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Fall 2018: Gratitude & Introspection for the Body, Mind & Soul

September 22, 2018

“Being Grateful allows more Inspiration & Wisdom into your Soul & more Abundance into your life.” ~ Nancy


Do you tend to notice late Summer turning into Autumn? You know, that subtle change in the air. There is so much to love about Fall – The cool, crisp early morning (and evening) temperatures are such a welcome after the sweltering Summer heat! And then there are things to crave, such as the pumpkin spice beverages and recipes. Fall brings us things to embrace, like wearing cozy, warm sweaters and boots. Maybe you can sense the energy change in the air (outdoors) as well as a change in mood (inside/within). Depending on how in-tune you are to your body/mind, you may or may not notice the subtle changes that are going on within, during this seasonal transition. Outside, the leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, days are shorter. Life outdoors begins to decline and we find ourselves turning inward, reconnecting with the body/mind/soul and all we’ve experienced this year. Harvest season has arrived.

Physical: The body needs Nurturing. Have you ever noticed that you tend to sleep more during Fall and even into Winter? The body often craves more sleep during the fall months. In a study from Harvard Medical School, results showed that most people sleep more in October – roughly 2.7 hours more per day – than any other month of the year. The study also found that it is the quality and deepness of your sleep that can suffer and that some people report feeling groggier during the day. This is because the shorter days (and depending on where you live, often more rainier days) and so your eyes are not exposed to as much bright sunlight as they were in Summertime. The technical term for sleeping too much is “hypersomnia”. Most of us are very familiar with insomnia. Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia. Basically, when ultraviolet light hits your retinas, a chemical reaction takes place in your brain that firms up your circadian sleep rhythms. This helps to be certain your sleep will be more soundly at night and you will feel energized during the day. Personally, I LOVE sleep! Quality sleep, deep restful sleep. I believe sleep is the BEST medicine when feeling illness, mentally blocked or on the verge of “burnt out” or from vigorous exercising and needing recovery. I always have been a strong advocate in giving your body what it needs. If you feel you need sleep, sleep. If you feel you need an afternoon shut-eye for 20 min, knowing that this reprieve will help you awake feeling more refreshed and able to focus even better, go for it!  That being said, it is best to have your vitamin D levels checked by your physician. See, the sun doesn’t just set or reset your sleep cycle, when the sun hits your skin, it also helps to fortify your Vitamin D levels. And in the Fall season (and even more so in Winter) the lack of sunlight could mean that your Vitamin D is getting depleted. And this can leave you feeling fatigued, research has shown this to be the case by a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Tip: Research shows it is always best to maintain a consistent sleep regimen and stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on weekends. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual. Exercising daily helps. Evaluate your bedroom and be sure it is as dark as possible as well as quite and comfortable temperature (between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit). And lastly, be sure to sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress and pillows. 

Mental: The Mind needs reflection time for Gratitude. Make some time to reflect on all you’ve created this year – your personal accomplishments and triumphs.  Read more about all the reasons to celebrate achievements.  Did you recently complete a course of study? Finish a major project? Write a book? Finally de-clutter your garage or closets?Maybe you landed a new job or got married. Whatever the accomplishment, big or small, bless it, honor it and celebrate the achievement. And for those days that may not have gone as planned, this time of season demands that we look inward, and find those little, simple things we feel deeply grateful for – Even when we might be going through a tough time or having a challenging day. Perhaps you’ve had a recent loss or major disappointment. Sometimes something may leave your world to clear the path and helps you to open your eyes and really discover (or rediscover) your intentions or purpose for this lifetime. Your grief, your loss, your disappointment, could be that you are meant to assist others who need to process their loss or disappointment so they can truly live a life filled with love, wellness and fulfillment. Read more about finding  reasons to be grateful, appreciative and giving thanks for the simple things, especially during trying situations – You might just be surprised to find that it really is the little, simplest things that bring true contentment, inner peace and more love within. Tip: Each morning or at the end of each day, list 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. On some days, it might be those amazing accomplishments or some miracle happened. Many days might consist of those little, simple things. Starting the day with gratitude is something I like to practice on a daily basis. I find it gets my day started with embracing a day with gratefulness. And there are evenings, as I am drifting off to sleep and recall the day and how grateful I am for something that happened that day. This can be done for what works best for you. Give each one a try. Maybe you will find you begin to practice both on a daily basis. 

Spirit: The Soul needs Introspection. I have always felt that the Fall Season, whispers something very deep. There is something internal and very personal happening that seems to take place during the Fall season. A necessary transition of sorts. This is a good time to contemplate what might need to change or “die off” within you in order to embrace newness, new life that will grow into next year’s harvests. During the Fall season, we are organizing, reflecting and preparing ourselves to be reborn with the new year ahead of us. This is a great time of turning inward and we can discover and explore ourselves and our dreams. Autumn can be a very ideal time for manifesting. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Perhaps you’ve experienced some life lessons. Accept any disappointments or failures as life lessons. Release judgment about them and realize how much you’ve learned and continue to grow through life emotionally, physically and spiritually. Look back, learn and move on. We can let go of outdated ideas, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us. We can use this time to process all that has happened to us – positive and negative experiences. Choose to keep what is most meaningful and let the rest fall away, like leaves falling from a tree. It is important to understand that all feelings we have are aspects of ourselves and we should honor those feelings. Emotions such as joy, sadness, wistful or wishful all make up the parts that create a human being. Feel whatever you are experiencing, this can strengthen and empower you into accepting and understanding life lessons and experiences. Embrace and allow the Fall season to pull you inward, reflect, process and prepare for another round of rebirth. Tip: September has always been a month that has felt to me like a time to set some new intentions. The norm is, that January, the first month of each year, is to have resolutions. This has some benefits but for myself, something about September as we move into the Fall season, I’ve felt a shift within of the letting go what’s not working and creating new intentions. Maybe this has something to do with when school starts each year – a new grade or course of study, a fresh start. So, take a look back to January, those resolutions you either thought about or actually moved forward with and now, in September, what is actually taking place? What’s working? What’s not? Reflect, refine and reset some new intentions by letting go of what’s not working and creating room for new manifestations. 

~Warmest blessings for a special Fall Season filled with gratitude!

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Spring 2018: Awakening the Body, Mind & Soul

March 25, 2018

GoalSettingThe beautiful Spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs

Springtime is here. There is a saying: “as outside, so inside”. Spring season offers a reason to clean out and create space for fresh possibilities and new commitments. It is a time to revive our senses and expand our horizons and begin again. Spring is a powerful period of renewal and rebirth. Many people embrace Springtime and will do some deep cleaning around the home. What if you were to consider a full Spring makeover on not only with your home but your body, mind and soul? Reflect on where you can clear out negative energy to inspire renewal in your daily life. Below are some tips to ponder and consider if there may be areas in your life that could use some Spring cleaning to sweep away any clutter or obstacles that are standing between you and your most vibrant self.

Physical: The Body Needs Spring Cleaning. How you feel can have a direct correlation to what you put into your body. Practice mindfulness and be aware of what you eat. Eating with mindfulness has many benefits such as more awareness of portion sizes. You start to notice and fully appreciate the flavor of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, which may help in realizing when you are full and feel satisfied, so you naturally avoid overeating. Some of us find Springtime is a great time to cleanse or detox, especially for the liver. A detoxification helps cleanse your body providing a boost in your physical and mental well being by physically, ridden your body from the chemically manufactured sugars and any other unhealthy foods that you may eat on a daily basis. You don’t have to commit to a strict diet but you should allow the detox to provide you with a new start. Eating healthy foods, on a regular basis, that are not processed will give you a newfound energy. Tip: If you are not currently eating organic produce and grass-fed meat, commit just 1 week of eating only organic produce. Become more aware of the taste, freshness and how your body feels after consuming and digesting clean, organic foods. You may want to continue this healthy choice long-term.

Exercise! Yes, get moving. Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they hear the word exercise – so just call it moving or creative movement. Strive to take a walk, yoga class or a bike ride on a regular basis. You’ll find that your willingness to be active will serve as motivation within every area of your life. Tip: Notice how you feel in various activities and stick with those that help you feel your best physically and mentally.

Springtime can be a renewal through emotional detoxing. This can involve releasing toxic relationships. Those people who drain you. Release them. This helps create more space to allow more supportive, loving people into your life. The relationships that nurture you tend to be more positive and supporting for your wellbeing. Embrace the relationships with people who uplift and inspire you. It is important to have  a circle of people who encourage you to follow your heart, believe in you and see your worth. Tip: Start to become aware of how you feel when you are with others. You will know when you are in the presence people who support you because you will feel energized instead of drained or depleted.

Mental: The Mind Needs Fresh Perspectives. Spring season beckons our minds to start fresh and embrace new perspectives, plant new seeds and try new methods. What’s calling you? What new idea or new approach sounds like it would be fun? What’s a new twist you could put on a situation that sounds inspiring or uplifting? Tip: Self-discovery questions often re-inspire your intentions or may reveal some new options.                          The mind loves to be inspired. Whether it be a devotional, inspirational quotes or a compelling novel – read! Incorporating inspirational content into your life will help reinforce the inner you and will provide you with confidence to face difficult times in life.  Browse through your social media apps, consider a Spring Clean and delete the negative news postings and those contacts you really don’t interact with. If deleting some of the contacts is not an option, even though most of their postings are negative news, you can select to “unfollow” or “hide” their posts/tweets and visit their page whenever you choose to. This will create more space for uplifting and inspiring content that can help create a feeling of motivation and fresh perspective in your day. Tip: Try to weave in moments of contentment or reflection through out your day. Even just 3-5 minutes of reading something inspirational, such as inspirational quotes or browsing your Twitter or Facebook feed for motivational postings.

Manage any stress that comes up by learning to take deep breaths. Deep breathing helps to clear out stagnant energy while oxygenating every single cell within you. The most effective way to do deep breathing, I’ve discovered, is to use a count of 5 seconds. So, take a deep breath while counting to 5. Then, hold your breath for a total of 5 seconds. Slowly let out your breath, counting to 5. How do you feel? Tip: Practice this deep breathing exercise and start to integrate it into your day.

Spirit: The Soul Needs Cleansing & A Meaningful Purpose.  Our Soul needs cleansing and no better time than Springtime! Most likely, many of us will find ourselves cleaning the windows of our homes. As you wash the windows of your home, spend some time in meditation clearing away the dirt that clouds your vision. Let go of any hurts, grudges, and resentments you may be holding. If there is anyone you need to forgive, including yourself, do so. This helps to create a ritual to signify that you are cleaning and polishing the windows of your heart. Tip: What areas in your life can you think of that need to be released of negative energy or “clutter”? Inner reflection allows love and peace.

Many people love the change of the seasons from Winter to Springtime. There is a distinct change in the air. Everything seems fresh, new and inspiring.  Winter hibernation allowed time for some of the deeper questions and insight to be revealed for what is really important, what changes need to happen to live life more fully. Spring has sprung! Now it is time to take that wisdom that will create and manifest those dreams and wishes of your soul. Tip: Consider cutting out things that steal your time and allow more of your time for things that feed your soul.  This can be a positive step forward this Spring, so that when Summer arrives, you have carved out plenty of time for your favorite soulful moments.

~Wishing you a Refreshing & Uplifting Spring!

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September 2017 On Track

September 2, 2017


Fall is my favorite season. I find it is the perfect time of year to review where I am and how far I’ve come. A time to acknowledge positive progress and the desired results I have strived for. Additionally, I like to reflect on how/why I may have gotten off track. Perhaps you can relate?  Maybe this is the year you finally let go of an unhealthy habit or a limited way of thinking but find that you have slipped back into old patterns. Maybe you have been diligent with your diet all week, then break all the rules with a long weekend binge and have not been able to get back on track. Perhaps it is that book you’ve been wanting to write and have even completed the first chapter but then life’s responsibilities start dragging you down and you find your inspiration is no longer there. A friend of mine will commit to consistent morning workouts and make it to the gym for 2 consecutive days and then on day 3, is already finding excuses not to get to the gym.

Sometimes pausing and reflecting is just the prescription we need. Taking time to review and recognize what changes or tweaks are needed can help us get back on track. I’ve learned to accept that it happens. It can be easy to get off track. Instead of being self critical, I’ve learned to accept that this happens to many of us. Release self-judgements and embrace this as an opportunity for improvement and another shot at reinventing what you’d like to see in your life. The key is, awareness and finding a creative solution to get back on track.

Once you are aware that you’ve gotten off track, consider what the reason might be? Do you really care about the goals you’ve created? Are these your goals? Are they truly meaningful to you? Sometimes, it can help to reconsider your goals and make some tweaks where necessary so they are goals you feel good about, inspired by and they have deep meaning for you. When your goals are self-driven you will feel excited and inspired! You might sense you have a new energy by setting a few new intentions.

 It might surprise you to realize how quickly you can get back on track and what is needed to get you there. Here are some tips to consider:

Obstacles Accept that you are human and that minor hiccups along the way are part of life. This isn’t the time to call yourself a failure. Everyone will find that their regular routine can sometimes fall apart. Developing some strategies will help you bounce back on track. Taking even the smallest steps within these strategies can help redirect your focus, time and start building momentum again.

Consistent Schedule It can help to stick to your schedule as much as possible. Sometimes, this might be in just the smallest way. For example, if you don’t have enough time to get to the gym for the usual one hour workout, how about considering a 20 minute session of squats or lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks and some planks? There are many inspiring High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) examples that can be found on the internet to provide some ideas for a quick, effective (and fun!) workout session.

Everyday Responsibilities Have life’s responsibilities dragged you in another direction and you find that you are not able to write another chapter anytime soon? Consider writing one page per day. Can’t even commit to one page per day? How about one paragraph? The key is, to continue. Be consistent. Work with the flow and keep going. 

Positive Environment It is crucial to take a look at who you allow yourself to be surrounded with. Negative people (or a negative environment) can drag you down and take you in a different direction. However, surrounding yourself with positive people can help to create a more inspiring environment that makes reaching your goals feel less like a struggle and more fun and empowering.

Making Up Excuses Are excuses your reason for getting off track? I hear these often:

  • “I don’t have enough time.” For something that is really meaningful to you, you have to make the time. Carve out some time. Prioritize for what is deeply important to you. 
  • “I don’t have enough knowledge or experience.” “I don’t feel that I am ready; I’m uncomfortable.” My suggestion is to get started anyway. Just begin. Read more on procrastinating.
  • “I want to eat a healthy diet but I really enjoy wine with dinner.” This is okay. You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. Most of the time, maybe it’s M-F that works best for you (80% of the time) stick to a clean, healthy eating plan and on weekends enjoy wine or a drink with friends. Just get back to your healthy eating plan again on Monday. 

Motivation, inspiration and encouragement will be plentiful on some days and zero the next. This is life. This is normal. Creating strategies you can rely on will get you back on track quickly. Acknowledge your progress, be grateful for the desired results you’ve seen, as this is a more positive attitude and the right mindset that will keep you on track. Make tweaks where needed. Keep going!

Wishing you a Sweet September filled with Positive Progress & Desired Results!

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March 2017 Trust Faith Believe

March 2, 2017


Perhaps you have recently made (or would like to make) a major change  or have found yourself in a transition. This change or transition may be in your job/career, going back to school, change of status in a relationship or moving to a new city. Maybe you are feeling very concerned about the unknown of what will follow and how you will get through the transition. Once you have made a decision or find yourself in a transition, it is important to then trust, faith and believe that the right solutions, right people and resources will be there when they are needed.

Here are some tips to help allow trust, faith and believe to be your support, guide and courage when you’ve made a  choice  or find yourself in a transition. Trust, faith and believe that the right sources, right people and right timing will unfold. See and feel the bigger picture.

  • You can expect little doubts to creep in. That’s okay. We can become aware of them and confront them and even use these doubts, worries and fears to act as guidance and clarity. When we are feeling a lower emotion, such as doubt or anxiety, we can use these feelings as guidance to what is not working and how we can fine-tune things. At the end of each day, take a quick inventory of everything in your day that has actually gone right. What has flowed smoothly? What went well? What small task did you accomplish that allowed you to feel organized, responsible or empowered? Allowing yourself to feel really good about these things can help put the focus on what is going right and build more trust and faith.
  • It is not always easy, but try to let go of being judgmental or overly opinionated about everything. The more non-judgment we practice the more we tend to be more open to new possibilities or at least more open to consider different perspectives or new options.
  • Take little inspirational action steps whenever you feel a twinge of anxiety, doubt or fear. It is action that helps to overcome and squash out fear or that feeling of being “stuck in your tracks”. Sometimes just walking through the challenges we face, to get to the other side, can empower us with strength. Embracing the chaos and confusion with focused energy, can offer calmness and a deep feeling of peace in not knowing all the answers, but trusting the right answers will be there at the right time. Even the smallest step or action that will move you more toward your desire, dream or goal can offer encouragement, rather than stay frozen in fear, anxiety or doubt. View any obstacles on your path as personal growth opportunities and keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome, this can allow your faith to grow.
  • Think back to a time when you did something really brave or courageous. What challenges or obstacles did you have to contend with but still achieved what you had set out to do? Remind yourself that you can get through challenging times by calling on your resilience to stay persistent with your goals. When something comes up that is not appearing to be going the way you wanted it to, instead of reacting immediately, take a moment to look at all your options. Often, some of the most amazing possibilities and the best option will become obvious.
  • Know that it is okay to make some tweaks as you go along. So, you have made a choice. Something goes wrong or not the way you had planned. Recognize that everything will not be perfect. It is not necessary to hold a firm grip on any outcome you have, just focus on trust and keep believing along the way and allow faith to guide you on your journey. Integrating mindfulness  and reflection into our day can be wonderful, supportive tools  to keep us on track while we make the right tweaks or slight changes in our plan.Trust the process, everything happens at just the right time.
  • Think about who in your life supports and empowers you? Consider having a mentor or coach to inspire you during a transitional time and help guide you in overcoming any obstacles along the way.
  • Rely on your strong  why. Having a strong reason, a “true purpose” as to why you want this change is what can help keep you on track and help you in continuing to pursue and keep believing, keep trusting that the right outcome will happen.
  • Lastly, sometimes just focusing on how you want to feel, instead of focusing on all the details, is what works best. Focus on how you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal. Recall a time when you achieved something very important to you or received exactly what you wanted. How did you feel when that happened? Feel that same feeling now and as much as possible.

Big dreams, goals and change need nurturing, start with small steps and keep believing! Faith enhances trust and counters out fear. Keep believing in your goals.

Trust, Faith, Believe!


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September 2016 Reflection

September 6, 2016


It’s that time of year, just after Labor Day with the last hurrah completed and late Summer, ever so subtly, begins to turn into Fall. Back to school for some, less crowds at the beaches and a certain feeling of calmness seems to linger in the air. There is a sense of change, planning and setting new intentions filled with optimism.  Time for some reflection.

How often to you carve out time for some self-reflection? Creating time for introspection in order to observe and examine your personal feelings, thoughts and intentions for deeper meaning and explanation can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Self-Reflection can be a valuable intention to include in your day, week or month. Some of us may find we need introspection more often perhaps 10-15 minutes daily and others may find a weekend get-away or a time out period over a weekend once a month provides, the needed amount of time to regain perspective on what is happening or what you would like to see happen in your life.

Integrating introspection consistently into your life can be more enlightening and revealing than you might expect:

  • Reflecting helps bring awareness on anything that is not currently working in your life and what might be the cause, such as negative habits, patterns or toxic situations. Ask yourself what can you delegate, compromise on or eliminate (if necessary and possible)? Are you limiting yourself or holding yourself back in some area and if so, how is this effecting your progress, emotions and perspective on life? Then, consider the various options and solutions available and which one(s) might be the best to start with and notice how any “stressors” soon begin to dissolve.
  • Time for introspection helps us create or fine tune a goal, dream or intention. Perhaps there is a mandatory course you need to take to complete a program or certification and it is causing added stress in your life. However, by not completing the course, you cannot receive the credentials necessary for your career plans. Our daily rounds and tasks have more meaning when we know what our overall goal or intention is and what experiences and situations we would like to have in our future. In times of delay or frustration reminding yourself what you would like to accomplish can help create more optimism and a positive vibe.
  • Reflection can help us gain perspective on our quality of life and our happiness. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people who can uplift you, learn from and enjoy time with? If not, then what steps can you take to ensure you are in contact more often with people who inspire you? Are there certain accomplishments you are most proud of and might like to create some new accomplishments? If so, consider taking the initiative more often in planning events or taking on a new project.
  • Finally, introspection can greatly improve the major life choices you are making. Reflecting on what is truly important to you, what you truly believe and knowing what is absolutely a wrong or right choice for you. Seeking advice from others can be helpful however, listening to your intuition (your gut instinct) and your conscious is what will help lead you toward your intentions and goals.

Never taking time out for some self-reflection and deep introspection, can cause us to become disconnected, frustrated and lose focus on the life we wish to live and we will often continue to block or limit ourselves to our full potential. To see different results, start making reflection a priority.What are you doing to make things better in your life?

~Wishing you deep Introspection and Reflection in September!

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January 2016 Acceptance

January 5, 2016



January is here. A New Year for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and ideas. And how about those resolutions? What if this year, instead of resolutions, choosing intentions? The word “resolution” is defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something, to be absolutely resolute.” How about instead, fully accepting ourselves, keep our focus on what we want to create in our life and not on what we don’t want to create? Try setting intentions for the New Year instead of resolutions. Setting intentions may help inspire you to naturally flow toward choices that are in alignment with your personal goals and achieve the progress and results you want. Change just doesn’t happen by judging or criticizing. Positive change happens by accepting those things we cannot change and growing each day to change those things we can. This does not mean a situation cannot improve, it means we are okay and just as lovable where we are and we are at the perfect starting place for making improvements. Practicing self-care is important in making lasting, transformational shifts and improvements in our lives.

Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Wishing you Acceptance, Love and Positive Progress with your intentions for 2016!

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September 13, 2013

Be focused. Be empowered. True change happens when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values and let go of issues that hold us back.
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Embracing Freedom and Independence

July 5, 2012


We live in a country that offers an abundance of freedom!  

We all have had those moments in life we experience for the first time that offer us a new found feeling of independence and empowerment. As early as childhood we experience independence.  Choosing a new adventure or activity that opens up  another part of us and who we are. We choose these new experiences on our own and when we are ready.

Like the first time we rode a bike without training wheels. Do you remember the feeling when you first dove off the high diving board?  Can you remember that first day at your first job? Those moments are more than just memories – they remind us of how we push pass the fear of intimidation. Something deep with in us, conscious or not, whispered to us that we were ready. And that our efforts had earned us this moment to embrace and appreciate.

Taking a leap of faith is an empowering feeling. Some leaps change your life forever. As we mature and grow, sometimes we begin to take for granted the freedom we have to try something new or make a change. It could be because we had some life experiences that left us confused, afraid or fearful. Maybe you felt too intimidated  to start a new business or try something different.

Every day we run into obstacles or challenges that allow doubt to creep in. When we remember that feeling doubtful and intimidated is just a state of mind we can move forward into a unfamiliar new event with courage and faith.

Easier said than done right? Here are a few tips that can help you to overcome feelings of intimidation and doubt:

  • It can help to recall those moments back in childhood when you felt brave and ready to take that leap of faith. Take some time to think back to one of those memories. How old were you? What were you feeling before the event? Nervous? Anxious? How did you feel after the event? Exhilarated? Excited? Brave? Confident? Write these thoughts down and refer back to them when you are feeling intimidated, nervous or apprehensive.
  • Stop the negative thoughts and inner chatter. Thoughts like “I’m not smart enough to start my own business” will increase your doubt and lower your confidence. Awareness is key. Once you are aware of these negative thoughts you can turn them around into a positive thought. Focus on “I know when I concentrate on a new endeavor my efforts will help me reach my goal.”
  • Surround yourself with those people who truly want to offer positive support and encouragement. You will know when you are in the presence of positive people because you will feel uplifted and inspired – Even for hours, days or months. You will also know when you are in the presence of someone who is a negative influence because you will feel emotionally and mentally drained. Your energy level will feel low when you are around them and even after your encounter.
  • Remember that doubt is just a state of mind. Recall those moments in life when you had complete confidence. Embrace your freedom to choose something new and different. Seek out that new adventure, push past the fear of intimidation today and go for it!
  • Which moments in your life stand out to you when you had the courage to take a leap of faith?  Share your memories of when you were brave and independent.

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Ray of Sunshine Offers Contentment

June 6, 2012


How often have you found yourself catching a glimpse of sunshine and felt ten times better? Do you work indoors, step out at noon and walk to a local cafe for lunch? Perhaps this restaurant has outdoor seating that allows you to soak up some sun. Basking in the sunshine for just 10 to 15 minutes a day can have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

Sunshine is a natural mood booster and tends to raise my energy level. The warm light feels good on my skin and I feel relaxed yet energized. Even when I have been feeling under the weather with a seasonal cold, I have found that some time in the sunlight has helped to strengthen my immune system by providing a germ-acidic effect to kill off bacteria.

I often find complete contentment just sitting in the sun. Contentment is the emotional state when we are not bored but also not highly interested in anything other than being in the situation or place that allows for the contented moment to continue. While goals are important, feeling content with your life, who you are and what you have is just as important. That isn’t to say, stop trying to improve, for that would mean that we have stopped growing. No matter how happy we are in life, we should continue to improve. But contentment is necessary as well.

Summer time can offer the perfect time to unwind and appreciate all you’ve worked for and achieved so far this year. Making sunshine a daily priority here in Redondo Beach isn’t too difficult on most days. Soaking up our natural mood booster can be a simple abundance of pleasure nearly every day. And just a few minutes is necessary for the highly beneficial effects.

To find some sun-induced contentment try the following:

  • Bathing in the sun on Redondo Beach and feeling the warm light on your skin, lounging with your eyes closed, is an activity that offers pure emotional contentment.
  • Watching the sunset and feeling the cool night ocean breeze is one of life’s most simple pleasures that offers rich contentment.
  • Taking a drive up the coast and listening to your favorite music or enjoying quality conversation with a companion.
  • Walking through the Farmers Market on a Sunday in Palos Verdes allows you to feel the warmth of the sun while enjoying the scent of fresh cut flowers, tasting fresh strawberries and looking at the colorful produce.
  • Writing in a park while enjoying the sunlight streaming through the trees can provide a peaceful state of mind. Write down all your blessings. Focusing on all the things that are going right in your life and not only on what is wrong, can help you feel content.
  • Enjoying a hobby outdoors whether it is gardening or home improvement projects, anything that allows you to be in the moment while in the sunlight can provide contentment.

While some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, too much can be dangerous. Be sun wise and take precaution if you plan to spend time in the sun longer than 10 or 15 minutes. How do you find contented moments in the sun?

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Creating a Healthier & Happier You IS Possible!

May 15, 2012

Above is a photo of my mom and I during one of her trips to visit me. During her busy life, she makes time to spend with me.I’ll cherish the memories of this trip forever.Time is precious. All too often moms tend to say they don’t have enough time for “me time” or no time to enjoy doing those things they long to do. Well, they are right. Moms may say they don’t have time to eat properly or exercise but this is an excuse; not a solution. Like many things in life, there is an option and that is to make the time. We must make the time for our passions, interests, health and relationships. This doesn’t mean it is easy, but it can be possible with a little time management and organization. I have a sister who has eight children and she has accomplished a happy family that includes time for things she likes to do for herself.

These are some of the tips I’ve picked up on from my sister:

She wakes up earlier if even just a half an hour earlier than her children. This is her time to enjoy her coffee and plan the day, answer e-mails and read. This is very important when prepping for your day and planning schedules.

She sets out breakfast items for her kids. The older siblings have learned to help with the younger siblings in dressing them, helping them make their own lunches and chores such as taking out the trash, loading/unloading the dishwasher and preparing dinner on nights when she is busy carpooling some of the kids to their activities. Giving responsibility to your children automatically teaches them independence.

Prioritize a quiet time. This can mean nap time for the younger children and a quiet time as they get a little older. During quiet time I swear I could hear a pin drop in her house. And a few of these times there really were eight kids in her house and a dog. A pure quiet indulgence from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon where my sister can nap or tend to some of her personal needs. It is important to respect the body’s need for rest. We need it to grow and be healthy. Even older kids will still have some ‘down time’ if they are home during those hours of quiet time. We all need it. Quiet time can include things such as reading, catching up on phone calls or focusing on whatever needs to get completed so you can feel at peace. Two hours of bliss! Hey…it CAN be done.

Relationships are a top priority as well. She schedules a Date Night regularly with her husband. Date nights are a must and so beneficial to your relationship. That is how it all started in the first place, right? She has a night with friends as well. She and her friends take turns and every other Friday morning they have a get together at one of their homes. This provides their kids to play together while they women get to visit.

My sister is great at enforcing a bedtime with her kids. Once her kids are in bed, she usually has an hour or so before she goes to bed. This gives her time to read, plan out the next day, visit with her husband or catch up on phone calls. If you give children an inch, they will take a mile. Bed times must be enforced. We feel much better the next day with proper sleep.

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you don’t need “me time”. You probably need more than anyone else! Prioritizing time for yourself and showing your children that you regularly take time to do things to nourish and value yourself while keeping a balance of meeting your own needs and everyone else’s needs is one of the most effective ways you can show this to your children. Why? Because children tend to learn best from our behavior not what we tell them.

Regardless of being a mom or not, we all must nurture ourselves. Some nurturing tips you may have recalled your own mother doing. Such as making you hot vegetable or chicken noodle soup when you were sick with a cold. You may have created your own authentic nurturing remedies as well. During times of stress or illness, these are all certainly a great time to rely on your authentic nurturing remedies but you don’t need to wait for a challenging situation to come up. Practicing regular daily nurturing remedies can keep your life in balance and when those challenging days do arrive you’ll handle them with better energy.

Some authentic nurturing remedies are listed below. You may already practice one of these or many of these. Some of the nurturing methods may be new to you and you may want to add to your own regime.

Are you a bubble bath girl? Try getting your favorite bubbles that you really love and have a few of your favorite scented candles. This is your time to unwind.

Do you love to read? Set aside from what you may need to read for for work or business and try to keep books on healing, empowerment and inspiration from various authors always on hand. Enjoy a hot cup of tea while you read and notice how this can help bring you back to your center.

Try making a good hot bowl of chicken soup when catching a cold, this can warm your body and soothe your soul.

Perhaps you prefer to pray or listen in silence for a higher power during difficult times, this can offer you inner peace and guidance.

You may find yoga stretches help bring you back to alignment.

Going for a walk in the park and admiring the beauty of nature and just being outdoors does wonders for the body, mind and soul. Take in all the beauty, indulge the senses and breathe in the surrounding smells. Enjoy a night on your deck under the stars can bring a very nurturing peaceful feeling within.

Watch some of the old fashioned romantic black and white movies such as Audrey Hepburn.

Visit museums, art exhibits, plays in the theater, musical shows, Opera and Broadway.

Nurturing yourself with sleep is one of the most therapeutic remedies for your mind, body and soul. Quality sleep is good for your physical health and your mental health. Getting optimum sleep will help you feel your best, think your best and be your best.

Getting a massage regularly can be a great preventative nurturing remedy. Regular massage sessions keep you healthy mentally and physically while providing relaxation.

Sitting in a steam room can be wonderful for sore muscles and provide an overall relaxing spa experience.

A little down time on the couch while watching the food network can offer some new and creative ideas for cooking, a new recipe to try and a nurturing new meal to enjoy. 

Nurture yourself and the path you are on by writing down your goals and dreams and what steps you need to take to get there. You could choose a place in nature to ponder these thoughts. Or choose something as extravagant as an exotic destination to go to for re-evaluating new goals.

Treat your self to a pedicure and manicure. A small but simple indulgence.

Dining by yourself at an outdoor cafe or a place you enjoy can be both nurturing and therapeutic.

Depending on how creative you are in the music area try diving into music, whether it be practicing guitar or writing a song. You may sense a release and feeling of empowerment of getting those words out of your head.

Spending time with family – especially with mom is a great way to receive and give comfort, love and nurturing.

One of the best indulgence moments – chocolate. In moderation, a little dark chocolate each day has been shown to be good for your heart. The flavonoids in the chocolate act as anti-oxidants which will protect your body from aging caused by free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage that leads to heart disease. Enjoying a piece of dark chocolate can be a tasty way to nurture your heart.

Listen to what your body needs – sleep? Food? Exercise? Give it that.

Balance in life can be a challenge and something to continuously work at. Commit to making time for you and nurturing yourself regularly can bring more balance and fulfillment into your life. 

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