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December 2016 Alignment

December 2, 2016


“Intuition is the language of the heart; the alignment of your personal truth. Always listen to the voice of your heart, this is your True Authentic Self” ~ Nancy

Ever notice how much more fulfilling life can be when you surround yourself with people who value love, truth and integrity? To recognizing when you are in alignment with your values and experiencing an authentic life, is to know when you are and when you are not living your life with integrity.

The meaning of integrity is personal and individual to each of us. Knowing what your definition is can be very helpful when you need guidance with major decisions and choices in life. Perhaps your definition of integrity might be to do what you promised or have said you would do. Ideally, when your actions match your words – When your life and actions align with your beliefs, words and behavior – this is when you will know you are living an authentic life with integrity. See people for who they really are, especially yourself.

You can be fully aware when you are in alignment with your authentic life and living with integrity, by noticing certain positive physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual sensations within yourself. Think back to a time when you had to make a major decision and you just knew you were making the right choice because you felt in alignment with living your authentic life. How did you feel physically? Emotionally? Intellectually? Spiritually? Here is an an example:

  • Physically: You seem to have a spring in your step. You smile easily. Often, you experience an inner knowing and there is no tightness, but a lighter feeling.
  • Emotionally: You feel uplifted, energized, peaceful, joyful, fulfilled and “in the flow”.
  • Intellectually: Things seem to make more sense, thoughts connect you to the right resources at the right time and you experience an inner joy.
  • Spiritually: A feeling of calmness, a heightened awareness. Being able to create effortlessly for a long time; creativity seems to flow through you from a higher source.

Alternatively, the opposite sensations, such as more negative sensations, can occur when you are not in alignment with living your life with integrity to your authentic values. You might notice the “red flag” inside of you that seems to act as a warning message when you may be out of alignment of your core values and the situation would not be for your highest good. The next time you are experiencing misalignment and a stressful internal conflict, take a minute to get in tune with yourself. Ask yourself what you are feeling, thinking, sensing on the following levels:

  • Physically: Is there a sense of tightness in stomach, shoulders or somewhere within the body that you are very aware of ? Perhaps you feel you might be sighing more often or not breathing as deeply.
  • Emotionally: You may be feeling frustrated, stressed, confused, disappointed and overwhelmed.
  • Intellectually: Lack of clarity, your thought process takes more energy, it is hard to focus, you are feeling bored.
  • Spiritually: Feels as if a big rock is in all of your chakras and a lack of flow, disconnected to Source. Feeling “stuck”.

Being aware of and knowing what the sensations are when you are in alignment or experiencing misalignment, is the key to the guidance that we seek when making decisions, choices and setting the right intentions. When we live a life based on our true core values and integrity, our hearts are more open and we can trust our intuition.

Something inspiring seems to happen when listening to the spirit and love within. Your heart has a way of guiding you in choosing what is right for you. When all your energies and focus are going in the same direction, life seems to flow a little better and amazing things can happen! Trust your intuition to show you the correct path, the right answers. When “yes” seems to equal your core values, this is always 100% and in alignment with living your authentic life with integrity.

Nothing is truly meaningful unless doing it authentically and with integrity. It is like living your life unconscious. Being conscious of who you are and your authentic preferences equals a better chance of living a fulfilling life based on your true core values and integrity.

This month and beyond, focus on living your life with integrity according to your authentic true core values and be in alignment so your actions match your intentions ~ Nancy

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November 2016 Gratefulness

November 2, 2016


November often marks the month of gratitude and thanksgiving. A feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness is a wonderful thing indeed. The importance of gratitude in our daily lives allows us to experience life at its best. The more grateful we are, the more we can experience living a life filled with a meaningful purpose and passion.

It is easy to express gratitude when things are going well, life is in balance and everything is going smoothly. However, sometimes we tend to take things for granted or perhaps we forget to say thank you or express our gratitude as often as we could be doing. Then, the unthinkable happens; an accident, crises or unexpected set back. Feeling grateful during the challenging times, is just as crucial as during the good times.

Feeling grateful during uncertain times can be difficult. But we can choose an attitude of gratitude to help us cope by reframing our perspective during a disaster or dealing with a challenge when the outcome is unpredictable. Did you know that grateful people are more stress resistant? There’s a number of studies showing that in the face of serious trauma, adversity, and suffering, if people have a grateful disposition, they’ll recover more quickly. I believe gratitude gives people a perspective from which they can interpret negative life events and help them guard against post-traumatic stress and lasting anxiety.

I’m not suggesting to ignore painful emotions or fear that may be present or even reliving the entire trauma, but instead, reframing a different perspective on the situation. Choosing gratitude provides a perspective from which we can view life along with the present situation and not be overwhelmed with the temporary circumstances. Perhaps asking questions such as:

  • What am I learning from this experience? What is the lesson or lessons I can take away from this crises?
  • Have my negative feelings about the experience limited or prevented my ability to feel gratitude in the time since it occurred?
  • Was there a certain element or awareness that the experience may have drew out of me? Perhaps you did not know you had this ability within you. Did it make you more resilient? Empowered?

Grateful people look at stressful events with a fresh perspective to gain insight. This is a choice that takes willpower, practice and something that can be learned by anyone.

When did you choose gratitude during a crises or challenging time in your life? What method did you use for reframing a fresh perspective to gain new insight and wisdom? Please feel free to share.

Wishing you much gratitude and wisdom ~ Nancy

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October 2016 Fulfillment

October 4, 2016


It is natural to sense that once we have accomplished certain milestones in life, we will finally be living a fulfilling life. Milestones such as marriage, parenthood, homeownership, retirement. But living a fulfilling life now is important as well. In fact, not all of the major “milestones”  may not be what you really want. Perhaps some of the milestones matter more to you than other accomplishments. Everyone will have their own personal major milestones.  The more we learn, grow and evolve into our unique, authentic self the more fulfillment we will experience in life and in our relationships.

Living a deeply meaningful life and what that means, is different for everyone. There is no specific formula for living a fulfilling life. Taking some time to find that which matters most to you, is your own personal discovery, a journey. When you have clarity on what it is you want, pursue those things that matter.

Here are some tips to experience a more fulfilling life:

Be Balanced.

Create balance in your life through the areas of spirituality, mind, body, relationship and work:

  • Spirituality – this is your life purpose/life meaning, values and principals.
  • Mind – absorb new knowledge or learn a new skill
  • Body – Keep your health in check, create a wellness plan.
  • Relationship – quality time with family, friends, significant other and colleagues.
  • Work – career/job and activities you are involved in

Be Present.

Be in the moment. Accept it. Learn to love it. We need to be present with our experiences if we are to find meaning in them. I am someone who does not like to rush through my tasks, workout/exercise regimen or a conversation. I appreciate quality over quantity. I value being in the present moment and feeling content, if not all of the time, then most of the time.

Be Intentional.

Intentionally choose to make each precious moment meaningful. Find the lesson or blessing in a challenging circumstance. Appreciate the days that flow with ease. Celebrate even the minor achievements.

Be Mindful.

Living mindfully, is to seek meaning and realize we need to learn how to really experience the moment and then go deeper into ourselves, and ask questions like:

  • What is important to me?
  • What makes me fulfilled?
  • What do I want to do in my life?

At the end of the day, we are all wanting to live a fulfilling life…a life that matters. A life that gives us purpose.

Wishing you true fulfillment in life ~ Nancy

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September 2016 Reflection

September 6, 2016


It’s that time of year, just after Labor Day with the last hurrah completed and late Summer, ever so subtly, begins to turn into Fall. Back to school for some, less crowds at the beaches and a certain feeling of calmness seems to linger in the air. There is a sense of change, planning and setting new intentions filled with optimism.  Time for some reflection.

How often to you carve out time for some self-reflection? Creating time for introspection in order to observe and examine your personal feelings, thoughts and intentions for deeper meaning and explanation can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Self-Reflection can be a valuable intention to include in your day, week or month. Some of us may find we need introspection more often perhaps 10-15 minutes daily and others may find a weekend get-away or a time out period over a weekend once a month provides, the needed amount of time to regain perspective on what is happening or what you would like to see happen in your life.

Integrating introspection consistently into your life can be more enlightening and revealing than you might expect:

  • Reflecting helps bring awareness on anything that is not currently working in your life and what might be the cause, such as negative habits, patterns or toxic situations. Ask yourself what can you delegate, compromise on or eliminate (if necessary and possible)? Are you limiting yourself or holding yourself back in some area and if so, how is this effecting your progress, emotions and perspective on life? Then, consider the various options and solutions available and which one(s) might be the best to start with and notice how any “stressors” soon begin to dissolve.
  • Time for introspection helps us create or fine tune a goal, dream or intention. Perhaps there is a mandatory course you need to take to complete a program or certification and it is causing added stress in your life. However, by not completing the course, you cannot receive the credentials necessary for your career plans. Our daily rounds and tasks have more meaning when we know what our overall goal or intention is and what experiences and situations we would like to have in our future. In times of delay or frustration reminding yourself what you would like to accomplish can help create more optimism and a positive vibe.
  • Reflection can help us gain perspective on our quality of life and our happiness. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people who can uplift you, learn from and enjoy time with? If not, then what steps can you take to ensure you are in contact more often with people who inspire you? Are there certain accomplishments you are most proud of and might like to create some new accomplishments? If so, consider taking the initiative more often in planning events or taking on a new project.
  • Finally, introspection can greatly improve the major life choices you are making. Reflecting on what is truly important to you, what you truly believe and knowing what is absolutely a wrong or right choice for you. Seeking advice from others can be helpful however, listening to your intuition (your gut instinct) and your conscious is what will help lead you toward your intentions and goals.

Never taking time out for some self-reflection and deep introspection, can cause us to become disconnected, frustrated and lose focus on the life we wish to live and we will often continue to block or limit ourselves to our full potential. To see different results, start making reflection a priority.What are you doing to make things better in your life?

~Wishing you deep Introspection and Reflection in September!

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August 2016 Abundance

August 2, 2016


Do you find you have a natural tendency to think “this isn’t enough”? Are you someone who is usually happy with thoughts of  “this is plenty,  I have more than enough”? Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough love in your life. Or maybe you feel you are not getting enough appreciation from friends and family. You may even feel you are not getting enough recognition at school, in your community or career. Maybe you feel you are not making enough money. Hopefully, you are not experiencing a lack in all of the fore mentioned! And if you are, it is time to shift your perspective on lack, to seeing all of the abundance in your daily life. The actions we take and our confidence in our own ability to create the intended result, are affected by where our focus is most of the time. Focus on abundance!

But it takes more than focus. It will take action and the right mindset to shift from a scarcity mentality. You will know if you are holding a scarcity mindset because the unnecessary feelings of fear, anxiety and desperation will be present. However, the abundance mindset will empower you with a feeling of optimism and confidence. Abundance mentality is knowing that there are always new chances, more opportunities and positive solutions.

Our environment responds to us through our thoughts on lack or thoughts of abundance. Here are a few tips on shifting from a scarcity mindset to the abundance mindset.

  • Be selective with the information you read or see and what you will allow into your mind. If necessary, take a media detox. Stop watching television commercials or even television in general. Cut back on social media consumption or if necessary, re-organize any negative media postings, blogs and people you are following; keep only positive personal development blogs and inspirational mentors postings.
  • Read success stories in books and magazines. Listen to personal development material.
  • Surrounds yourself with friends and family who have more of an abundance mindset and less of a lack mindset.
  • Start giving. Give more love. Give validation, appreciation and recognition. Give some money away. When you are giving something, the feelings of gratefulness, generosity  and appreciation will be present instead of deprivation or lack.
  • Creating win-win solutions. Instead of trying to win the argument or challenge, focus on creating a win-win for all involved. Ditch the competing energy to a collaborating vibe and create mutually beneficial relationships.

This month, set an intention to notice what you are already grateful for in your life. When you notice the positive, good things in your life (even the little things) and truly appreciate them, your life becomes fuller, richer and abundant. List three things each day that you are grateful for and notice how your mindset shifts from lack to a mindset of abundance.

Wishing you Abundance!

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July 2016 Daydreams

July 4, 2016


Generally, daydreaming is looked upon as a negative way to spend time or as being lazy. It looks like we are doing nothing but just sitting there and gazing off into space. However, there are definitely some upsides to daydreaming. It can be quite constructive and help increase creativity as well as productiveness. And for some of us, spending some time daydreaming before making a tough decision can help provide the courage and positive support needed to move forward. There are actually many, positive benefits for useful daydreaming:

  • Daydreaming is a little like meditating. It is providing a moment when you can let your mind go, take a break and let go of stress, worries and anxiety. Return feeling as if you were on a mini vacation – physically relaxed, mentally refreshed and spiritually rejuvenated.
  • Next time you find yourself facing a conflict or unpleasant situation you must deal with, try daydreaming or visualize how you would like the situation to be resolved. What outcome would you like to see? Most importantly, visualize how you will be feeling when the desired outcome transpires. This practice can greatly help to respond versus reacting.
  • Daydreaming can help with productivity. Try this. Next time you have a Saturday “to do list” such as laundry, clean house, get groceries, instead of diving right into your chores and errands, indulge with 15 to 20 minutes of daydreaming. What would it feel like to complete everything on your list by noon? Imagine how you will spend the rest of your day. Who would you like to see? Where would you like to go?
  • Feeling blocked? Lost your creative flow? Daydreaming can help with creativity. Try stepping back from the project, your work, writing and go for a long walk, get some fresh air or exercise. Sometimes the toughest problems can be solved when you stop focusing on it and allow your mind to purposefully wander. Moments of insight often pop in out of no where once we’ve stopped looking for solutions and answers. Allowing your mind to relax is key and get your body moving through exercise,  a walk or take a long scenic drive.

Summertime is the perfect time for daydreaming! Relaxing, napping at the beach on a sunny weekend  and enjoying the ocean breeze. This can be the perfect setting to allow your mind to wander and drift of positive thoughts, creative ideas and making your dreams a reality.

~Feel inspired to include productive, dedicated daydreaming to create successful solutions!

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June 2016 Soul

June 6, 2016


Do you ever find you crave some quite moments – All to yourself? Maybe it is some time in nature or simply quiet time you seek once a day, once a week or once a month. These moments can be when we experience the stillness in life. Many of us have so much going on in our day to day life, that we are having conversations in our head long after we’ve left the actual situation. It just doesn’t seem to ever stop. It is in the silence, the stillness, when we can feel our soul. Your soul is your inner wisdom. Spending time with your soul is necessary and how you can connect with who you truly are.

We can feel life experiences that are either positive or negative, deeply in our soul. If you’ve ever had that tightness or uneasy feeling about a situation or person, that is your soul nudging you. That warm, happy feeling that feels so right about something or someone, this is your soul. Your soul is your guide in life. When you feel something deeply within your soul, negative or positive, you are being guided either away from something that isn’t the best choice for you or more towards what your soul truly desires.

Do you trust your soul? Where will it lead you – if you let it? Does this mean stepping out of your comfort zone? How long will there be uncertainty? Will you experience doubt? The truth is, your soul could care less about absolute certainty. What your soul desires and cares most about is freedom. Free to be who you truly are and go after your dreams, your goals, your heart’s desire.

Ignoring your soul will only work for so long. Have you ever experienced increased anxiety, irritation or frustration when you brush away yet another nudge, thought or guidance? You may be receiving messages or signs in the form of an email, a billboard message, a television commercial, a conversation with a friend or hear a song on the radio while driving. Your soul will try and try through various ways to get your full attention.

It takes time to hear your soul and you won’t always recognize it. But with practice you can. You might find you are resonating with a particular author’s writings, blogs or books. Maybe you are having a consistent thought or idea that just won’t go away but comes to visit each day.

One key way to recognize if you are ignoring your soul, you make your decisions based on “I should” vs. what you truly want. Maybe you find you are working hard just to pay for the Porsche and fancy home and extravagant family trips and yet your soul is talking to you. Whispering to simplify, be less excessive and downsize. But the “I should” creeps in and tries to inform you that “you should” not give up the material things your family has for the more simple, quality life you want. You’ve chosen to major in accounting. Your family owns a CPA firm. You “should” help and continue to grow the business. But your soul wants to design, create homes and you really want to become an Architect.

You don’t have to loose touch with your soul and feel lost or out of touch with the meaning of your life. Carve time out to get to know your soul. The more you know your soul the more fulfillment you will experience in life.

~Wishing You a Soulfully Filled Summer!

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May 2016 Creativity

May 1, 2016


Do you think of yourself as creative? Everyone has their own personal definition of creativity. For some, creativity defines someone who is an author, painter, artist, musician or architect. And for others, being creative may fall into problem solving, innovation, discovery, origination.

Creativity brings fulfillment to life. Many of us do not consider ourselves a creative individual. Perhaps, we believe creativity is for the geniuses who have mastered some great and glamorous achievements. Just because we are not famous does not mean we are not creative. We all hold creativity. You can learn to recognize when creative spirit is trying to stir your soul!

There are many areas in your life where you can apply creativity. It can be as simple as trying a new recipe, creating a new exercise routine or spending some time in nature and taking photos of landscapes, sunrise or sunsets. Using creativity for problem solving or brainstorming can be beneficial with work and business.

In order to continue moving ahead in life, using our creativity helps us develop new ideas and insights. Using our creativity provides fulfillment in life. Here are some tips on how to tap into your creativity:

  • Be open to insights from your unconscious mind. You can recognize these  insights because they often are those moments when you are not thinking of anything particular. These moments often can happen when you are exercising, out in nature, in the shower and while sleeping, just to name a few. When this happens, take some action. Jot down a note, journal or do a quick internet search – Any action step that starts the process of bring this creation into fruition is key.
  • Recall a time when you were having a conversation with a friend, acquaintance or even a kind stranger and something they said, triggered the creative spirit in you. Take this situation as a message. A message from spirit, the universe or whatever your beliefs are but this IS creativity trying to speak with you.
  • Listening to music, meditating or being out in nature are great ways to reconnect with spirit and get your creative juices flowing. These type of activities can be very useful when you may find yourself feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Try removing yourself from the situation for awhile and focusing on something unrelated. This diversion will relieve your stress, rejuvenate your senses and give you the incentive to get back in the game.

By staying open and flexible to new ideas and possibilities and learning to trust your intuition, you will discover more creativity and fulfillment.

Wishing you many Creativity and Fulfilling Moments in May!                                                         ~ With Love, Nancy

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April 2016 Wellness: Spring Renewal

April 4, 2016

Wellness.jpgMany people find Spring is the perfect time to begin a new wellness program or review their current program and review what is working and what is not? What kind of things are you doing for wellness?

Although it is ideal to always have a wellness program in place, there is certainly something about Spring that beckons us to consider adding something new to our current regimen. Yet, some of us might find ourselves starting a completely, entirely new wellness program. Wherever you are at in this area, (and maybe you are not even on a program or maybe you are happy with your current wellness program) how about at least considering including something new?

There are many diets, exercise programs, meditation/stress management techniques available however, wellness is so much more than just what is at the surface (maintaining a balanced diet, exercising three times per week and finding 20 minutes to meditate each day). Below are some areas to consider including and create a complete, holistic wellness program and experience a more fulfilling life.

Physical/Medical Health – What does your current diet consist of? Do you enjoy the  exercise/workouts you do each week? Are you even making time for exercise? How do you currently manage the stressful situations in your life? Physical/medical health is a must if you want to enjoy a fulfilling life.

To get started, consider what changes or improvements you would like to see in your physical/medical health. What challenges or obstacles seem to be keeping you from achieving optimal physical/medical health?

What preventative healthcare steps do you currently make a priority? Are you getting regular check-ups? Chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and massage are just a few of the preventative action steps that can help in keeping you physically strong and medically healthy. Consider adding one or a few of these therapeutic treatments into your wellness regimen.

What addictions or unhealthy habits do you need to give up? These would include recreational drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and over eating.

Mental/Emotional Wellness – How do you cope with difficult situations? How do you balance your emotions? Taking inventory on your present situation and current circumstances, overall how is your mental/emotional wellbeing?

Which emotions do you seem to be dealing with most often and how well do you deal with these emotions? What changes or improvements would you like to see to your mental state?

Included in emotional wellness are the relationships we have in life or would like to create. The more aware we are, accepting of and able to deal with our feelings and the feelings of those around us can help create more positive relationships. It is important to have positive, healthy relationships as this allows us to feel supported in life. When we seem to lack emotional support this can leave us feeling drained and effect our happiness.

Reflecting on your current relationships are you happy? Are there areas you would like to improve? Do you feel weighed down by your relationships or your emotions? If so, what kind of improvements or changes could you make? Consider creating healthy boundaries.

Spiritual Wellness – Spiritual wellness can mean religion and/or personal faith for some and while this is all very personal as well as important to many people; try going even deeper and perceiving the meaning of life and your place in it.

Do you currently feel you can find meaning, hope and inner peace in your life through work, nature, family/friends, music, volunteer work or within the community?

How fulfilled do you currently feel in your life? Do you feel as if something is missing or that you lack a sense of purpose?

Personal Growth – Would you like to grow more intellectually in your life? Do you find you are intellectually stimulated in your life or do you feel bored? Personal growth needs to be included in your wellness plan as this completes a holistic wellness program.

Do you have sufficient creative outlets? Is there a new activity, hobby or area of study you would like to start, learn or improve in?

Perhaps you would like to work more on how you solve problems or learn to think more creatively.

Maybe you would like to be more productive in a certain area of your life. What would be the first step you could take so you could start to see progress?

Make time for yourself this Spring and reflect on what is working and what does not seem to be working in your life. Create some changes or improvements that allow you to life a more fulfilling, healthy life.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Spring ~ Nancy

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February 2016 Self-Love

February 2, 2016

self-love-healthy Often when we hear the words “self-love” an image of a person with a narcissistic personality might come to mind. However, the term Self-Love is all about self-empowerment and the belief you hold deep in your heart that you are a valuable and worthy person. Embracing self-love is having a positive view of yourself and are confident in yourself and your place in the world. Self-love is so important in living a quality life. It is important for your wellbeing and influences your image at work and how you manage challenges and obstacles in life. Starting today, make your sense of wellbeing one of your highest priorities. Including Healthy Habits into your daily life is a great way to indulge yourself with love ….. Self-Love.

From My Heart To Your Heart ~ Nancy

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