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May 2015 Courage

May 2, 2015

Beach Sunset

When is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Feel empowered to try something new. You have a wealth of strengths, skills, knowledge and experience to live your optimal life. How empowered would you feel if you were to walk the path of your own heart?

Wishing you courage and love this month of May!

~ Nancy

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Experience Moments All in Good Time

November 20, 2011

Time is precious to me, and I am sure it is to you, too.

Did you know that although we usually think of time as chronos—like a clock or chronological—the most important and beloved events and occurrences in our world exist only in another sort of time? The Greeks have spoken of kairos, which might be roughly translated as “the right moment.” And though kairos cannot be planned or mapped, many times we wish it could be. Perhaps you may have tried desperately to force kairos into the chronos world.

Finding a balance of the two and feeling comfortable with both is key. Perhaps you have a favorite chronos time of day and live it in kairos. If you do, good for you! You’ve mastered what I like to refer to as living a successful, meaningful and fulfilling life. This often means getting to work, school and events on schedule and balancing enough time to experience being in the flow, when time seems to not be an issue.

Clocks are important to keep us on time for important events, but managing our kairos wisely can often mean living life with wisdom and fulfillment. Here are a few tips to consider in experiencing more kairos:

  • There are some points in life when we feel our way along and patiently wait until our soul provides the answers. Timely insights happen not a moment too soon and not a moment too late, but in opportune time—at the right time. If something were to be forced to happen a moment too soon, it could have a harmful effect or not the ideal outcome. This is trusting kairos.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you let go and embrace the situation, doors suddenly start to open? Something shifted, and you are back in the flow. Often, this is not about where your mind was, but the timing is important. This is kairos—it’s the timing we need to surrender to.
  • You may have heard phrases like take your time; you have all the time there is; time for a change; or it’s about time. Perhaps you have prepared or trained hard for some length of time. The training, experience and self-care all contribute. However, there is this other mysterious piece over which we have no control—kairos. When the universe is ready for us, our idea or work happens.
  • Kairos can be experienced in some of the most simple things in life, such as watching a sunset, feeling the comfort of a pet cuddling next to you, hearing music that resonates within you or reading words that seem to leap off the page and bring an enlightened moment.
  • Kairos can also be experienced through some of life’s significant events, like seeing a newborn baby, finishing a race or receiving a promotion.

When we can recognize these treasured moments to simply “be” or to see beyond the immediate moment, we become more aware of our true self and understanding what is important to us. Often, you will know when the right time has come, but you could never have predicted it. Kairos is the gift that allows us to seize that right moment.

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Who’s Behind Your Mask?

November 15, 2011

Whether they’re literal or figurative, masks can’t hide our true character. Here’s how to strengthen positive character traits.

I was walking past Ribbons BoutiqueVillage Runner and Salon Riviera in Redondo Beach when it occurred to me that during the days before Halloween, you feel this mysterious energy in the air. This magical, mysterious feeling often brings out a hidden side in us—a side often seen in our choice of costume.

Halloween is a fun time when we may attend costume parties, decorate a scary front yard or visit homes on All Hollow’s Eve and get a bit spooked. Halloween is also a great time to try out a new character. Our new identity can even protect us from judgment and criticism.

Let’s face it, many of us spend day after day trying to maintain a certain image and behave in socially acceptable ways, and we will seize the opportunity to express our feelings and desires without worrying about someone condemning us. The great thing about wearing a disguise at a costume party is that we can find comfort in being conspicuous. Wearing a mask or creatively applied make-up can transform us into a character that will keep people wondering in awe all evening—or at least for awhile. We can choose a costume that fits our personality or one that is the total opposite! Either way, we will surly find comfort beneath the mask.

Sometimes in real life, we try to wear a mask that shows the world a different face, and we hide behind it for as long as possible. But no mask can ever hide a person’s true character.

Have you ever thought about the importance of how a person’s character can affect each day of our life? Our true character is revealed by the clarity of our convictions, the choices we make and the promises we keep. What we do defines who we are, so we should feel empowered to hold strongly to our principles!

You may have heard the phrase, “Your true character is who you are around others and when no one is watching.” Perhaps you prefer character traits such as responsibility, perseverance, citizenship, caring, honesty, courage, fairness, respect, integrity and patriotism.

How does character affect our lives? Here are a few tips to strengthen specific positive traits that can improve our overall character:

  • Character is the true foundation for all true success. Keep in mind that a person could have money and power but unless they have character they are not considered to be truly successful. What are some quality traits you admire in others whom you view as a true success?
  • A friend of mine has a son who was struggling with math. He overcame this struggle by being diligent about studying and solving math problems every day. He persevered when he was tired and would have liked to quit. These character traits will encourage him to succeed in many other areas of life. When in your life have you felt like you wanted to quit, but no matter what you diligently focused and conquered your issue?
  • If you really want to achieve a specific goal in life, such as becoming a better runner, develop your skills in part by practicing every day or several times a week. By doing this, you demonstrate determination and persistence. Many of us may have been practicing determination and persistence in our favorite sport or activity from a very young age. Have you noticed how determination and persistence has helped you succeed in other areas of your life?
  • Lastly, make a list of five to 10 character qualities that you would like to either improve on or add to your life. Choose one to focus on each week; make it become a true part of you. During that time, seek to understand as much as possible about the character trait—what it really is, and how it has been illustrated in a positive or negative way in your life. How does this character trait apply to your life situations? Attempt to live your life as if you fully possess the character quality upon which you are focusing. Becoming aware of how the quality—or the lack thereof—is demonstrated in the lives of those around you and evaluate the results and consequences you see in their lives.

We can recognize the vital importance of character to the success of our lives, our businesses and the groups to which we belong. We can seek to influence those areas in our lives that we touch and become more involved in developing better character traits.

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Learn to Live, Age Joyfully

October 14, 2011

Happiness is good for your health—so how do you keep a positive self image even as you age?

I was searching for the perfect birthday card for my 93-year-old grandma at Card De A in Redondo Beach, and it reminded me of what’s become an annual tradition. Each year I ask her what words of wisdom she acquired from the year before. This year, the focus was on maintaining her level of happiness through humor. She makes fun of her memory lapses.

Her inner strength takes my breath away, especially when I notice her small, frail frame. I’m grateful that my loving and supportive parents surround her. Optimism, laughter, being around supportive family members and positive emotions can counteract many harmful effects at any age, especially in our sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond.

We don’t need to wait until we reach a certain age to acquire wisdom and humor; even as we age, we can begin to practice what can help us develop an optimistic outlook on life. Aside from eating right and exercising, it is awareness and knowledge of life experiences, changes in our expectations of life and remembering our sense of humor that contributes to aging gracefully and joyfully.

Many of us would speculate that positive emotions may directly affect health by altering the chemical balance of the body. We can start today, and as we age, we can learn to live more in the moment, appreciate life and experience a sense of satisfaction and well being. Our ability to maintain happiness and peace of mind depends on our attitude.

Here are some tips you can begin using today to ensure a positive attitude about life and aging:

  • Listen carefully to yourself. If you have put yourself down for as long as you can remember—perhaps even since childhood—a lifetime of negative subliminal messages can take their toll by turning you into a pessimist. I encourage you to try to spend one to three days writing down the phrases you use in your “self talk.” Chances are you will find that you repeat several phrases over and over again that reinforce your negative image of yourself. Once you are aware of these phrases, you can change them.
  • If an issue is not resolved, it will continue to fester—you will relive the negative emotions tied to that issue over and over again. Write about what you feel in your journal for about 15 minutes a day for three days. Once you begin to write, don’t stop until the time is up. This exercise will help you organize your thoughts and get negative ones out of your system. Notice how much better you feel about yourself at the end of three days.
  • Seek out new opportunities. Discover new challenges each month. You can feel optimistic when you always have a goal to achieve that’s just over the horizon. When you begin to get close to reaching that goal, set a new one. This allows you to keep moving consistently ahead.
  • Keep fun in your life by eliminating monotony, a sure killer of optimism. Try to do one new thing every week or month. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant, visit a museum, try a new activity or sport, or go to a book signing, lecture or community event. A friend and I enjoyed dinner atTurquoise in Redondo Beach. This was her first time eating there. It was fun to see her enthusiasm and delight when she discovered a new favorite restaurant.
  • Look for a new wonder of nature each day. I marvel each time I am on Portuguese Bend Trail and see the views of Palos Verdes. It’s a tranquil escape.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Yes, sad events and situations will come up in life, so allow yourself to experience grief—just don’t let it control you.
  • Lend a hand to someone worse off than yourself by volunteering at a hospital or visiting a shelter.
  • Try meditating for five minutes each day. During that time, make a mental list of at least three great things that happened to you that day.

Simply recalling one episode of anger can depress the immune system; however, remembering a time when you compassionate or caring can enhance your immune system. So laugh a lot! You’ll heal your body and your mind—and feel joyful at any age.

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Discover What Resonates Within You

October 4, 2011

Do you know when a word, a song, a painting, a phrase or something else really resonates within you?

As we left Marmalade Cafe in Rolling Hills Estates, my friend said she was recently reminded of a quote by Napoleon Hill: “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

This quote fully resonated within me.

Something resonates when it reflects back upon us—a certain feeling or emotion arises or a past situation or experience is remembered. For example, many of us have a favorite song that we’ve listened to for many months and many years, and often, the song reminds us of a memory connected with it. Music has a repetitive pattern, and if a song resonates within us, it harmoniously strikes a chord of sadness, longing or happiness—among other feelings—and touches our core.

A quote or poem may have a message that resonates with us. Perhaps when we see a painting of a landscape, we are reminded of a vacation we took, and we feel a tug to go visit that place again.  Sometimes certain words in a song or quote resonate within us, allowing us to connect in a deeper way with our heart. We may feel enlightened and recognize the essence of who we really are. This is where we find our true strength, joy and well-being.

We can become more connected to who we truly are through listening to the voice of our heart.

Our true self always resonates within us. Here are is a exercise to recognize what really resonates within you:

  • First, find a quiet place with no distractions, where you’re by yourself. Then think of all the people you admire—real or fictional, though preferably real, and as many as you can think of. Take time to write them down.
  • Write a quality or adjective next to each of the names, and the reason you admire them. Write as many words as you can think of. For example:
    • Mother Teresa: Selfless
    • Napoleon Hill: Inspirational, Successful, Positive Mental Attitude
    • Winston Churchill: Courage, Boldness, Leadership
    • Student leader: Attractive, Intelligent, Popular
    • A parent: Loving, Dedicated, Decisive, Puts Family First
  • Once you have your list of people you admire and why you admire them, combine all the qualities so each unique quality appears only once. You would have a list of all the qualities that you admire.
  • Ask yourself why these qualities are important to you. Reflect on them.

Usually, this is a list of qualities that resonate with who you really are and what you want, and many of these will align with your core valuesThese qualities can include love, justice, fairness, forgiveness, gratitude, doing good to others who cannot return the favor, or faith.

Knowing what resonates within ourselves helps us know who we are, which allows us to feel more confident when we stand up for our beliefs.

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What Did You Learn Today?

September 27, 2011

Whether it’s a physical lesson or a mental one, it’s easy to learn something new every day. Each day offers an opportunity for you to learn something new about yourself. Reflecting on what new thing you’ve learned each day creates more awareness about yourself, someone close to you, your environment or your community.

Learning deepens our character and makes us more intriguing to those around us. We become more confident. Learning provides an understanding of the historical, social and natural processes that impact and limit our lives.

Each day you can ask yourself if there was new information you learned. Perhaps there was a lesson you learned about yourself or someone else? We should ask ourselves what we learned at the end of each day, and by doing so, we will grow and develop. If we’re aware of what we’ve learned, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and continue to practice what works.

My curiosity inspired me to ask some friends what new thing they learned today. I found their answers helped open up a deeper awareness and appreciation for learning something new in what can seem like just another simple, ordinary day. Maybe you will, too. This is what I heard and learned about them:

  • Digging nails out of a deck to replace them with deck screws gives you blisters!
  • I like to challenge myself daily in one of my favorite subjects: History. I also love spelling, grammar and literature, so I also try to learn something new every day in this area as well.
  • Don’t stand in direct sunlight when it’s 106 degrees out.
  • I learned again what amazing animals horses are, and how they can make my heart soar when I share my time with them! My daughter and I went on a trail ride with her horses, and it was amazing.
  • To challenge myself is better than to challenge others.
  • The more you surround yourself with like-minded people, the stronger you will become.
  • I am unique. There is no one like me, and I should embrace my uniqueness and difference in thoughts, feelings and opinions instead of trying to blend into the crowd.

Try to really listen to a lecture, a spouse or even the lyrics of a song. Active listening promotes learning every single time we practice it. Great public speakers are engaging because they listen to the feedback they get from the audience, and they respond to it accordingly. Active listening to music or nature will help you tune in and teach you something new about the sights and sounds we often take for granted.

What did I learn today? As I ate my sushi at Asaka, I was reminded that one of the most enjoyable ways to learn new things is by taste. It can be as simple as sampling a new type of coffee or espresso. Taste and texture generate long-lasting memories.

You just might be surprised how much you learn each day. Begin to take the ordinary events of a day and extract the most valuable learning experiences from them. Keep a journal documenting daydreams, thoughts, experiences and stressful times and you will become more aware of the knowledge you gained from each.

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What Are Your Core Values?

September 1, 2011

Last week, we learned the benefits of knowing our personal values. Clients have often told me that although they understand the importance of having values, they are not sure what theirs are or how to discover their top core values.

Your personal core values are standards that greatly influence your attitude and character. They are deeply etched into your emotional and mental make-up and are not easily changed. When you wander off your path or lose direction, your top core values will bring you back on track. When you are fully clear on these values, you attract people with like minds who share the same desire to lead a purposeful, authentic life.

Choose a time when you can be alone and not rushed to reflect on the following exercises; I find thePeninsula Library in Palos Verdes to be a quiet place where I won’t be disturbed. You may wish to keep a pen and paper nearby.

  • Ask yourself some simple questions: What are you passionate about? What do you absolutely love to do? What motivates your achievements?
  • Think back to when you were 10 or younger, and come up with two or three experiences that allowed you to feel fully alive in the flow of life. Focus on the type of experiences that were positive moments. Then, list two or three experiences from when you were 11 to 20 years old. Repeat for ages 21 to 30 years old, and so on until you have listed two or three experiences for each decade up to your current age. Include what you did, where you were, how you felt, and maybe even what the outcome was, depending on the experience.
  • Think about the experiences. What made you feel deeply fulfilled?
  • Ask yourself what core values you displayed during for each of those times you listed. Write a word or two that shows the core value that you fulfilled in each example.
  • Make a list of eight to 10 times in the past two to five years when you know you were doing your best. These are the times when you felt you were living your authentic, real, true and best self—your true, authentic core values. Go through this list and write a word or two that shows the core value you experienced each time.
  • Try going to the opposite extreme—consider a situation where you struggled or felt frustration, hurt or anger. Go back to as far back as you can remember, using the same age decades, and list two or three experiences. Even just one negative experience can help shed some insight for this exercise. Looking back at these types of experiences allows you to recognize any authentic values of yours that were violated or ignored. Many times, we don’t seem to recognize our authentic values until something becomes a threat and keeps us from honoring and living these values.
  • Once you have completed your lists, highlight or underline key words and phrases that jump out at or resonate with you. Next, write these words and phrases on a new page. Take a look—do you notice any pattern or theme? Generally, there will be three to five words or patterns that show up repeatedly. These indicate your top core values.

It’s not uncommon for some to find that their core values are not reflected in the way they’re living their lives. This can often be the most uncomfortable part of the exercise. Sometimes closing the gap between your core values and the way you currently live your life requires big life changes.

When you don’t know what your top five values are, life can seem like a senseless race to fulfill one seemingly important goal or another, leaving you increasingly unfulfilled, drained and out of control. Once you are aware of your top five personal values, however, you will find that you are living a more fulfilling and successful life. You can rely on these top values to guide you when making major choices in life.

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Define Yourself Through Your Core Values

August 27, 2011

Do you often find yourself questioning or thinking about day-to-day issues differently than you usually do? This is listening to your inner guide. Whether or not we realize it, we all have a set of personal core values.

While we were having a conversation at H.T. Grill in Redondo Beach, a friend of mine confirmed this. He said that although everyone in his family is a doctor or dentist, he knew his purpose and passion was in sports marketing. He pursued this and is living a successful and fulfilling life.

Most of us have lived our lives doing what is expected of us by society. Each of us learns from what surrounds us; however, we have to ask ourselves whether what we learn really affects our own personal values. Often we can feel conflicted when it comes time to make customary decisions about personal preferences, time and money. When we take the time to process what is really important to us, we can live a life by what we truly believe in.

Values are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces. Out values are influenced by everyone we know and everything that has happened to us in our lives, including parents, friends, peers, your reading, religion and more.

When we live by our values, our lives become those of our choosing and not directed by the decisions of others. Our values help us build and maintain our identity as unique individuals. Having well-defined personal core values helps us avoid making choices that work against who we want to be. Our values become a clear set of guidelines for our words and actions, consistently moving us in the direction aligned with our highest priorities.

There are many benefits of living by our own core values:

  • When you seek alignment between your words and actions you will feel more fulfilled. Far more important than just articulating your deepest values is demonstrating them. When your values and integrity are in alignment, you will feel fulfilled. Over time, solid neural pathways develop that stimulate certain attitudes and habits, which produce seemingly instinctual “right” actions. These actions are not based on animal instinct; right actions result from human desire and practice.
  • Reduce stress and prevent discontent, conflict, frustration and lack of fulfillment by consciously choosing the values by which you want to live. If living a healthy lifestyle is important to you, you will want to consciously choose to eat healthy, exercise daily, ensure you have quality sleep and manage your stress by maintaining balanced life.
  • You will find you make better decisions in times of confusion or conflict. The main benefit of knowing your values is that you will gain tremendous clarity and focus. By defining a list of personal values that are truly your own, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions. You’ll focus more on what matters. Discovering your values improves the results you get in those areas that are truly most important to you.
  • Your personal core values should encourage you to fulfill your purpose in life. Great personal values that are read daily will uplift and motivate you to take on the day’s challenge. Sometimes it can help to reflect on your personal values while enjoying nature such as a walk or run on one of the many trails in Palos Verdes.
  • Be part of a growing contribution and choose work and community activities that bring you fulfillment and success.

Keep in mind that values should be long lasting; this is about creating your future. Expect that your values will evolve as you grow, mature and gain life experience. This is not about following the latest fad. If you expect a personal core value to change next week, it likely isn’t a top core value.

Next blog post we’ll discuss how to define or redefine our core values.

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Weekly Reflection Creates a Successful and Empowering YOU!

July 22, 2011

Looking back over your week, did you have great days filled with success or were there moments of overwhelming obstacles that left you feeling frustrated? Let’s face it, some weeks are better than others. When we have those weeks that don’t go as well as we would have liked, it can help to take some time and reflect on a few things so help us feel refreshed and focused and have a better week next week.
You can feel empowered when you reflect on the following:
  • Look back at your recent history and think about what worked and what didn’t work. Once you have that insight, commit to repeating what does work. Things will seem less frustrating and you will feel more focused and motivated.
  • Forgive yourself for any mistakes you might have made. Celebrate all your successes and release the past.
  • Set some goals. As you think over the past few days, you may realize what you want to change.
Practicing the above tips on a weekly basis can help you commit to a new behavior and monitor your results. Writing in a journal or leaving yourself voice memos via your iphone can help gain clarity on what changes or improvements you would like to make.
Sometimes, it can be helpful to talk things over with a friend, partner or life coach. Seeking out a variety of people in your life to talk about your weekly successes and frustrations with can offer different perspectives and creative solutions.
Often the major obstacles that prevent us from achieving all of our potential comes from within; our inner critic or negative inner chatter that challenges our belief in ourselves. Having supportive people in your life help you to tap into your creativity and use your ability to see other possibilities of action to take and what changes or improvements to make.
We often forget to recognize, embrace and use our key strengths. Knowing and using your greatest strengths helps you to create a authentic life filled with happiness and true fulfillment. When friends, family, a partner or a life coach can help bring specific attention to your strengths and natural gifts this can boost your self-esteem and confidence.

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Power-Filled Words Build a Positive Attitude

July 16, 2011

Sometimes we long to try something new or a different approach than we’ve used in the past but we hesitate in taking action. We come up with a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t try a new approach or explore something new.

The most crippling failure disease is excuses. Instead of always making up excuses, focus on using the two most power-filled words “I Can”. The mind loves to hear empowerment words. Your self-esteem loves to hear “I Am” statements such as “I am successful”, “I am happy”.

It isn’t always easy to stop making excuses and courageously take action on something new. Here are a few tips I have shared with clients when they want to discover something new or explore a different approach:

  • Avoid thinking “I can’t” or “I won’t”. “I Am” statements manifest in your life faster than “I Wish” or “I Want” statements.
  • Remove the thought “I can’t do this because…” Instead, ask yourself “What if I COULD do this…..” Imagine yourself living your dram…NOW. Create all that you see in your mind.
  • If you are feeling despair, know that despair can rob us of all hope, when there is no hope, there is no light and the soul gives up. Choose to live without despair, we are what we think; allow your positive thoughts to override any despair.
  • There may be roadblocks along the way, allow them to provide feedback to you, observe, keep going and view the roadblocks as tools for your growth.
  • View any obstacles on your paths as personal growth opportunities and keep moving forward even when you don’t know the outcome, this can allow your faith to grow.
  • Difficulties and challenges allow us the opportunity to experience courage. You can find your courage within yourself, rely on your inner strength and guidance.
  • You want to use empowering words that help you feel strong, uplifted, positive, inspired and optimistic.

Using power-filled words over time can allow your attitude, actions and behavior to inspire and empower you in the pursuit of your dreams. Do you have favorite power-filled words? Feel free to share!

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