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Trust Your Choices

May 1, 2012

Recently, I found myself reflecting on a conversation I had with my hairdresser at Lush Sculpting Lounge in Redondo Beach. As we spoke, a couple of questions came up.

How many times have you been thankful for that small voice that guides your life? Do you remember a time in your life when you made a choice, and you trusted yourself so much that you put all of your focus and energy behind your choice.

Listening to that inner voice and moving forward in spite of any fear takes courage. It can help to remind yourself that you do have a choice when asking, “Is this an act of faith or an act of fear I am taking?”

Too often, we tend to overthink things; your intuition can allow you to feel what is right for you. Faith can be empowering when we release the need to know the details of when, where and how.

Your inner wisdom is always with you; the biggest challenge can be to pause and listen to it, trust it and honor it. We already know so much of what we really need to do when considering which decisions to make in life. It can be very intuitive. We just need to listen! Intuition is your soul talking to you—that nudge you feel somewhere inside your body, the nagging thought in your head, that soft whisper of wisdom that is trying to get your attention to follow the right choice that is for your highest good.

How can you tap into your inner wisdom? Sometimes spending time in nature will do the trick. I find walking by the ocean or spending some time in silence helps me become more aware of the right answers I am seeking when trying to make a choice or solve a problem.

Here are some tips I’ve shared with clients when they’re pondering choices in life:

  • When faced with a problem, focus on how you would like to feel when the problem is solved or when you’ve reached your goal. This can help you discover clues, messages and signs pointing toward the right solution and correct path to take.
  • Sometimes a situation may seem to be going in a different direction than you thought it would. Allow this to inspire you to be open to possibilities, to embrace change and to trust your choice.

Even when we’ve listened to our intuition and have taken action, sometimes we will experience certain roadblocks along the way. Instead of becoming discouraged, allow the roadblocks to provide feedback—observe, keep going and view the stalls and bumps as tools for your growth. Viewing any obstacles on your path as personal growth opportunities and choosing to keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome will allow your faith in yourself to grow. Difficulties and challenges allow us the opportunity to experience courage. You can find your courage within yourself, by relying on your inner strength and guidance.

It can be enlightening and encouraging when you remember to focus on what is right about the choices you’ve made instead of what is wrong. It is easy to associate success with all the right choices we’ve made throughout life—and it’s just as easy to associate failure with the wrong choices. Nevertheless, never is there a “wrong choice” to be made; it’s just another valuable life lesson to reflect on. So, you made a choice and the situation did not turn out as you had hoped it would. Allow this to provide you with valuable feedback, showing you what you can learn from this experience and how you might use a new approach next time.

Always keep in mind that if a choice you’ve made for yourself isn’t producing results soon enough, it doesn’t mean you should give up. This is time to show yourself that the outcome will always be for your highest good. Trust that the right answers will be there as needed.

You have your own answers within you. The right answers are always there for you. Take time to go within and hear those answers. Have the courage to follow the right answers and imagine how empowered you will feel when you’ve reached your goal or solved your problem.

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Choose To Live YOUR Optimal Life

March 26, 2012

 It can be easy to get trapped into the “should’s” society and the media can put upon us which can lead to living with the results of other people’s thinking. Everyone has their own opinions, don’t allow their opinions to smother your own beliefs, values and most of all that inner voice, your intuition. Your intuition is what keeps you aligned on your true path and by following your true path you will find your life purpose. Once you have found your life purpose begin to live it with passion. This will take a huge amount of courage to follow your passion, your hearts true desires.

Your heart and your intuition somehow already know what you truly want to become. It just requires that you can be silent and listen. This will empower you to always be true to yourself and keep following your dreams. Remember to keep passion and faith as your guide and never stop believing in yourself. Stay inspired by choosing lifestyle choices that fully support you to become your best self. Take great care in your Whole Self through healthy lifestyle choices in nutrition, creative movement each day, quiet time/solitude and most of all enjoying your work. When we take the best care of our whole self we feel our best self. This empowers us to follow our intuition and live our life purpose with passion. It is time to discover and become your optimal self!

 What are the consequences of when we do not live our life purpose? Often that is when we are feeling frustrated and that day to day life is a major struggle. What are the signs and messages that are trying so hard to get our attention and tell us we are not on our life path? Situations such as the break-up of a relationship that was toxic anyway? Or maybe getting fired from a stressful or frustrating job. Or maybe a physical ailment keeps showing up such as headaches and this could be your body’s way of trying to tell you that you are not in the right situation, you are not living your life purpose. We all have an inner knowing of when we are not in alignment with our true self and we all have been blessed with a strong inner knowing of when we are in alignment with our true self. We feel this rightness with the World when we seem to be “in the flow of life”. Many times this can happen when being fully present with the task at hand or caught up in the present moment. Or feeling uplifted after helping someone who was dealing with what appeared to be a crisis. This feeling of being in the flow of life should be present in our careers as well, showing us confirmation that we are on our true path and living our life purpose.

Our time here on Earth is short and fast. You are here for a reason. Find that purpose and live it with passion. Believe in yourself and the world will, too.

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