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New Year Brings New Opportunities

February 1, 2012

Taking advantage of new opportunities—whether it’s a new job, new project or something else—helps us grow in life.

I was eating lunch at Creme de la Crepe in Riviera Village when I overheard a conversation between a couple. They were wondering whether should move forward with an opportunity. Was the timing right? How would they know if they are making the right choice? Were they only excited because this was a new opportunity for the new year?

There something refreshing about a brand new year and the exciting opportunities it brings! Do you act on opportunities? Life often tosses us opportunities with a window of time to act—or not.

Nobody ever feels 100 percent ready when an opportunity arises. Because most great opportunities in life force us to grow beyond our comfort zones, we won’t feel totally comfortable at first.

Do you see yourself as too cautious, someone who only does what he or she has always done to stay within a comfort zone? By not taking chances, we miss the opportunity to accomplish all the amazing things we are really are capable of.

Here are some tips to help you recognize and seize opportunities:

  • Stop trying to be a perfectionist or waiting for the perfect time. Waiting for the perfect time or trying to become a perfectionist for anything new often masks procrastination. If you find yourself saying, “I’ll start the project one of these days,” you are procrastinating. Instead, set a date for each action stop along the way. Perhaps you need to learn some new skills for this opportunity; deciding on dates and action plans creates a road map to the point where you’ve achieved what you want. The key is to keep the momentum strong when the idea or opportunity first presents itself. Creating small steps along the way will keep the goal in sight.
  • Sometimes you need to learn to become more assertive in order to seize the opportunities life tosses your way. If you don’t try, you are guaranteed not achieve what you want. It is necessary to take risks when seizing opportunities. Remember, you do not need other people’s approval when a goal or opportunity has deep meaning for you.
  • Having a clear picture of what you want and knowing your values in life well help you recognize when an opportunity presents itself. This helps you know which opportunities to take and which ones to leave alone. Ask yourself, does this bring me closer or take me farther away from my ultimate goal? What are the costs involved? How will this help me benefit and in what ways will I grow?
  • It is easy to be fearful of trying something new or taking on a new adventure without knowing what obstacles may come up along the way or the eventual outcome. Making mistakes is part of learning what does and doesn’t work. No matter how bad the mistake may have been, feel positive about yourself because you took a chance.
  • Nothing seems to hold us back more than our negative thoughts. It can help to remember that our negative thoughts are not facts—they are just thoughts. Assumptions can create negative thoughts. Worrying is a complete waste of time and energy because most of the negative thoughts or assumptions we make never happen anyway.

Take a look around for opportunities—even small ones. You never know where they may lead you. Read Uber Empowerment books.

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