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January 2016 Acceptance

January 5, 2016



January is here. A New Year for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and ideas. And how about those resolutions? What if this year, instead of resolutions, choosing intentions? The word “resolution” is defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something, to be absolutely resolute.” How about instead, fully accepting ourselves, keep our focus on what we want to create in our life and not on what we don’t want to create? Try setting intentions for the New Year instead of resolutions. Setting intentions may help inspire you to naturally flow toward choices that are in alignment with your personal goals and achieve the progress and results you want. Change just doesn’t happen by judging or criticizing. Positive change happens by accepting those things we cannot change and growing each day to change those things we can. This does not mean a situation cannot improve, it means we are okay and just as lovable where we are and we are at the perfect starting place for making improvements. Practicing self-care is important in making lasting, transformational shifts and improvements in our lives.

Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Wishing you Acceptance, Love and Positive Progress with your intentions for 2016!

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December 2015 Empowerment & Action Lead To Success

December 1, 2015


Your personal progress will clarify where your energy and effort is needed in your life. When the focus in life is on YOUR values, preferences, vision, and your optimal potential, you will be a success. Arranging for Success is creating a solution. Ground your vision into reality. Remember, it takes action to be fully living your purpose. No action is just an observer and waiting. It takes just a single step to start the action. Feel your best and be your best; experience energy, clarity & focus when you include lifestyle coaching as part of your success plan!

Wishing you Empowerment, Action Steps & Success for December.

~ Nancy

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November 2015 Empower Yourself to Take Action

November 1, 2015


Do you have a dream or goal you long for but find excuses in setting a plan to actually move forward until life is more ideal? Success is seeing positive progress, not perfection … Keep going! Sometimes the inspiration is when we begin to take even the tiny steps to reach our goal and make our dream a reality. Feel empowered to choose how you would most like to positively improve your life and experience amazing transformation. Replace doubt and fear with trust and belief. Allow your courage to draw upon a time in your life when you experienced a specific feeling during a challenging time and you overcame the challenge – Remember that feeling for strength and faith. We can only think for so long; action is moving from thinking to doing … Get moving forward! Feel your best when you include LifeStyle Coaching into your day!

Wishing you Clarity, Action & Focused Intentions for November


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October 2015 Authentic True Core Values

October 1, 2015


October is here – a new month filled with new possibilities and a fresh start! When you have goals lined up this can help motivate you to make the best use of your time. Choose goals that will inspire you, make you smile and warm your heart. You will find when you begin to integrate your authentic true core values into your life, achieving your goals energizes you, fulfills you and leads to living a more meaningful life.  Would you like to begin exploring with some self-discovery questions? Send me an email I will help guide you with the right questions that will help you dig a bit deep within but will definitely help align you with your purpose. Want to discover even more empowering, inspirational progress in your life? Read more in my book Uber Empowerment

Wishing you Great Success in Prioritizing Your Authentic True Core Values

~ Nancy

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September 2015 Intentions For Self-Improvement

September 1, 2015


Being in optimal balance can help turn thoughts that are confusing into clarity. When we feel our best, we tend to think our best and do our best; so whatever intentions we make, we have a better chance at moving forward with a positive attitude and success! Commit to setting some intentions for self-improvement everyday. These are your personal intentions in the areas you would like to see self-improvement and progress in. What type of rituals can you create that help you maintain your focus and intentions during the day?

Wishing you Clarity, Action & Focused Intentions for September!


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June 2015 Sweetness of Summer

May 31, 2015

PrincessDiGarden Summer time provides the sweetest things. Don’t just let them go … Enjoy and explore! Allow the beautiful stillness deep within your soul to bring you peace, happiness and love. Notice how much happier you can be when keeping life simple. ~ Happy Summer!

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April 2, 2015

Spring is Here

Happy Spring! Change, Grow, Evolve! Allow all things to happen naturally, unfolding in their own time, instead of trying to force. Natural progression unfolds and is gentle with the soul. The reward is truth and a strength that will endure all. Are you ready to listen to what your heart is telling you and will you trust what you hear?

Sending my Blessings and Wishing You a Happy Spring!


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True Willingness

January 23, 2015

True willingness is all about YOU! It is a personal choice to make a change or improvement in your life:) I believe in you!

Trump Beach

Uber Empowerment

September 13, 2013

Be focused. Be empowered. True change happens when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values and let go of issues that hold us back.
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Go Ahead and Make Someone’s Day!

December 20, 2011

I was sipping my coffee at the Yellow Vase in Malaga Cove Plaza when I happened to overhear a conversation next to me. A woman told to her friend how she wanted to make a special dish and take it to a neighbor who was recovering from a lengthy illness. She was adamant about cooking this special dish that same day—otherwise it would get put off and may not happen.

Have you ever found yourself thinking of doing a kind act for someone and even going a little out of your way to offer a thoughtful gesture, yet you don’t? The thought was there—but that is as far as your good intention went.

Perhaps there may have been times in your life when you felt you missed the opportunity to show thoughtfulness to those people who deserved it. To avoid feeling any regret in the future, it can help to reflect on those past opportunities and become more conscious of how we can begin practicing thoughtfulness.

Simply doing something that is deeply meaningful to someone you care about can bring as much joy to you as it does to them. Here are some tips that will help in striving to be a little more thoughtful each day:

  • First, be kind and considerate to yourself. In what ways are you thoughtful toward yourself? Each day check in with your mind, body and soul; ask yourself what you need right now that would bring you contentment, joy and inner peace. Does your body need to take a break and move? Go for a walk. Could your mind use a little humor to help lighten up your mood? In what ways does your soul need nurturing today? Practicing self-care actions creates a happier and healthier you, and when you are healthy and happy, you have more energy to do thoughtful things for others.
  • Is it easy for you to consider others needs? Notice in which situations you seem to find yourself naturally expressing thoughtful actions with ease. Perhaps you are a whiz at inspiring and complimenting others through your encouraging words and supportive actions. Maybe you find it easy to recognize the positive gifts in others and offer a sincere compliment. Do you find you like to build connections through sharing tips about delicious restaurants or interesting books to read? Reflect on how these thoughtful gestures allows you to give to others as much as yourself.
  • What about those situations where you find it a challenge or difficult to do something thoughtful—what do you think is stopping you? What gets in the way? How would your life be better or different if you were to let go of what gets in the way or embrace the right action that would help you become more thoughtful? Perhaps you may not agree with someone’s way of doing things, but maybe if you put yourself in their shoes you would have more compassion and be able to offer a kind word. Letting go of any non-judgment doesn’t mean you are agreeing, but that you can offer compassion.

It is helpful to remember that the thoughtful gesture needs to be sincere—others can feel when our gesture is true, as it is often felt in the heart.

We all have experienced those people in our life who are kind, caring and considerate. Their thoughtfulness is felt because it is strong and intentional. When you make the effort to be thoughtful it is likely it will be met with a return act of thoughtfulness.

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