Midpoint Spring into Summer


The month of May is one of my favorite times of the year and seems to mark the midpoint between Spring and Summer. There is a feeling in the air of newness, fresh ideas, conception/fertility, abundance and prosperity. I find this time of year can be a great time to pause and reflect on whatever wellness intentions I may have set at the start of the year and how these intentions are still inspiring my Wellbeing. Most of the time the intentions are still supporting me and helping me grow Mind/Body/Soul; however, sometimes a few tweaks may be needed. I often discover I want to include some new intentions as well. Reviewing Mind/Body/Soul tips helps offer some deep insight for maintaining balance and awareness.

Perhaps you can relate and may want to reflect and review those intentions and wellness goals you set back in January and how they are supporting you (or not). It is okay to reset some different goals, intentions and create new, refreshing habits because they feel good to you. You can read more here about Healthy Habits. Reflecting on your professional and personal goals can overlap, so carving out some time to review those goals can provide a boost of hope or confidence and re-inspire you to keep going. Here for some tips on Goal Reflection. Our values are what help keep us on track and in alignment with the goals and intentions we wish to create. Review your core values and what resonates with you.

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