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Sunshine: A Natural Mood Booster

September 1, 2011

How often have you found yourself catching a glimpse of sunshine and felt ten times better? Basking in the sunshine for just 10-15 minutes a day can have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

Sunshine is a natural mood booster and tends to raise my energy level. The warm light feels good on my skin, and I feel relaxed yet energized. Even when I have been feeling under the weather with a seasonal cold, I have found that some time in the sunlight helps to strengthen my immune system.

I often find complete contentment just sitting in the sun. Contentment is an emotional state when we are not bored but also not highly interested in anything other than where we are right now. While goals are important, feeling content with your life, who you are and what you have are just as important. That isn’t to say you should stop trying to improve—that would mean that we have stopped growing. No matter how happy we are in life, we should continue to improve; however, contentment is necessary as well.

Summer can offer the perfect time to unwind and appreciate all you’ve worked for and achieved so far this year. Making soaking up the sun a daily priority isn’t too difficult on most days in the South Bay. Soaking up our natural mood booster can be a simple abundance of pleasure nearly every day—and just a few minutes are necessary for the highly beneficial effects.

To find some sun-induced contentment try the following:

  • Bathing in the sun on Redondo Beach and feeling the warm light on your skin, as well as lounging with your eyes closed
  • Watching the sunset and feeling the cool night ocean breeze
  • Taking a drive up the coast while listening to your favorite music or enjoying quality conversation with a companion
  • Walking through the Farmers Market on a Sunday in Palos Verdes and feeling the warmth of the sun while enjoying the scent of fresh-cut flowers, tasting fresh strawberries and looking at the colorful produce
  • Enjoying a hobby outdoors, whether it is gardening or home improvement projects

Writing in a park while enjoying the sunlight streaming through the trees can also provide a peaceful state of mind. Write down all your blessings. Focusing on all the things that are going right in your life and not only on what is wrong can help you feel content.

While some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, too much can be dangerous. Be “sun wise” and take precaution if you plan to spend more than 10-15 minutes in the sun.

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