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A Crises Offers Us Opportunity to Practice Patience

January 5, 2012

One of the best ways to learn to practice patience can be found in taking regular yoga classes. Many Yoga Instructors will teach students how they can remain patient with themselves when first learning the yoga poses. Practice and detachment can be used in yoga classes just as they can be used in other areas of life. For example, a computer crashing can feel like a major crises. A crises that causes someone to want to panic. Especially with deadlines to meet, meetings via SKYPE and e-mails to answer from clients. Fortunately, there are computer repair services to come to your rescue. A crises can happen at anytime. It can be very difficult to practice patience during a crises when we really feel like panicking. A crises feels like a very intense time of difficulty or trouble. It can be a time when an important or difficult decision must be made perhaps even in a very short amount of time. How can we practice patience during a crises? Here are some helpful tips to practice patience instead of panicking: Remember one of the biggest benefits when you practice patience includes making better decisions and this will increase your peace of mind. Patience helps us manage stress and anger which will keep your blood pressure under control for a healthier you. Practicing patience requires self-discipline and patience can soon become your natural instinct. Acting impatient is a natural instinct but patience can be too. Patience helps us have a healthy perspective on the situation and approach it with a state of calmness. Patience isn’t easy, it does require practice; with practice patience can become one of your best qualities. Lastly, when we take the best care of ourselves through eating a healthy and nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise, we tend to feel our best physically, think with more clarity and be more patient. When we practice patience this allows us to approach the obstacles in life with courage, a quiet inner strength and a sense of empowerment. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in life and take on too much. Know that it is okay to ask for assistance and to reach out to family, friends, a lifestyle coach or even a therapist. Read more Inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.   Image

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