February 2017 Mind/Body/Soul


When we chose to listen to our mind/body/soul, we can naturally integrate healthy habits into our life that allow us to be in alignment with clarity and experience more fulfillment in life. Much of what we truly need for nutrition, exercise, managing stress or making life decisions we already know. It can be very intuitive. We just need to listen. Our intuition and mindfulness can help guide us with  making life decisions. Intuition is your soul talking to you, that nudge you feel somewhere inside your body (often in your gut) that nagging thought in your head, the loving whisper of wisdom that is trying to get your attention to follow the right choice that is for your highest good and those around you.

Love is the focus, the source that we can rely on to stay connected. When we have loving intentions this helps support intuition and mindfulness. Love vs. fear. Love for life. Love for others. Love for yourself. You will begin to see healthy lifestyle patterns, such as a nourishing diet and daily exercise, naturally fall into place and become almost effortless when you have love as your source. Love allows intuition to flow. Fear blocks life flow so intuition cannot get in; energy becomes stagnant. As a result, we feel stuck and experience more darkness and negativity in life. With Love, intuition flows naturally and we make better choices – the right choices.

Begin to practice love, self-love (or self-nurturing) each day. The reality is, everything is connected – Mind/Body/Soul. How do we know what it feels like when we are truly connected to ourself? We recognize our needs down to our core being. We know are needs. What do you need right now? Ask yourself this often by “checking in.” Start your day with asking what would most nourish your body to feel good, right now? Are you physically hungry for nourishing food? Is your body craving to move and stretch? Does your soul need nourishment?

Your conscious thoughts are crucial to your state of health. Our conscious thoughts create and recreate our physical body. Studies on mind-body connection can explain how emotions are associated with the physical changes in the body. Our perceptions, our outlook on life and how we interpret events and our experience in life – changes stress hormone levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and nor epinephrine. Chronic fear, hateful thoughts and resentment raise hormone levels. When these levels remain elevated, insulin increases and cause the release of inflammatory hormones known as cytokines and leukotrienes. This leads to inflammation at the cellular level-the basis for cancer, arthritis, and all other diseases. Chronically elevated stress hormone levels are associated with metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The law of attraction works very strongly in our lives. Whatever we think about the most, with the highest emotional intensity, is what we attract into our lives. Basically, our thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions. These emotions influence our behavior. These thoughts and emotions cause their physical equivalents to manifest in our lives and in our bodies. This happens because our consciousness communicates with our autonomic nervous system to carry out our beliefs for the words “don’t” or “no”. Our body hears: “Catch that flu bug-don’t.” The “catch flu bug” are the words that become emphasized. These emphasized thought patterns, over time can carry over to our physical body and eventually, we get what we think about and worry about the most. Shift your thoughts on more positive situations, such as leading an active, healthy life and this is what is most likely to become a reality. Focusing on this wisdom is one of the most effective ways to change life for the better.

Being connected within and having loving intentions, this is the key to finding your energy that will empower you to feel your best and be your best in life. When we live life fully in the present and try to do everything with mindfulness we can enjoy a truly enriched life.

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Listen to your Mind/Body/Soul & Live Healthy Habits,


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