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July 2016 Daydreams

July 4, 2016


Generally, daydreaming is looked upon as a negative way to spend time or as being lazy. It looks like we are doing nothing but just sitting there and gazing off into space. However, there are definitely some upsides to daydreaming. It can be quite constructive and help increase creativity as well as productiveness. And for some of us, spending some time daydreaming before making a tough decision can help provide the courage and positive support needed to move forward. There are actually many, positive benefits for useful daydreaming:

  • Daydreaming is a little like meditating. It is providing a moment when you can let your mind go, take a break and let go of stress, worries and anxiety. Return feeling as if you were on a mini vacation – physically relaxed, mentally refreshed and spiritually rejuvenated.
  • Next time you find yourself facing a conflict or unpleasant situation you must deal with, try daydreaming or visualize how you would like the situation to be resolved. What outcome would you like to see? Most importantly, visualize how you will be feeling when the desired outcome transpires. This practice can greatly help to respond versus reacting.
  • Daydreaming can help with productivity. Try this. Next time you have a Saturday “to do list” such as laundry, clean house, get groceries, instead of diving right into your chores and errands, indulge with 15 to 20 minutes of daydreaming. What would it feel like to complete everything on your list by noon? Imagine how you will spend the rest of your day. Who would you like to see? Where would you like to go?
  • Feeling blocked? Lost your creative flow? Daydreaming can help with creativity. Try stepping back from the project, your work, writing and go for a long walk, get some fresh air or exercise. Sometimes the toughest problems can be solved when you stop focusing on it and allow your mind to purposefully wander. Moments of insight often pop in out of no where once we’ve stopped looking for solutions and answers. Allowing your mind to relax is key and get your body moving through exercise,  a walk or take a long scenic drive.

Summertime is the perfect time for daydreaming! Relaxing, napping at the beach on a sunny weekend  and enjoying the ocean breeze. This can be the perfect setting to allow your mind to wander and drift of positive thoughts, creative ideas and making your dreams a reality.

~Feel inspired to include productive, dedicated daydreaming to create successful solutions!

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January 2016 Acceptance

January 5, 2016



January is here. A New Year for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and ideas. And how about those resolutions? What if this year, instead of resolutions, choosing intentions? The word “resolution” is defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something, to be absolutely resolute.” How about instead, fully accepting ourselves, keep our focus on what we want to create in our life and not on what we don’t want to create? Try setting intentions for the New Year instead of resolutions. Setting intentions may help inspire you to naturally flow toward choices that are in alignment with your personal goals and achieve the progress and results you want. Change just doesn’t happen by judging or criticizing. Positive change happens by accepting those things we cannot change and growing each day to change those things we can. This does not mean a situation cannot improve, it means we are okay and just as lovable where we are and we are at the perfect starting place for making improvements. Practicing self-care is important in making lasting, transformational shifts and improvements in our lives.

Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Wishing you Acceptance, Love and Positive Progress with your intentions for 2016!

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November 2015 Empower Yourself to Take Action

November 1, 2015


Do you have a dream or goal you long for but find excuses in setting a plan to actually move forward until life is more ideal? Success is seeing positive progress, not perfection … Keep going! Sometimes the inspiration is when we begin to take even the tiny steps to reach our goal and make our dream a reality. Feel empowered to choose how you would most like to positively improve your life and experience amazing transformation. Replace doubt and fear with trust and belief. Allow your courage to draw upon a time in your life when you experienced a specific feeling during a challenging time and you overcame the challenge – Remember that feeling for strength and faith. We can only think for so long; action is moving from thinking to doing … Get moving forward! Feel your best when you include LifeStyle Coaching into your day!

Wishing you Clarity, Action & Focused Intentions for November


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October 2015 Authentic True Core Values

October 1, 2015


October is here – a new month filled with new possibilities and a fresh start! When you have goals lined up this can help motivate you to make the best use of your time. Choose goals that will inspire you, make you smile and warm your heart. You will find when you begin to integrate your authentic true core values into your life, achieving your goals energizes you, fulfills you and leads to living a more meaningful life.  Would you like to begin exploring with some self-discovery questions? Send me an email I will help guide you with the right questions that will help you dig a bit deep within but will definitely help align you with your purpose. Want to discover even more empowering, inspirational progress in your life? Read more in my book Uber Empowerment

Wishing you Great Success in Prioritizing Your Authentic True Core Values

~ Nancy

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September 2015 Intentions For Self-Improvement

September 1, 2015


Being in optimal balance can help turn thoughts that are confusing into clarity. When we feel our best, we tend to think our best and do our best; so whatever intentions we make, we have a better chance at moving forward with a positive attitude and success! Commit to setting some intentions for self-improvement everyday. These are your personal intentions in the areas you would like to see self-improvement and progress in. What type of rituals can you create that help you maintain your focus and intentions during the day?

Wishing you Clarity, Action & Focused Intentions for September!


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August 2015 New Beginnings

August 1, 2015


Life can sometimes throw us a curve and we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. Transitions in life can provide a deeper awareness about ourselves and inspire us to create positive changes. Feel empowered to create new and fresh beginnings. This is your opportunity to confirm to yourself that you CAN manifest your dreams, goals and desires into reality. If you are willing to move forward with your goal, into the unknown, your bold spirit, faith and passion can help you through the process. Let go of the old, in order to create space for new opportunities. Your individual excellence touches everything and everyone. You have an infinite intelligence within you – Follow it and allow it to guide you.

Wishing you loads of Courage, Inner-Strength and Inspiration this month of August!

~ Nancy

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July 2015 Simple Indulgences

July 2, 2015


Simple indulgences can lift the spirt and connect the mind, body, soul. Make time for a walk in nature and enjoy the abundance of the Summer sunshine and fresh air. Feeling your best, allows you to be your best and give your best to others. Make time for YOU each day. Time for exercise you enjoy, quality sleep and choosing healthy lifestyle choices. Living healthy habits help create a happier you! Take time to reflect on how inner peace creates fulfillment and happiness.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer! Do you have a favorite summer-time simple indulgence that lifts your spirit, mind, body and soul? Please share if you do!


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June 2015 Sweetness of Summer

May 31, 2015

PrincessDiGarden Summer time provides the sweetest things. Don’t just let them go … Enjoy and explore! Allow the beautiful stillness deep within your soul to bring you peace, happiness and love. Notice how much happier you can be when keeping life simple. ~ Happy Summer!

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Shower Yourself with Healthy Habits

June 2, 2011


You are probably aware of some positive changes you would like to make in your life. Taking time to reflect on the self-improvements you’d like to make will help you to create healthy habits that shower you with an abundance of energy, confidence, and wellness.

What do you think you could improve upon in your life to feel, think and be your best?

What improvements could you make in your nutrition choices?

Perhaps you would like to make improvements in physical activity or develop new therapeutic remedies for stress management?

What are all the areas in your life you would like to change or improve?

You may have major improvements you would like to make or some minor improvements. Create a list of those self-improvements you would like to make.

Awareness of the areas you would like to improve is the first step toward creating a healthy new habit. Accept the current place in life you are in right now.  You may find you want to just start with one improvement. Once you’ve made this list, read it over again. Go deep within and ask yourself what is currently keeping you from changing the same situation and the same patterns that don’t contribute to your overall happiness.

Write these thoughts next to each self-improvement item on your list:

Ask yourself, “how willing am I to make this change?” Create a reason why within yourself.

Have you arrived at a place in your life where you are absolutely fed up with the same old results you see no matter what you’ve tried?

Is this change you want to make really something you yourself want to do or have you been attempting to make this change for someone else?

What is the true reason you want to make this improvement?

A true want is putting you in a state of willingness. This will create a true desire in you and will often be a motivational reason to refer to again and again to help keep you on track and to ultimately begin living this new healthy habit each day.

Once the desire is there it is time to create an action plan  In order for a self-improvement to become  a reality, it is necessary to Arrange for Success. Arranging for success is creating an action plan that has a solution you can commit to in order to fully implement the healthy habit into your life. What self-care action steps can you take each day, big or small, that will keep you moving toward seeing more of what you want in your life and not away from what you want to see more of in your life?

Once your plan is created you will need to Monitor Your Actions.  You will want to become much, much more in tune, with what you are doing right each day and what you are doing wrong each day, that is either assisting in moving you forward or is holding you back from creating new healthy habits. One way to monitor actions is with commitment – every day. Start by keeping a journal log of your workouts for example and the progress you make. The results you begin to see in your self-improvements will motivate you to stick with your action plan.

Remember the self-improvements you want to create by reading your list and connecting with the feeling of willingness and desire. Once you have connected with that emotional response that is leading you to a strong pull – enabling a “yes I want to see healthy habits in my life” attitude, stay on track by monitoring your actions.

Self-care acts communicate self-love which create healthy habits. Your heart has a way of guiding you in choosing what is right for  you.

Something inspiring seems to happen when listening to the spirit and love within!

What healthy habits do you try and practice regularly? Please share!

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Speak Your Language of Success

May 16, 2011

As I sat in the Redondo Beach Public Library last week, I pondered the word “success.” There are so many books on how to gain success, be it through material goods, career, leadership, honors or social status. Success can be reflected through being a parent or in having fulfilling and enriching relationships. As I thought about it, I realized how many different perspectives there are of success.

Your definition of success is uniquely yours. Have you ever thought your time here on Earth is limited? It is, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t get trapped into the “shoulds” that society and the media can put upon us, leading to living with the results of other people’s thinking. Everyone has his own opinion; don’t allow others’ opinions to smother your own beliefs, values and most of all, your view of success. Your unique values and beliefs on success are what keep you aligned on your true path, and by following your true path, you will live a more fulfilling life.

Take a few minutes to reflect on and answer the following questions regarding success:

  • When in your life have you felt success?
  • Which of your accomplishments stand out the most to you? What were you feeling when you achieved that goal?
  • What has been your most challenging life lesson so far?

Now, take a look at your answers. Do you notice any similar emotions, feelings or thoughts you felt about success during these achievements? What is your language of success? Ask yourself what success means to you.

It is important to keep in mind that you want to focus on the experiences that you want to achieve for yourself—not an idea that someone else might value or a goal that was forced on you. True, authentic success is when you fulfill your goal and your values.

Keep focusing on what energizes and fulfills you. This usually means focusing on your natural gifts and strengths in addition to your goals. Continue to feel empowered to live your life through your own unique language of success.

When we hold ourselves in high regard and focus on who we’ve become—not only on what we have accomplished—we find true success. Success can also be achieved in knowing that the more you help and inspire others, the more you help and inspire yourself. To your own life, be you. Be true to yourself and see what might happen.

What is your language of success?

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