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Spring 2018: Awakening the Body, Mind & Soul

March 25, 2018

GoalSettingThe beautiful Spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs

Springtime is here. There is a saying: “as outside, so inside”. Spring season offers a reason to clean out and create space for fresh possibilities and new commitments. It is a time to revive our senses and expand our horizons and begin again. Spring is a powerful period of renewal and rebirth. Many people embrace Springtime and will do some deep cleaning around the home. What if you were to consider a full Spring makeover on not only with your home but your body, mind and soul? Reflect on where you can clear out negative energy to inspire renewal in your daily life. Below are some tips to ponder and consider if there may be areas in your life that could use some Spring cleaning to sweep away any clutter or obstacles that are standing between you and your most vibrant self.

Physical: The Body Needs Spring Cleaning. How you feel can have a direct correlation to what you put into your body. Practice mindfulness and be aware of what you eat. Eating with mindfulness has many benefits such as more awareness of portion sizes. You start to notice and fully appreciate the flavor of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, which may help in realizing when you are full and feel satisfied, so you naturally avoid overeating. Some of us find Springtime is a great time to cleanse or detox, especially for the liver. A detoxification helps cleanse your body providing a boost in your physical and mental well being by physically, ridden your body from the chemically manufactured sugars and any other unhealthy foods that you may eat on a daily basis. You don’t have to commit to a strict diet but you should allow the detox to provide you with a new start. Eating healthy foods, on a regular basis, that are not processed will give you a newfound energy. Tip: If you are not currently eating organic produce and grass-fed meat, commit just 1 week of eating only organic produce. Become more aware of the taste, freshness and how your body feels after consuming and digesting clean, organic foods. You may want to continue this healthy choice long-term.

Exercise! Yes, get moving. Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they hear the word exercise – so just call it moving or creative movement. Strive to take a walk, yoga class or a bike ride on a regular basis. You’ll find that your willingness to be active will serve as motivation within every area of your life. Tip: Notice how you feel in various activities and stick with those that help you feel your best physically and mentally.

Springtime can be a renewal through emotional detoxing. This can involve releasing toxic relationships. Those people who drain you. Release them. This helps create more space to allow more supportive, loving people into your life. The relationships that nurture you tend to be more positive and supporting for your wellbeing. Embrace the relationships with people who uplift and inspire you. It is important to have  a circle of people who encourage you to follow your heart, believe in you and see your worth. Tip: Start to become aware of how you feel when you are with others. You will know when you are in the presence people who support you because you will feel energized instead of drained or depleted.

Mental: The Mind Needs Fresh Perspectives. Spring season beckons our minds to start fresh and embrace new perspectives, plant new seeds and try new methods. What’s calling you? What new idea or new approach sounds like it would be fun? What’s a new twist you could put on a situation that sounds inspiring or uplifting? Tip: Self-discovery questions often re-inspire your intentions or may reveal some new options.                          The mind loves to be inspired. Whether it be a devotional, inspirational quotes or a compelling novel – read! Incorporating inspirational content into your life will help reinforce the inner you and will provide you with confidence to face difficult times in life.  Browse through your social media apps, consider a Spring Clean and delete the negative news postings and those contacts you really don’t interact with. If deleting some of the contacts is not an option, even though most of their postings are negative news, you can select to “unfollow” or “hide” their posts/tweets and visit their page whenever you choose to. This will create more space for uplifting and inspiring content that can help create a feeling of motivation and fresh perspective in your day. Tip: Try to weave in moments of contentment or reflection through out your day. Even just 3-5 minutes of reading something inspirational, such as inspirational quotes or browsing your Twitter or Facebook feed for motivational postings.

Manage any stress that comes up by learning to take deep breaths. Deep breathing helps to clear out stagnant energy while oxygenating every single cell within you. The most effective way to do deep breathing, I’ve discovered, is to use a count of 5 seconds. So, take a deep breath while counting to 5. Then, hold your breath for a total of 5 seconds. Slowly let out your breath, counting to 5. How do you feel? Tip: Practice this deep breathing exercise and start to integrate it into your day.

Spirit: The Soul Needs Cleansing & A Meaningful Purpose.  Our Soul needs cleansing and no better time than Springtime! Most likely, many of us will find ourselves cleaning the windows of our homes. As you wash the windows of your home, spend some time in meditation clearing away the dirt that clouds your vision. Let go of any hurts, grudges, and resentments you may be holding. If there is anyone you need to forgive, including yourself, do so. This helps to create a ritual to signify that you are cleaning and polishing the windows of your heart. Tip: What areas in your life can you think of that need to be released of negative energy or “clutter”? Inner reflection allows love and peace.

Many people love the change of the seasons from Winter to Springtime. There is a distinct change in the air. Everything seems fresh, new and inspiring.  Winter hibernation allowed time for some of the deeper questions and insight to be revealed for what is really important, what changes need to happen to live life more fully. Spring has sprung! Now it is time to take that wisdom that will create and manifest those dreams and wishes of your soul. Tip: Consider cutting out things that steal your time and allow more of your time for things that feed your soul.  This can be a positive step forward this Spring, so that when Summer arrives, you have carved out plenty of time for your favorite soulful moments.

~Wishing you a Refreshing & Uplifting Spring!

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August 2017 Choosing Perspectives

August 2, 2017

Change-the-way-you-thinkDo you ever feel stuck with a certain way of thinking during unexpected or undesirable situations? Feeling down about things we really don’t have much control over is disempowering and is certainly not going to help us become a more optimistic person. The good news is, once we learn to recognize when we are in this pattern of automatic thinking, we can take a moment to pause, reflect and recalibrate. We can seek our empowerment within and choose to change our perspective and look at our circumstances and situations from a new angle. I know for myself this is not something that comes natural. But we can learn to change the way we think about something and gain a refreshed attitude and feel re-inspired about our life.

Here are some tips to gain a fresh perspective the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or disappointed:

  • Learn the lessons in failure. Often, there can be hidden benefits from an undesirable or unexpected situation. Sometimes we feel we’ve failed because we have not seen the results we wanted. Often we view results we don’t want as failure and view the results we like as success. All results can be viewed as lessons as long as we’ve learned something and have become a better person  from the experience. Failures can offer more knowledge, wisdom and insight for the next time. Read more on learned lessons in failure.
  • Ask yourself if you are feeling overly anxious about something? You may realize you are making a bigger deal of the situation than necessary. I know this can be a tough one, especially when in the moment of a deadline, for example. But taking some deep breaths and a moment to pause and consider what all the options are; this can greatly help to decrease anxiety and shed some light on the best way to move forward. Read more tips on decreasing anxiety.
  • Lastly, try to look at something from various angles. It doesn’t have to be a better perspective or THE perspective of a situation, but this will help to get in the practice so it becomes easier to be flexible with your thinking when something unexpected or “bad” happens to you. It can be real easy to just automatically assume or hold onto judgements about a situation or person, especially when we feel we are repeating something we’ve experienced before. However, when we are aware of our assumptions, we can choose to let them go. Assumptions can cause unnecessary frustration. Being open to looking at the situation from different views can provide a new way of thinking and feel much more optimistic and empowering. Learn how to stop making assumptions.

Here’s to Healthy Perspectives! ~ Nancy

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July 2017 Connect With Others

July 3, 2017


Building relationships and creating deep connections is important in business and with friends and loved ones. If you really want to connect with people, then you have to be ready and willing to open up to them and let them see a part of who you really are. Authenticity helps connect on a deeper level and when we let go of all superficial identities. We can be authentic with others and this can encourage them to do the same.

We can learn to listen to people on an emotional level, to really connect with someone. It is when we go beyond the concepts and reach into the feelings behind those concepts and ideas. For example, if a client or friend is sharing with you a stressful situation but you yourself have not personally experienced, you can still share a time when you felt similar emotions. We’ve all gone through different things but chances are, we’ve all felt the same emotions. In order to build deeper connections, we can share moments in our life where we’ve felt the same emotions.

When we listen to someone emotionally, we are showing empathy. When we emphasize, we recognize that someone else is just as real as us. Empathy is one of the most genuine, true and resonating emotional connections we can have with someone else.

A true gift to another is when we can empathize. The following tips below can help provide empathy and create deeper, more meaningful connections with others.

  • Give your full presence. When we specifically create the time to connect with someone we can offer our full presence. When we give our full presence to others this shows respect and that what they have to share with us is important. It is in our full presence we can listen from the heart and hear what is not being said as much as the words being spoken. Failing to read and respond accordingly to other peoples emotional cues can derail a relationship.
  • Allow the other to speak and be heard. Every one of us needs to be heard. Everyone’s ideas, needs, desires, and opinions, deserves to be heard. Really let a person express themselves, without interruption and without judgement. Become deeply interested and curious about their perspective – why do they see things in a certain way? Why is their perspective so different than yours? Their response could be enlightening or very fascinating.
  • Acknowledge their personal experience/perspective of life and show you are curious about them and that you would like to learn more about their life, goals, interests, thoughts and views and perspectives. What are their fears, concerns, challenges and joys? How do they really feel about things? How might you be able to help guide them or provide a resource or just be a good listener? A person who builds great relationships puts focus on what they can give. Giving is the best way to establish a real relationship and a lasting connection.

Focus on listening, observing, learning and asking questions. I hope these tips can help you to develop empathy and that you will experience deeper, more meaningful relationships!

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May 2017 Action vs. Procrastination

May 1, 2017


Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Many of us find we procrastinate. There are 4 main reasons why people procrastinate:

  • A fear of failure
  • Striving for perfection
  • Low energy levels
  • A lack of focus

Perhaps you are thinking about writing a book but are waiting for the right time, so you haven’t even started yet. This is self-doubt which leads to procrastinating. Fear is what creates the self-doubt.

I know for myself, I can relate because I too, have strived for the perfect time to start something and end up procrastinating. I know with this kind of mindset, this will not help me grow or become more confident.

The key to overcoming procrastination is action. Recognize fear for what it is and shift your mindset by releasing the need for perfection. It is time to act – Awareness, Create and Tactics. The next time you find yourself procrastinating, try using the following tips:

Awareness – Get quiet and ask yourself what is it that you are afraid of? Is it fear of failing? Why? Are you striving for perfectionism? All of us have failed at something before. Failure can help us learn how we might do something differently next time. We learn what didn’t work and we have the opportunity to try a new approach. Really think about the consequences and the cost or price of staying stuck and which areas of your life are being affected the longer you continue to procrastinate.

Create – Let’s fact it. Feeling self doubt stinks. It is not encouraging. So, create a vision. Step into the future: How do you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal? How do you want to feel when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do?

Tactic – What tactics will you apply? What is your plan of action? And what is the first tactic you can begin today to get you moving toward your goal?

The next time you find yourself procrastinating, remember to Act!

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March 2017 Trust Faith Believe

March 2, 2017


Perhaps you have recently made (or would like to make) a major change  or have found yourself in a transition. This change or transition may be in your job/career, going back to school, change of status in a relationship or moving to a new city. Maybe you are feeling very concerned about the unknown of what will follow and how you will get through the transition. Once you have made a decision or find yourself in a transition, it is important to then trust, faith and believe that the right solutions, right people and resources will be there when they are needed.

Here are some tips to help allow trust, faith and believe to be your support, guide and courage when you’ve made a  choice  or find yourself in a transition. Trust, faith and believe that the right sources, right people and right timing will unfold. See and feel the bigger picture.

  • You can expect little doubts to creep in. That’s okay. We can become aware of them and confront them and even use these doubts, worries and fears to act as guidance and clarity. When we are feeling a lower emotion, such as doubt or anxiety, we can use these feelings as guidance to what is not working and how we can fine-tune things. At the end of each day, take a quick inventory of everything in your day that has actually gone right. What has flowed smoothly? What went well? What small task did you accomplish that allowed you to feel organized, responsible or empowered? Allowing yourself to feel really good about these things can help put the focus on what is going right and build more trust and faith.
  • It is not always easy, but try to let go of being judgmental or overly opinionated about everything. The more non-judgment we practice the more we tend to be more open to new possibilities or at least more open to consider different perspectives or new options.
  • Take little inspirational action steps whenever you feel a twinge of anxiety, doubt or fear. It is action that helps to overcome and squash out fear or that feeling of being “stuck in your tracks”. Sometimes just walking through the challenges we face, to get to the other side, can empower us with strength. Embracing the chaos and confusion with focused energy, can offer calmness and a deep feeling of peace in not knowing all the answers, but trusting the right answers will be there at the right time. Even the smallest step or action that will move you more toward your desire, dream or goal can offer encouragement, rather than stay frozen in fear, anxiety or doubt. View any obstacles on your path as personal growth opportunities and keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome, this can allow your faith to grow.
  • Think back to a time when you did something really brave or courageous. What challenges or obstacles did you have to contend with but still achieved what you had set out to do? Remind yourself that you can get through challenging times by calling on your resilience to stay persistent with your goals. When something comes up that is not appearing to be going the way you wanted it to, instead of reacting immediately, take a moment to look at all your options. Often, some of the most amazing possibilities and the best option will become obvious.
  • Know that it is okay to make some tweaks as you go along. So, you have made a choice. Something goes wrong or not the way you had planned. Recognize that everything will not be perfect. It is not necessary to hold a firm grip on any outcome you have, just focus on trust and keep believing along the way and allow faith to guide you on your journey. Integrating mindfulness  and reflection into our day can be wonderful, supportive tools  to keep us on track while we make the right tweaks or slight changes in our plan.Trust the process, everything happens at just the right time.
  • Think about who in your life supports and empowers you? Consider having a mentor or coach to inspire you during a transitional time and help guide you in overcoming any obstacles along the way.
  • Rely on your strong  why. Having a strong reason, a “true purpose” as to why you want this change is what can help keep you on track and help you in continuing to pursue and keep believing, keep trusting that the right outcome will happen.
  • Lastly, sometimes just focusing on how you want to feel, instead of focusing on all the details, is what works best. Focus on how you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal. Recall a time when you achieved something very important to you or received exactly what you wanted. How did you feel when that happened? Feel that same feeling now and as much as possible.

Big dreams, goals and change need nurturing, start with small steps and keep believing! Faith enhances trust and counters out fear. Keep believing in your goals.

Trust, Faith, Believe!


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