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August 2016 Abundance

August 2, 2016


Do you find you have a natural tendency to think “this isn’t enough”? Are you someone who is usually happy with thoughts of  “this is plenty,  I have more than enough”? Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough love in your life. Or maybe you feel you are not getting enough appreciation from friends and family. You may even feel you are not getting enough recognition at school, in your community or career. Maybe you feel you are not making enough money. Hopefully, you are not experiencing a lack in all of the fore mentioned! And if you are, it is time to shift your perspective on lack, to seeing all of the abundance in your daily life. The actions we take and our confidence in our own ability to create the intended result, are affected by where our focus is most of the time. Focus on abundance!

But it takes more than focus. It will take action and the right mindset to shift from a scarcity mentality. You will know if you are holding a scarcity mindset because the unnecessary feelings of fear, anxiety and desperation will be present. However, the abundance mindset will empower you with a feeling of optimism and confidence. Abundance mentality is knowing that there are always new chances, more opportunities and positive solutions.

Our environment responds to us through our thoughts on lack or thoughts of abundance. Here are a few tips on shifting from a scarcity mindset to the abundance mindset.

  • Be selective with the information you read or see and what you will allow into your mind. If necessary, take a media detox. Stop watching television commercials or even television in general. Cut back on social media consumption or if necessary, re-organize any negative media postings, blogs and people you are following; keep only positive personal development blogs and inspirational mentors postings.
  • Read success stories in books and magazines. Listen to personal development material.
  • Surrounds yourself with friends and family who have more of an abundance mindset and less of a lack mindset.
  • Start giving. Give more love. Give validation, appreciation and recognition. Give some money away. When you are giving something, the feelings of gratefulness, generosity  and appreciation will be present instead of deprivation or lack.
  • Creating win-win solutions. Instead of trying to win the argument or challenge, focus on creating a win-win for all involved. Ditch the competing energy to a collaborating vibe and create mutually beneficial relationships.

This month, set an intention to notice what you are already grateful for in your life. When you notice the positive, good things in your life (even the little things) and truly appreciate them, your life becomes fuller, richer and abundant. List three things each day that you are grateful for and notice how your mindset shifts from lack to a mindset of abundance.

Wishing you Abundance!

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A Crises Offers Us Opportunity to Practice Patience

January 5, 2012

One of the best ways to learn to practice patience can be found in taking regular yoga classes. Many Yoga Instructors will teach students how they can remain patient with themselves when first learning the yoga poses. Practice and detachment can be used in yoga classes just as they can be used in other areas of life. For example, a computer crashing can feel like a major crises. A crises that causes someone to want to panic. Especially with deadlines to meet, meetings via SKYPE and e-mails to answer from clients. Fortunately, there are computer repair services to come to your rescue. A crises can happen at anytime. It can be very difficult to practice patience during a crises when we really feel like panicking. A crises feels like a very intense time of difficulty or trouble. It can be a time when an important or difficult decision must be made perhaps even in a very short amount of time. How can we practice patience during a crises? Here are some helpful tips to practice patience instead of panicking: Remember one of the biggest benefits when you practice patience includes making better decisions and this will increase your peace of mind. Patience helps us manage stress and anger which will keep your blood pressure under control for a healthier you. Practicing patience requires self-discipline and patience can soon become your natural instinct. Acting impatient is a natural instinct but patience can be too. Patience helps us have a healthy perspective on the situation and approach it with a state of calmness. Patience isn’t easy, it does require practice; with practice patience can become one of your best qualities. Lastly, when we take the best care of ourselves through eating a healthy and nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise, we tend to feel our best physically, think with more clarity and be more patient. When we practice patience this allows us to approach the obstacles in life with courage, a quiet inner strength and a sense of empowerment. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in life and take on too much. Know that it is okay to ask for assistance and to reach out to family, friends, a lifestyle coach or even a therapist. Read more Inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Find more inspiration in my Uber Empowerment Books. Get a sneak peek at some of my Uber Empowering Quotes in this video and you will find more empowerment quotes in my books.   Image

Reduce Negative Inner Chatter

March 22, 2011

Sometimes I wake up to an inner chatter that won’t stop. My remedy is going for a walk between “Rat Beach” and the Redondo Beach Pier. This distance seems to be the perfect length for the waves to drown out doubts within me and stoke a sense of inner peace.

Sinking my feet into the sand helps me feel grounded and aligned once again with my true self.

Where we are at in life is a direct result of our self-talk, that inner chatter we carry around with us. Self-chatter is our inner dialogue, playing out in each of our heads, every single day.

Choosing to become more aware of this allows us to squelch the negative self-chatter and replace it with positive, empowering self-talk. We must be aware of our choice of words. It’s very important.

Ever wake up with a conversation buzzing inside your head that goes something like this: “I’m so furious with myself for being late AGAIN for work. I am always running behind. I am terrible with time management. … I need to lose more weight to feel good about myself. I can’t believe I ate that huge dinner last night. What was I thinking?”

This is just the first part of your day. Imagine how the rest of your day will go.

How aware of our own self-talk are we? Accepting the fact that we are having these negative inner dialogues leads to asking if we are willing to make a change.

What good does it do to continually criticize yourself? Would you allow a stranger to talk like this to you? What about your self-esteem?

Changing your negative words into more positive, empowering phrases will take some discipline, but if you really want to make this change and have the discipline, you can make it happen. Start putting a limit on the negative words you use.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Awareness is key. Forming new habits takes time.

Here’s an incentive: We often treat others the way we treat ourselves. If we show ourselves more self-love, we often find the world loving us in return. Self-love is an ancient path toward peace.

Commit to an action plan. Each time you catch yourself having a negative conversation in your head, turn it around by rephrasing with more positive, empowering words. Start simple, using “when” instead of “if.”

Your self-esteem loves to hear “I am” statements. “I am successful.” “I am happy.” Avoid thinking, “I can’t,” or “I won’t.”

“I am” statements are stronger and manifest in your life faster than “I wish” or “I want” statements. Remove the thought: “I can’t do this because…” Instead, ask yourself “What if I COULD do this…” Our words can be self-defeating or they can be self-motivating. Choose to use empowering words that uplift and inspire you.


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