April 2016 Wellness: Spring Renewal

Wellness.jpgMany people find Spring is the perfect time to begin a new wellness program or review their current program and review what is working and what is not? What kind of things are you doing for wellness?

Although it is ideal to always have a wellness program in place, there is certainly something about Spring that beckons us to consider adding something new to our current regimen. Yet, some of us might find ourselves starting a completely, entirely new wellness program. Wherever you are at in this area, (and maybe you are not even on a program or maybe you are happy with your current wellness program) how about at least considering including something new?

There are many diets, exercise programs, meditation/stress management techniques available however, wellness is so much more than just what is at the surface (maintaining a balanced diet, exercising three times per week and finding 20 minutes to meditate each day). Below are some areas to consider including and create a complete, holistic wellness program and experience a more fulfilling life.

Physical/Medical Health – What does your current diet consist of? Do you enjoy the  exercise/workouts you do each week? Are you even making time for exercise? How do you currently manage the stressful situations in your life? Physical/medical health is a must if you want to enjoy a fulfilling life.

To get started, consider what changes or improvements you would like to see in your physical/medical health. What challenges or obstacles seem to be keeping you from achieving optimal physical/medical health?

What preventative healthcare steps do you currently make a priority? Are you getting regular check-ups? Chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and massage are just a few of the preventative action steps that can help in keeping you physically strong and medically healthy. Consider adding one or a few of these therapeutic treatments into your wellness regimen.

What addictions or unhealthy habits do you need to give up? These would include recreational drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and over eating.

Mental/Emotional Wellness – How do you cope with difficult situations? How do you balance your emotions? Taking inventory on your present situation and current circumstances, overall how is your mental/emotional wellbeing?

Which emotions do you seem to be dealing with most often and how well do you deal with these emotions? What changes or improvements would you like to see to your mental state?

Included in emotional wellness are the relationships we have in life or would like to create. The more aware we are, accepting of and able to deal with our feelings and the feelings of those around us can help create more positive relationships. It is important to have positive, healthy relationships as this allows us to feel supported in life. When we seem to lack emotional support this can leave us feeling drained and effect our happiness.

Reflecting on your current relationships are you happy? Are there areas you would like to improve? Do you feel weighed down by your relationships or your emotions? If so, what kind of improvements or changes could you make? Consider creating healthy boundaries.

Spiritual Wellness – Spiritual wellness can mean religion and/or personal faith for some and while this is all very personal as well as important to many people; try going even deeper and perceiving the meaning of life and your place in it.

Do you currently feel you can find meaning, hope and inner peace in your life through work, nature, family/friends, music, volunteer work or within the community?

How fulfilled do you currently feel in your life? Do you feel as if something is missing or that you lack a sense of purpose?

Personal Growth – Would you like to grow more intellectually in your life? Do you find you are intellectually stimulated in your life or do you feel bored? Personal growth needs to be included in your wellness plan as this completes a holistic wellness program.

Do you have sufficient creative outlets? Is there a new activity, hobby or area of study you would like to start, learn or improve in?

Perhaps you would like to work more on how you solve problems or learn to think more creatively.

Maybe you would like to be more productive in a certain area of your life. What would be the first step you could take so you could start to see progress?

Make time for yourself this Spring and reflect on what is working and what does not seem to be working in your life. Create some changes or improvements that allow you to life a more fulfilling, healthy life.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Spring ~ Nancy

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2 Responses to “April 2016 Wellness: Spring Renewal”

  1. Cheryl Millett Says:

    Happy happy Spring Nancy! Cheryl Millett  BSc CCIr Champion For Your Better HealthHolistic Nutritionist . Iridologist . Mind-Body MedicineDirector of Sales and Education, Auum CanadaToronto, ON M5R1Z2 Canadainfo@cherylmillett.com . 416-413-0345 . CherylMillett.com Chapter President, Toronto Midtown, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce  

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