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Choose To Live YOUR Optimal Life

March 26, 2012

 It can be easy to get trapped into the “should’s” society and the media can put upon us which can lead to living with the results of other people’s thinking. Everyone has their own opinions, don’t allow their opinions to smother your own beliefs, values and most of all that inner voice, your intuition. Your intuition is what keeps you aligned on your true path and by following your true path you will find your life purpose. Once you have found your life purpose begin to live it with passion. This will take a huge amount of courage to follow your passion, your hearts true desires.

Your heart and your intuition somehow already know what you truly want to become. It just requires that you can be silent and listen. This will empower you to always be true to yourself and keep following your dreams. Remember to keep passion and faith as your guide and never stop believing in yourself. Stay inspired by choosing lifestyle choices that fully support you to become your best self. Take great care in your Whole Self through healthy lifestyle choices in nutrition, creative movement each day, quiet time/solitude and most of all enjoying your work. When we take the best care of our whole self we feel our best self. This empowers us to follow our intuition and live our life purpose with passion. It is time to discover and become your optimal self!

 What are the consequences of when we do not live our life purpose? Often that is when we are feeling frustrated and that day to day life is a major struggle. What are the signs and messages that are trying so hard to get our attention and tell us we are not on our life path? Situations such as the break-up of a relationship that was toxic anyway? Or maybe getting fired from a stressful or frustrating job. Or maybe a physical ailment keeps showing up such as headaches and this could be your body’s way of trying to tell you that you are not in the right situation, you are not living your life purpose. We all have an inner knowing of when we are not in alignment with our true self and we all have been blessed with a strong inner knowing of when we are in alignment with our true self. We feel this rightness with the World when we seem to be “in the flow of life”. Many times this can happen when being fully present with the task at hand or caught up in the present moment. Or feeling uplifted after helping someone who was dealing with what appeared to be a crisis. This feeling of being in the flow of life should be present in our careers as well, showing us confirmation that we are on our true path and living our life purpose.

Our time here on Earth is short and fast. You are here for a reason. Find that purpose and live it with passion. Believe in yourself and the world will, too.

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