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Create True Changes

March 18, 2012

True change happens when we spend time and resources towards developing our minds & spirits, examining our core values & letting go of issues that may be holding us back from being our uber best in life.

We have the freedom to choose which choices to make each day. We can choose lifestyle choices that lead to feeling our best, thinking our best and being our best. Or we can choose those choices that lead to us to feeling unfulfilled and discouraged.

Is there anything you are doing regularly that does not support your highest good? How could this be tweaked to better support your well-being? While we can only reflect on our actions in the past; we can choose our actions for the present. Here are some action steps you can begin now.

  • Create a strong reason to remind yourself why you want to make a change. Ask yourself what you want more of in your life? Then ask yourself, what is it you are trying to avoid having in your life? Reminding yourself what you don’t want can be a strong motivator in keeping you in alignment with your commitment. Then focus on what you do want to see in your life and how you  will feel with having this new change in your life.
  • Visualizing and using positive affirmations can inspire you and keep you motivated especially during any weak moments.
  • Rewarding yourself along the way can inspire you to do more and go that extra mile to achieve the main goal.

You have the freedom to be who you want to be. Keep believing your path is important and keep telling yourself all the reasons why you can succeed. Expect only the best to happen. Believe it and you’ve just achieved it. Through out your day empower yourself by believing in yourself and your abilities. What you believe you will manifest.

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Adjusting to Life’s Changes

October 31, 2011

As I relaxed and enjoyed my smoothie at St. Honore Bistro Caffe in Lunada Bay Plaza, I reflected on how the fall season can be so enlightening. Ever notice how the trees do not seem to hang on to their leaves but embrace the cycle of change? It is as if the trees know that newer leaves can only come about if they are first willing to let go of the old leaves. Trees simply grow; they go through one cycle after another without any resistance.

When we’re in a happy situation and life is going along smoothly, it is important to appreciate that time of joy. While we shouldn’t live in anxiety, fearing that our happiness will be pulled out from under us, knowing that everything changes will keep us from being caught off-guard. A completely unexpected change may throw us for a short time, but we soon recover because we know we can eventually adapt.

When Plan A doesn’t seem to be happening or working out right, how fast do we adapt to Plan B? I’m not referring to huge, sweeping and life-encompassing situations, but those small changes that we can learn to cope with easily.

Some people are able to organize their thoughts in ways that generate appropriate and positive actions. Adaptive abilities are necessary as changes occur within our circumstances and us. Adaptive behavior includes skills that allow us to be flexible when change occurs in our personal lives.

When we are adaptive, we react to unexpected events in creative or constructive ways. We can learn to be adaptive and refocus our mind in new directions and make choices based on the desired outcome. When we are open to change, we know it is the set of the sail that matters—not the direction of the wind.

Here are a few tips on how to adapt to change:

  • Look beneath the surface. Welcoming challenges allows you the opportunity to grow wiser and more skillful. Perhaps someone you know has successfully dealt with the same situation? Seek out a conversation with someone you trust. Even circumstances that seem most frustrating carry within them a new blessing, and when you search for the blessing, you will usually find it. This can be very enlightening.
  • Staying in the present moment can help you conquer any fear. It’s far too easy for your mind to get caught up with regrets about the past or worries about the future. I have found that when I have moments of self-doubt, I focus only on whatever I am doing at the moment. I realize this moment is all I have right now—I may as well enjoy it!
  • Try to reflect on some of the past changes you’ve gone through in your life. Include both the positive outcomes and the negative ones. Regardless of your past, it’s likely that you’ve learned an important life lesson. You may actually want to seek change. I have found that when I keep my life stagnant, I seem to lose out on many important life experiences that offer valuable life lessons.
  • Did you know that writing down your innermost thoughts provides a similar release as confiding with a close friend? Change can be scary, but if you provide yourself with a way to conquer the fear, you can find the courage within you.
  • With a willingness to find positive solutions or outcomes, try to compromise and find ways around problems or situations brought about by change. But, never just give up without proactively trying to manage the situation to your advantage.
  • When you move forward with a change in your life, think it through in a positive way. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, picture it all going right.

Recognizing that everything eventually changes also provides some evenness to our lives. We’re not riding an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows—everything averages out in the end. We’re grateful for and appreciate the good times, but we don’t let the bad times drag us too far down. Change seems to find us one way or another, and we can learn how to go with the flow and how to let go. It may seem challenging at first, but learning how to better adapt to change can improve all aspects of our lives.

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Time to Embrace Change for a Better Opportunity

November 29, 2010

Time to Embrace Change for a Better Opportunity

Sometimes something will leave your life – a job, a client or a project that is ending. Trust that when this opportunity is leaving your life it is because it is time to create space and embrace change for a better opportunity.

Do you know what your unique interchange of success is? By this, I am referring to taking inventory of your life and reflecting on your Authentic True Core Values, at what distance are you willing to go? How intense are you willing to push yourself? This is why it is important to understand your own language of success. Don’t compromise your life and relationships by trying to achieve rewards and external approval of success, achieve YOUR success.

We can measure our goals by a more holistic measurement of success. But when life brings on new challenges, situations and opportunities, you will need to reflect back on your Authentic Life Purpose, your Authentic True Core Values, and your goals you’ve created for yourself. Then, factor in how these new opportunities that are being presented to you fit into your authentic life. Consider what you will have to give up in order to be successful at this new opportunity. Perhaps you know you could be successful with this new opportunity, but this new opportunity would create imbalance in many other areas of you life. Knowing what your language of success is to you, can help guide you in choosing when to add a new opportunity or let it pass for now. Your language of success should be in alignment with your Authentic Life Purpose and your Authentic True Core Values. If it is not, then you are most likely experiencing contrast, confusion or struggle in your life.

An opportunity may come up where you feel challenged. Perhaps you have been presented an opportunity, for a reason at this time in your life and you may feel a little unsure of which action to take. Opportunities will always be present. You can make the choice by reflecting on your Authentic True Core Values. If the choice feels right, do it with your full passion. If the opportunity does not feel right at this time, be willing to let it go and know that a better opportunity is coming at a better time, just for you. Continue to have patience.

A path may end or change, perhaps you out grew this path, allow this to be an opportunity for rebirth, renewal and empower yourself that you CAN embrace change. Perhaps this new opportunity will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new territory, stretch yourself and grow both professionally and personally. Be open to what unfolds and accept everything that comes to you as a gift, keep your eyes, heart and mind open and you will see that insight, growth and joy can be found in reflective moments. These reflective moments can offer you the right action to take.

It is not so much the change we fear, often more the anticipation that causes the fear and wondering what will change in our life when we make the change. Even positive changes we might want to make, a new goal, often something has to change in our life for us to succeed our goal. Being aware of what will have to change can empower you to make the right choices and to have the courage to go for what you want.

A person must feel ready to make the change, at least a strong enough desire to want to make a change in their life. Even if there is still some fear, if courage is present this can over come any fear, when you are aware of what the fear is. Also, reflecting on the actual opportunity and if it blends and fits with your Authentic True Core Values. As mentioned earlier, this may be the right opportunity but the timing doesn’t feel right within you. The interchange factor comes into play here. Consider if many other areas of your life would become unbalanced if you took on this new opportunity. How much intensity will you need to exert if you take on this new opportunity? Perhaps it may be the right opportunity but your young children need your full attention and energy at this time. Know that a even better opportunity will arise in the future, at a better time. Success is also knowing when to pass up a opportunity and when to seize the opportunity. Again, knowing your Authentic Life Purpose and Authentic True Core Values is what keeps you in alignment with living a fulfilling life.

What it comes down to, is when you do decide this is the right opportunity and it is the right time, in what ways are you willing to adjust to the new changes, new challenges and new details that life introduces us to when we accept a new opportunity? It is not possible to know every single detail that will arise with the new level of success you are about to rise to or the new opportunity you are about to grasp, but being aware of the new celebrations and challenges can help prepare you and keep you feeling empowered.

Not all opportunities that will be presented to you will allow you to negotiate or tweak something about the opportunity, but by taking some time to reflect and look at all your options and how one of these options may fit into your life right now allows you to explore adding in a new value. Many times, you may have to pass up an opportunity because it is not the right time. On the other hand, the timing might be right, but not the right opportunity.

Your top priorities always come first, always your decision. If something doesn’t feel good to you, be willing to let it go. Right time, right place is your intuition, always trust yourself you are on your right path, at the right time in your life and keep believing, have faith, all will fall into place in its right time.

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