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New Year Brings New Opportunities

February 1, 2012

Taking advantage of new opportunities—whether it’s a new job, new project or something else—helps us grow in life.

I was eating lunch at Creme de la Crepe in Riviera Village when I overheard a conversation between a couple. They were wondering whether should move forward with an opportunity. Was the timing right? How would they know if they are making the right choice? Were they only excited because this was a new opportunity for the new year?

There something refreshing about a brand new year and the exciting opportunities it brings! Do you act on opportunities? Life often tosses us opportunities with a window of time to act—or not.

Nobody ever feels 100 percent ready when an opportunity arises. Because most great opportunities in life force us to grow beyond our comfort zones, we won’t feel totally comfortable at first.

Do you see yourself as too cautious, someone who only does what he or she has always done to stay within a comfort zone? By not taking chances, we miss the opportunity to accomplish all the amazing things we are really are capable of.

Here are some tips to help you recognize and seize opportunities:

  • Stop trying to be a perfectionist or waiting for the perfect time. Waiting for the perfect time or trying to become a perfectionist for anything new often masks procrastination. If you find yourself saying, “I’ll start the project one of these days,” you are procrastinating. Instead, set a date for each action stop along the way. Perhaps you need to learn some new skills for this opportunity; deciding on dates and action plans creates a road map to the point where you’ve achieved what you want. The key is to keep the momentum strong when the idea or opportunity first presents itself. Creating small steps along the way will keep the goal in sight.
  • Sometimes you need to learn to become more assertive in order to seize the opportunities life tosses your way. If you don’t try, you are guaranteed not achieve what you want. It is necessary to take risks when seizing opportunities. Remember, you do not need other people’s approval when a goal or opportunity has deep meaning for you.
  • Having a clear picture of what you want and knowing your values in life well help you recognize when an opportunity presents itself. This helps you know which opportunities to take and which ones to leave alone. Ask yourself, does this bring me closer or take me farther away from my ultimate goal? What are the costs involved? How will this help me benefit and in what ways will I grow?
  • It is easy to be fearful of trying something new or taking on a new adventure without knowing what obstacles may come up along the way or the eventual outcome. Making mistakes is part of learning what does and doesn’t work. No matter how bad the mistake may have been, feel positive about yourself because you took a chance.
  • Nothing seems to hold us back more than our negative thoughts. It can help to remember that our negative thoughts are not facts—they are just thoughts. Assumptions can create negative thoughts. Worrying is a complete waste of time and energy because most of the negative thoughts or assumptions we make never happen anyway.

Take a look around for opportunities—even small ones. You never know where they may lead you. Read Uber Empowerment books.

New Year Is Time To Review and Reflect

January 15, 2012

Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to reflect upon what happened last year and look forward to the future.

The new year is here. It’s time to reflect back on events, situations and challenges of the past year while anticipating the new year ahead. We may find ourselves thinking, “If only” or “I wish I would have made a different decision.”

On the other hand, perhaps we are content with all of the choices you made and goals you achieved in the previous year. If so, great! Hopefully, we made time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments.

When reviewing the previous year and planning the new year, look at the direction your life is taking. How are you doing? Where are you at in life?

Reviewing and reflecting on how we are currently making our choices in life can often influence what goals we are setting for ourselves. When we know our values and beliefs and commit to those, we will find the choices we make are less of a struggle. We will enjoy living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

You can feel more prepared for the new year by making either some small tweaks or more major shifts with your decision approaches and goal setting.

So, grab your journal or laptop and let’s begin to plan. Be sure to allow yourself a time when you won’t be disturbed. I find it can be helpful to get out in nature. Try heading to a local outdoor spot likeAlta Vista Park in Redondo Beach or Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes overlooking the ocean; this will provide a peaceful surrounding. Here are a few effective tips to get you started:

  • Reflect over the areas of your life you are happy with. What events, situations or people led you in this direction? Become aware of when you tend to allow your logical mind to guide you in your choices or when you are more inspired by your authentic interests or intuition. While our logical mind certainly helps in choosing right from wrong, using our unique talents and skills allow us to be most successful and happy in life. What supports, encourages and motivates you to stay on your current path? Is it trust, faith and belief in yourself, or is it persistence and patience? Imagine bringing these qualities to all the areas of your life and all the decisions you make. Would your direction change? Take time to celebrate your achievements from this past year.
  • Reflect over the areas of your life you are not content with. What events, situations or people led you in this direction? Become aware of how negative self-chatter or limiting beliefs may have played a role. Perhaps you allowed other people’s opinions and beliefs to overshadow your own true values. Choose to learn from these situations and gently remind yourself that they are now in the past. You can move forward by focusing on new actions to take. Write down where you want to go. Choose new actions you would like to see yourself develop. What type of actions would allow you to feel self-empowerment and have more confidence and courage?
  • Reflect on your commitment to your path. You should stick to it—no matter what. How will you overcome obstacles? What self-care actions can you commit to when a crises arises or a challenging situation? What options do you have when someone challenges your beliefs or values? How can you commit to your personal values in all areas of your life—work and personal?

Honoring our values allows us to create goals that are meaningful and live a fulfilling life, and the new year is filled with an array of possibilities.

Read more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books.

Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.


Reflection and Clarity on Your Goals

December 18, 2010

When you have goals lined up this can help motivate you to make the best use of your time. Your goals should inspire you and make you smile. Your goals should align with your Authentic Core Values. You will find when you begin to integrate your Authentic Core Values into your life, achieving your goals energizes you even more, allows life more meaning and you will feel more fulfilled.

Take a moment to read through your  most recent list of goals and get in touch with the positive feelings you had when you first wrote these goals. Once you feel connected with your intentions reflect on some questions. Here are some questions and suggestions that will help you create action steps to help you achieve your goals while living your Authentic True Core Values. Before asking the questions, quiet your mind and be willing to allow your intuition to guide you to the right answer.

  • Name the Goal. Write your goal in present tense, as if you’ve already attained it. Listing your goals only in future tense, is allowing your sub-conscious mind to keep it in the future, because the truth is, you want this goal here and now.
  • What are the potential obstacles that could possibly get in the way of your progress towards your goal?
  • What has stopped you from achieving it so far? Were you not able to live out your Authentic True Core Values while trying to achieve this goal in the past?
  • What specific actions can you take to overcome these potential obstacles?
  • Specifically, what impact will achieving this goal have on your life? What benefits will you gain?
  • How will you be different when you accomplish this goal? How might your life be different when you accomplish this goal?
  • Is this a goal that you can believe will be a reality in your life? Are there certain costs you need to be aware of and are you willing to pay the price? Again, comparing your list of goals and your Authentic True Core Values will show you if you are in alignment or if something needs to be tweaked or totally changed.
  • You may already have the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. You might need more resources. List the resources you will need to achieve each of your goals. These resources could be any one or more of the following: time, energy, a particular network, friends, money, software of some sort. This is just to give you an idea. What other resources can you think of that you might need to achieve your goals? Go through each goal for this step.
  • Once you have listed all the resources you might need to complete your goal, it is time to set action steps to help you attain these resources. What action steps can you start taking to attain these resources? Let’s give these action steps to attaining these resources a time frame and if possible actual completion dates.
  • What one specific action would have the greatest impact on manifesting this goal into reality; what would bring it real into your life; what would bring it into fruition?
  • What feels most inspiring to do right now that will empower me to maintain focus and momentum?
  • What is the one Action Step I most need to begin today?

Next, you are ready to set a time frame for completing your goals. You now have the tools and resources you will need. You have created Action Steps for each goal. Let’s select completion dates for each goal. You will be setting specific dates for completing but in addition, I would like you to include this important action step as part of your plan for each goal. Each day I would like you to imagine you have already achieved this goal. How will you feel? Visualize how you can feel this way naturally, every day.

Once you’ve identified the steps and actions needed, begin to move forward with these plans. You already have authentic and unique skills. You have the ambition and creativity to expand your ideas in your own dramatic and authentic style. Your answers identify the most effective action to take in alignment with your Authentic Self and True Core Values. As you begin to integrate these questions, you may want to tweak or add your own or choose entirely different questions.

Creating your life to be in alignment with your Authentic True Core Values can enhance success, fulfillment and happiness in your life. Each day offers you opportunities to live your values through your choices and behaviors.

Reflecting on your values daily not only will allow you to hold yourself accountable, but will also allow you to feel calm, confident and sure, knowing that you are focusing on what is most important to you. You will experience that simple feeling with in you of love, peace and joy more often when you align your life goals with your Authentic True Core Values. It is yourself to whom you must first be true. Feel empowered in knowing you have a choice and the choice is yours – yours to choose what is right for you!

When you are successful you will feel yourself improving and prospering in connection with yourself and the World around you. Using a holistic approach to tracking your success helps you see how you are thriving in all areas of your life. You will have more energy instead of feeling as if your energy is being drained from you. There are more creative and authentic ways to measure your goal success than the standard numbers method or the “show me the money”.

Acknowledge your goal success based on various aspects such as your flexibility, creative and authentic expression, the number of vacation days you will take this year, the fact you prioritized attending all of your sons little league games this season. These are all examples of personal signs of success that light up your eyes, leave warmth in year heart, and a glow on your face. What actions steps can you take today, big or small, that will keep you moving toward seeing more of what you want in your life?

Through reading my book, Uber Empowerment and applying the tools and committing to your Uber Empowerment Lifestyle Plan, you can reach your goals and live your optimal life.

Are you having a challenging time this year knowing exactly which goals you would like to set for yourself? If you would like me to partner with you, as your personal Lifestyle Empoerment Coach, please contact me at 310-433-9749 or e-mail me directly Please leave two dates/times to contact you for our first, free intital consultation. Seeking a Lifestyle Empowerment Coach to work with you to reaffirm and clarify your goals for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days or longer can also be an option for additional support and encouragement.

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