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What Did You Learn Today?

September 27, 2011

Whether it’s a physical lesson or a mental one, it’s easy to learn something new every day. Each day offers an opportunity for you to learn something new about yourself. Reflecting on what new thing you’ve learned each day creates more awareness about yourself, someone close to you, your environment or your community.

Learning deepens our character and makes us more intriguing to those around us. We become more confident. Learning provides an understanding of the historical, social and natural processes that impact and limit our lives.

Each day you can ask yourself if there was new information you learned. Perhaps there was a lesson you learned about yourself or someone else? We should ask ourselves what we learned at the end of each day, and by doing so, we will grow and develop. If we’re aware of what we’ve learned, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and continue to practice what works.

My curiosity inspired me to ask some friends what new thing they learned today. I found their answers helped open up a deeper awareness and appreciation for learning something new in what can seem like just another simple, ordinary day. Maybe you will, too. This is what I heard and learned about them:

  • Digging nails out of a deck to replace them with deck screws gives you blisters!
  • I like to challenge myself daily in one of my favorite subjects: History. I also love spelling, grammar and literature, so I also try to learn something new every day in this area as well.
  • Don’t stand in direct sunlight when it’s 106 degrees out.
  • I learned again what amazing animals horses are, and how they can make my heart soar when I share my time with them! My daughter and I went on a trail ride with her horses, and it was amazing.
  • To challenge myself is better than to challenge others.
  • The more you surround yourself with like-minded people, the stronger you will become.
  • I am unique. There is no one like me, and I should embrace my uniqueness and difference in thoughts, feelings and opinions instead of trying to blend into the crowd.

Try to really listen to a lecture, a spouse or even the lyrics of a song. Active listening promotes learning every single time we practice it. Great public speakers are engaging because they listen to the feedback they get from the audience, and they respond to it accordingly. Active listening to music or nature will help you tune in and teach you something new about the sights and sounds we often take for granted.

What did I learn today? As I ate my sushi at Asaka, I was reminded that one of the most enjoyable ways to learn new things is by taste. It can be as simple as sampling a new type of coffee or espresso. Taste and texture generate long-lasting memories.

You just might be surprised how much you learn each day. Begin to take the ordinary events of a day and extract the most valuable learning experiences from them. Keep a journal documenting daydreams, thoughts, experiences and stressful times and you will become more aware of the knowledge you gained from each.

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