, hold responsibility for our actions. When we respond, we have the opportunity to communicate, cooperate and collaborate more effectively.

Reacting on the other comes from a place of fear based. That old fight/flight feeling. Reacting tends to build walls between us and others. Those who react usually see themselves as victims of circumstances and situations. Reacting causes avoidance tactics and irresponsibilities. Reacting vs. responding often leaves us feeling regretful.

Choosing to reflect on responding instead of immediately reacting can help eliminate regrets. Read here for more tips on living life with no regrets.

There is a saying that life is 10% that happens to us and 90% how we respond. Finding the right words can have a profound impact on your day and with your relationships.

Respond From Love ~ Nancy

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