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November 2015 Empower Yourself to Take Action

November 1, 2015


Do you have a dream or goal you long for but find excuses in setting a plan to actually move forward until life is more ideal? Success is seeing positive progress, not perfection … Keep going! Sometimes the inspiration is when we begin to take even the tiny steps to reach our goal and make our dream a reality. Feel empowered to choose how you would most like to positively improve your life and experience amazing transformation. Replace doubt and fear with trust and belief. Allow your courage to draw upon a time in your life when you experienced a specific feeling during a challenging time and you overcame the challenge – Remember that feeling for strength and faith. We can only think for so long; action is moving from thinking to doing … Get moving forward! Feel your best when you include LifeStyle Coaching into your day!

Wishing you Clarity, Action & Focused Intentions for November


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New Year Is Time To Review and Reflect

January 15, 2012

Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to reflect upon what happened last year and look forward to the future.

The new year is here. It’s time to reflect back on events, situations and challenges of the past year while anticipating the new year ahead. We may find ourselves thinking, “If only” or “I wish I would have made a different decision.”

On the other hand, perhaps we are content with all of the choices you made and goals you achieved in the previous year. If so, great! Hopefully, we made time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments.

When reviewing the previous year and planning the new year, look at the direction your life is taking. How are you doing? Where are you at in life?

Reviewing and reflecting on how we are currently making our choices in life can often influence what goals we are setting for ourselves. When we know our values and beliefs and commit to those, we will find the choices we make are less of a struggle. We will enjoy living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

You can feel more prepared for the new year by making either some small tweaks or more major shifts with your decision approaches and goal setting.

So, grab your journal or laptop and let’s begin to plan. Be sure to allow yourself a time when you won’t be disturbed. I find it can be helpful to get out in nature. Try heading to a local outdoor spot likeAlta Vista Park in Redondo Beach or Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes overlooking the ocean; this will provide a peaceful surrounding. Here are a few effective tips to get you started:

  • Reflect over the areas of your life you are happy with. What events, situations or people led you in this direction? Become aware of when you tend to allow your logical mind to guide you in your choices or when you are more inspired by your authentic interests or intuition. While our logical mind certainly helps in choosing right from wrong, using our unique talents and skills allow us to be most successful and happy in life. What supports, encourages and motivates you to stay on your current path? Is it trust, faith and belief in yourself, or is it persistence and patience? Imagine bringing these qualities to all the areas of your life and all the decisions you make. Would your direction change? Take time to celebrate your achievements from this past year.
  • Reflect over the areas of your life you are not content with. What events, situations or people led you in this direction? Become aware of how negative self-chatter or limiting beliefs may have played a role. Perhaps you allowed other people’s opinions and beliefs to overshadow your own true values. Choose to learn from these situations and gently remind yourself that they are now in the past. You can move forward by focusing on new actions to take. Write down where you want to go. Choose new actions you would like to see yourself develop. What type of actions would allow you to feel self-empowerment and have more confidence and courage?
  • Reflect on your commitment to your path. You should stick to it—no matter what. How will you overcome obstacles? What self-care actions can you commit to when a crises arises or a challenging situation? What options do you have when someone challenges your beliefs or values? How can you commit to your personal values in all areas of your life—work and personal?

Honoring our values allows us to create goals that are meaningful and live a fulfilling life, and the new year is filled with an array of possibilities.

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Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.


A Crises Offers Us Opportunity to Practice Patience

January 5, 2012

One of the best ways to learn to practice patience can be found in taking regular yoga classes. Many Yoga Instructors will teach students how they can remain patient with themselves when first learning the yoga poses. Practice and detachment can be used in yoga classes just as they can be used in other areas of life. For example, a computer crashing can feel like a major crises. A crises that causes someone to want to panic. Especially with deadlines to meet, meetings via SKYPE and e-mails to answer from clients. Fortunately, there are computer repair services to come to your rescue. A crises can happen at anytime. It can be very difficult to practice patience during a crises when we really feel like panicking. A crises feels like a very intense time of difficulty or trouble. It can be a time when an important or difficult decision must be made perhaps even in a very short amount of time. How can we practice patience during a crises? Here are some helpful tips to practice patience instead of panicking: Remember one of the biggest benefits when you practice patience includes making better decisions and this will increase your peace of mind. Patience helps us manage stress and anger which will keep your blood pressure under control for a healthier you. Practicing patience requires self-discipline and patience can soon become your natural instinct. Acting impatient is a natural instinct but patience can be too. Patience helps us have a healthy perspective on the situation and approach it with a state of calmness. Patience isn’t easy, it does require practice; with practice patience can become one of your best qualities. Lastly, when we take the best care of ourselves through eating a healthy and nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise, we tend to feel our best physically, think with more clarity and be more patient. When we practice patience this allows us to approach the obstacles in life with courage, a quiet inner strength and a sense of empowerment. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in life and take on too much. Know that it is okay to ask for assistance and to reach out to family, friends, a lifestyle coach or even a therapist. Read more Inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.   Image

Go Ahead and Make Someone’s Day!

December 20, 2011

I was sipping my coffee at the Yellow Vase in Malaga Cove Plaza when I happened to overhear a conversation next to me. A woman told to her friend how she wanted to make a special dish and take it to a neighbor who was recovering from a lengthy illness. She was adamant about cooking this special dish that same day—otherwise it would get put off and may not happen.

Have you ever found yourself thinking of doing a kind act for someone and even going a little out of your way to offer a thoughtful gesture, yet you don’t? The thought was there—but that is as far as your good intention went.

Perhaps there may have been times in your life when you felt you missed the opportunity to show thoughtfulness to those people who deserved it. To avoid feeling any regret in the future, it can help to reflect on those past opportunities and become more conscious of how we can begin practicing thoughtfulness.

Simply doing something that is deeply meaningful to someone you care about can bring as much joy to you as it does to them. Here are some tips that will help in striving to be a little more thoughtful each day:

  • First, be kind and considerate to yourself. In what ways are you thoughtful toward yourself? Each day check in with your mind, body and soul; ask yourself what you need right now that would bring you contentment, joy and inner peace. Does your body need to take a break and move? Go for a walk. Could your mind use a little humor to help lighten up your mood? In what ways does your soul need nurturing today? Practicing self-care actions creates a happier and healthier you, and when you are healthy and happy, you have more energy to do thoughtful things for others.
  • Is it easy for you to consider others needs? Notice in which situations you seem to find yourself naturally expressing thoughtful actions with ease. Perhaps you are a whiz at inspiring and complimenting others through your encouraging words and supportive actions. Maybe you find it easy to recognize the positive gifts in others and offer a sincere compliment. Do you find you like to build connections through sharing tips about delicious restaurants or interesting books to read? Reflect on how these thoughtful gestures allows you to give to others as much as yourself.
  • What about those situations where you find it a challenge or difficult to do something thoughtful—what do you think is stopping you? What gets in the way? How would your life be better or different if you were to let go of what gets in the way or embrace the right action that would help you become more thoughtful? Perhaps you may not agree with someone’s way of doing things, but maybe if you put yourself in their shoes you would have more compassion and be able to offer a kind word. Letting go of any non-judgment doesn’t mean you are agreeing, but that you can offer compassion.

It is helpful to remember that the thoughtful gesture needs to be sincere—others can feel when our gesture is true, as it is often felt in the heart.

We all have experienced those people in our life who are kind, caring and considerate. Their thoughtfulness is felt because it is strong and intentional. When you make the effort to be thoughtful it is likely it will be met with a return act of thoughtfulness.

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Recognize then Replace Negative Patterns

November 29, 2011

A friend called me as she was leaving Spectrum Club in Palos Verdes the other day to tell me what an amazing workout she just had. She said she was happy to be back into her exercise routine after recovering from an injury.

Quick check-in—have you ever noticed how your emotions reflect your actions?

When we are feeling fulfilled in life, our emotions and actions are in alignment—we are living our values. At times, however, certain situations in life will cause our priorities to shift. This is OK for a period of time. Then, it is time to get back on track so we actually feel in alignment with our values and are living them as often as possible.

My friend, for example, had made exercising a priority until she was sidelined by an injury. Getting back into her routine brought her back in alignment with her values, and thus made her happy.

Our values form the foundation for all that we do, think, believe and accomplish. Our values dictate our actions whether we are aware of it or not. Our values—such as spending time with family, getting enough exercise and creating time to learn something new—are what make up our unique self. Our emotional wellbeing always reveals whether we are actually living these values.

During difficult situations and the time that follows, sometimes the way we deal with things fall into a pattern. Depending on the pattern, sometimes our priorities become distorted, preventing us from feeling fulfilled in life.

Whether you are dealing with a difficult situation or a transition in life, here are three quick steps to clear out any patterns that may be blocking you from seeing the results you would like in your life:

Review. You can become aware of any patterns that are holding you back by taking some time to review a few areas in your life. Have you found yourself in a pattern of always choosing security over happiness? For example, sometimes we get too comfortable where we are, and we tend to choose security over happiness. This may be present in our careers, relationships and goals.

Perhaps you can sense a pattern in a few areas in your life where you’ve remained stagnant because you are comfortable. Yes, it is important to have a job—especially these days—but ask yourself if your values are real and meaningful to you. You will find satisfaction in a job that is associated with the degree to which your personal values match those of your coworkers. Both people and organizations have values, and they need to be shared values.

Maybe you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for years because it is familiar and safe, and you’ve avoided setting any new goals for yourself. You have fallen into a comfortable routine that has become monotonous, and you are no longer seeing beneficial results in your workouts. You’ve noticed your motivation for exercising is beginning to wane.

Release. Once you are aware of the areas in your life where you are holding back, take some time to let go of what is blocking you from living your values. This may involve going deep and having the courage to really look at your life. Is your career in alignment with your own values?  How about your closest relationships? Research has shown that we tend to find meaning, fulfillment and success when we are supported in our relationships, groups and organizations that share our values.

Perhaps you may need to look at how you view yourself in your life and release the need to be a perfectionist. Are your workout goals unrealistic and causing you to over exercise, leaving little time for friends? Are you working overtime, struggling to make every assignment perfect? Could it be possible that trying to be perfect at everything in life is stopping you from being balanced in your time with friends and family? Maybe you have fallen into the pattern of trying to please everyone and win approval, sacrificing your own happiness. Releasing a pattern that isn’t effective is key.

Replace. Reflecting on what will replace your old, worn out pattern is necessary to determine the results you would like to see in your life. Recognizing and changing your pattern can be a long process, depending on the pattern and how badly you wish to make a change. Be patient with yourself. Slowly let go of the old pattern as you adjust to your new one. Soon the old pattern will dissolve, and you will begin to see more results with your new behavior.

A client of mine mentioned how she feels she is in a vicious cycle of feeling negative about herself because she exercises hard, but her diet keeps slipping—badly. Sadly, she doesn’t see consistent results in her efforts and becomes frustrated. She was aware that she had emotional eating patterns and wanted to release the negative cycle and replace it with a self-nurturing activity. She made a list of self-care acts to choose from whenever the urge to fall back into her vicious cycle of overeating and over-exercising returned. Instead of giving in, my client would choose instead to indulge in a good book or take a walk on the Esplanade.

Life has difficult situations that will challenge our priorities. Sometimes this can feel uncomfortable because all of a sudden some of our values may appear to be shifting. Instead of worrying, we just need to take some time to review what is really important to us. When our values are clear to us, better patterns can be formed.

What type of ways have you found to effectively replace negative patterns in your life? Feel free to share.

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