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December 2015 Empowerment & Action Lead To Success

December 1, 2015


Your personal progress will clarify where your energy and effort is needed in your life. When the focus in life is on YOUR values, preferences, vision, and your optimal potential, you will be a success. Arranging for Success is creating a solution. Ground your vision into reality. Remember, it takes action to be fully living your purpose. No action is just an observer and waiting. It takes just a single step to start the action. Feel your best and be your best; experience energy, clarity & focus when you include lifestyle coaching as part of your success plan!

Wishing you Empowerment, Action Steps & Success for December.

~ Nancy

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Speak Your Language of Success

May 16, 2011

As I sat in the Redondo Beach Public Library last week, I pondered the word “success.” There are so many books on how to gain success, be it through material goods, career, leadership, honors or social status. Success can be reflected through being a parent or in having fulfilling and enriching relationships. As I thought about it, I realized how many different perspectives there are of success.

Your definition of success is uniquely yours. Have you ever thought your time here on Earth is limited? It is, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t get trapped into the “shoulds” that society and the media can put upon us, leading to living with the results of other people’s thinking. Everyone has his own opinion; don’t allow others’ opinions to smother your own beliefs, values and most of all, your view of success. Your unique values and beliefs on success are what keep you aligned on your true path, and by following your true path, you will live a more fulfilling life.

Take a few minutes to reflect on and answer the following questions regarding success:

  • When in your life have you felt success?
  • Which of your accomplishments stand out the most to you? What were you feeling when you achieved that goal?
  • What has been your most challenging life lesson so far?

Now, take a look at your answers. Do you notice any similar emotions, feelings or thoughts you felt about success during these achievements? What is your language of success? Ask yourself what success means to you.

It is important to keep in mind that you want to focus on the experiences that you want to achieve for yourself—not an idea that someone else might value or a goal that was forced on you. True, authentic success is when you fulfill your goal and your values.

Keep focusing on what energizes and fulfills you. This usually means focusing on your natural gifts and strengths in addition to your goals. Continue to feel empowered to live your life through your own unique language of success.

When we hold ourselves in high regard and focus on who we’ve become—not only on what we have accomplished—we find true success. Success can also be achieved in knowing that the more you help and inspire others, the more you help and inspire yourself. To your own life, be you. Be true to yourself and see what might happen.

What is your language of success?

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Holistic Approach to Physical Illness

January 13, 2011

Even when we take the best care of our selves sometimes illness still gets us. It could be a stomach bug, head flu, chest cold, Uber Self is not feeling 100% and definitely not performing at Uber Self level. Now what? Have you ever tried to fight off sickness? Just go about your normal run or workout anyway, your normal day, your job, tend to the kids and sometimes this actually works, especially if the only symptom is a minor cold.

Now I am not suggesting you try this next time you have the common cold or any other illness. I have tried to do this. I have learned that during periods of illness, it is a time to learn, grow, renew and heal. And reflect on which area of your life may be out of balance – is there an issue or choice you need to be totally still and listen for the answer? Why did this illness come upon you? Did you feel symptoms of illness weeks or days before? Or did these symptoms seem to attack you out of no where? It is easy to get caught up in life and become unaware of the thoughts we send out to the universe and thoughts we have maybe we’ve been a bit unaware we are saying. For example, “I wish I could have more time for reading, gardening, home improvement projects, etc”. Or maybe you’ve said “I wish I had nothing to do”. Well, now you got what your thoughts created! That is why you are now here, feeling blah, can’t go to work now and worse, you can’t even go workout or run because you feel so terribly sick. Here is your time you requested to do whatever you had thought about. Does any of this sound slightly familiar? I am sure we all can relate to these thoughts because we all have felt overwhelmed and overworked in life at times. It is important not to be too critical or too judgmental on your self right now and focus on more motivational techniques to help you feel your Uber best and think your Uber best!

A more positive way would be to rephrase your thoughts such as, you would like to have more time to garden or undertake some home improvement projects. For example, you could say to yourself, “I love my life and everything I do each day, from my work, to time with friends and family, to my workouts and I would love to include a half day on Saturday this week for home improvement. I wonder what the best solution would be for me to allow some time for this in my schedule. How can I balance my time to allow all the things I would like to do?” This is a much more positive approach and will bring clarity to you. Once you’ve asked yourself this it is time to be patient and be open to the right message or right answer to be shown to you.  A wonderful way to begin thinking more positive is through listening to positive affirmations.  I love listening to the brain wave technology Positive Thinking. This has helped me become more aware of my thoughts and begin to use positive affirmations.

Another reason you may have become ill is you may want more sleep! Your body needs rest. I think this is one area many of us would admit to. Listen to your body and if sleep is needed, go to bed an hour early or even half an hour early the next few evenings. Sleep is truly the best medicine you can nourish your mind, body and soul with. Always give in to a quick shut-eye 20 minute nap or turning in a half hour early on certain evenings or sleeping in a half hour on some mornings. This can be your body’s method of helping you fight off a flu, cold or assisting you in building your immune health, stamina and endurance for a major event about to happen in your life with work, your personal life, or yet one more race. Listen to your mind, body and soul. It truly does know best. We just need to be still sometimes and slow down long enough to listen. If you have sleep issues,  one effective therapeutic remedy is to listen to soothing Delta frequencies for deep and restorative sleep. Deep Sleep is an audio you can listen to so your body and mind can achieve optimal performance.

And of course, over training can lead to illness. Over training is also stress on your immune system. We need to balance our workouts and our busy schedules in life.

Whatever the reason may be why you did get sick, this window of time can be used therapeutically and allow you to soon perform again at Uber Self Level.

Here are some Therapeutic Methods I have suggested to clients when they are sick:

  • Reflective Thoughts based on Symptoms of Illness – A good example of this would be a fever. A fever can be your body’s way of sweating out frustrations, anxiety, things that are “toxic” in your life and not working. This can be seen as a healthy way of dealing with the subconscious feelings. Allow your body to rest and recoup. This time can be a clearing out and cleaning process so you can gain strength to tackle whatever may come your way. A fever is not a bad symptom –this is a sign your body is trying to heal itself, physically and also on other levels by sweating out what is not good for you in your life. Think about it. Your body is smart. It knows what is good for it and will tell you so. Your body also knows what is not good for you and will tell you so. You can recognize the difference in the good and the bad –when something is good for your body, you feel an uplifting feeling, maybe even a warm feeling inside, a happy state of mind. When something is not going to be good for your body, usually a hesitant feeling will come over you or a confused state of mind, sometimes even a sharp gut warning to not partake in something. Sometimes this could be a thought or phrase “stop! You will be playing with fire” or “please don’t do this. You know how this will make you feel”.
  • Reach out to those who are supportive and positive influences in your life – Call a friend or family member, talking on the phone is good. This can lift your spirits. Just make sure to contact the right positive people!
  • Read positive e-mails/cards/letters –go back and read some of your positive e-mails or letters you may have received. I keep a special folder for these and you may already do this. If you don’t, I suggest you start to. The inspirational e-mails come in handy during times of illness. You can also keep these and re-send to friends and family who may need them when they are sick. Also, catching up on e-mails during this time to friends and family is a nice alternative to talking on the phone. This therapeutic approach can help lift your mood and help you to recover faster.
  • Rest & Recoup – Sometimes sleep is the best medicine when ill. Usually, it is for me. I know that sleep helps heal my body and helps me recover faster. And if sleep is what your body is telling you it needs, then sleep. Depending on your illness, if it is the full blown out flu along with a fever, then sleep is the best thing to do along with plenty of fluids. Deep Sleep is an audio that allows your mind and body to have restorative sleep.
  • Relaxing Techniques – Read a good book or re-read a favorite, watch a great movie or an old favorite movie, listen to some uplifting music or music that allows you to relax and actually fall asleep to. The right rhythm in the music can be very relaxing, meditative and soothing that opens up channels of positive thoughts and positive emotions which can lead to faster healing.
  • Rejuvenating Techniques – Sit in a sauna or take a warm bath and use some aroma therapy such as scented bubble bath (eucalyptus is very rejuvenating and healing). Visit an Acupuncturist or a Chiropractor this keeps the body in alignment and healthy blood flow.

“In times of injury or illness, allow this time to be a healing that will eventually take you to a higher level in your strength, knowledge, wisdom. Have faith that you will heal, listen and trust your body, allow yourself deep soul searching.” – Nancy Hovde

I do not claim to know all the answers on healing. I have come to know that a Power greater than me is responsible for my healing, the ability to heal is within and through out every cell of my body. I have found that for me, a positive attitude and patience has carried me through a faster recovery and that focusing on the learning process of what I can learn from this injury, has provided me with more inner-awareness and strength to approach my life with.

You can read more about living a balanced Uber Empowered Lifestyle in my book Uber Empowerment. Want to know more about me and my coaching services? 

-Wishing you a Healthy, Inspirational & Empowering Day,


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